Friday 31 August 2018

Gramma Camp 2.2

Gramma Camp 2.0! 
Gramma camp 2.1

Thursday, August 30

The day began at 6:00. Reading on the couch with the lights on. It was still dark. I got up at 6:12. I did my morning ablutions, went into the living room and asked about their morning. Jos said, "We were up 7 minutes ago."
Breakfast... toast.
No breakfast on the back deck today! Too cold! (This was yesterday!) The weather has turned suddenly.

Next, research for a craft on Google. Our options:

This is what Josee decided on. She did a fine job, working on it over the morning. She ended up colouring brown in between the stones, for the fence. The photo I found on 

Izzy and I built a tent.

Everyone was reading. Izzy read the book we bought for cousin Cluny for Christmas:

The Secret Life of Squirrels: Back to School! 

(We have the first book!)

Grampa bought us a couple of books, Lego Ninjas, with puzzles in them.

2:00 p.m. – I did a reasonable job on Izzy's hair! We went to a medical appointment in the afternoon, and saw a cool car. We met momma there. Grampa and Iz chilled at home.

5:00 p.m. – Gramma insisted on eating outside at Rideau Ferry. It's always fun afterwards. I thought it would be cool, Izzy didn't have a sweater, so I'd brought her great-great-grampa's shirt.

Jos asked for the camera!

Then Izzy asked for the camera! I had my scarf on, as the wind was blowing my hair in my face.

Hilarity ensued on the drive home.

To answer Jean's question: the cats enjoy tennis!

We hurried home to look for Hooper. He wasn't lost. He was sleeping on the back deck. Grampa finished his tennis game, while we read. Bed by 7:30! They're ready for school next week!

Thursday 30 August 2018

Gramma camp 2.1

Yes, Gramma Camp 2.0! They toddled off nicely Tuesday night, and slept in until 6 a.m.!

Wednesday, 6:30 a.m. – cartoons

They are almost recovered from jet lag. Grampa came out of the bathroom and two girls were reading on the couch. Cartoons, Grampa!
We had coffee, the girls vegged out.
Hooper was missing. Grampa went out to look. The girls made toast. Breakfast on the back deck.

Jos and Gramma went looking in the forest. Nada. We walked through the forest to the far end of our 3rd lot. It was a long walk, hot, and fruitless. Grampa had already checked the road.

Grampa and Gramma went out into the backyard, and finally heard him 100m away in the back.
We all sat down and tried to breathe.

Grampa and Izzy were going in to shop. I was brushing Isabelle's hair, in prep for their trip into town, Grampa said, "Izzy you have nice hair!"
     "So do you, Grampa," piped up Josephine from the kitchen.
Grampa disappeared into his office, then returned looking like this.

Isabelle and Grampa were going shopping. Izzy put Beebee (her sleep toy) in the chair. I asked, "Will Beebee watch TV while you are gone?"
    "Yes, she has special eyes that can see the TV even when it isn't on!"

Out shopping, someone ran the shopping cart into Grampa's heel. He skipped his walk the next morning.
Josee did her art: melted crayon.

Afternoon PPV movie: Avenger's Infinity War
Grampa watched his tennis game at noon. Then gave the TV up.
Izzy (8) watched the gory stuff, covers her eyes with the mushy stuff. Josee (10) is just the opposite! Grampa was watching his tennis on his iPad and said, "I don't mind the violence, but that mushy stuff is awful!" and left to do an errand.

Josee took photos of Hooper.

Izzy took photos of Annabelle and Daisy. Daisy doesn't like having her photo taken.

Grampa brought in the mail. My Monarch butterfly tags arrived! It might be too late. They may have gone south. Our last two caterpillars have disappeared. Izzy was the scribe with the clipboard. Jos the catcher. We only saw ONE, and we missed.

I sent them to the back 40 to check the goldenrod. Isn't this cute?!

As we were working, checking back, middle and front yard flowers, we heard thunder and had to go indoors. Only 3 mm of rain, but two barn were leveled in Franktown. THese are from the lightning maps. We watched them. The power only went off once.

Dinner was chicken fajitahs. It went over well. We had our mug cakes, with a dob of ice cream, for dessert. Bed by 7:00!

Gramma & Grampa relaxed watching Shapovalov, feet up! I did run out to take sunset photos.