Wednesday 30 June 2010

Long Lake and Bala's old road

I love our lake. I my late father's papers I found a list of Long Lake Cottager Association members dated to 1968/1980. I posted their names yesterday and the day before.

I remember the days of old, when we all knew each other, there were no cottages behind us (lots 46 -  51), or in front of us (150, 160, 162). The place across the lake, we still call "The Judge's place", was built in 1911. He held a long, long section of land, very private, and now only water access. I always envied that spot of land.

In those days, the Bala's highway #169 (it was just a road/cowpath then) ran NW around the lake. Then, Long Lake was a part of Lake Muskoka.

 You can see where I drew the yellow line around the southern portion of the lake. I cannot imagine those days, and the building of the railroad. Tough work in bugs and snow.

The Long Lake Bala road followed the shoreline of Long Lake,  going around to Tower Rd. and back into town beside the water tower.  You can see the road, peopled by sledders these days.

In fall there are hunters and I dare not walk there!

 In spring it is delightful, as the birds laud spring, and merrily mate, and the vista is glorious.

At the southern end of the lake is a beaver dam. A big one. And evidence of the critters which inhabit the forest.
And other critters!

Tuesday 29 June 2010

Long Lake, Bala, Cottagers Association @ 1980

As times changed, people moved on, the families bought or sold. Some property was divided up amongst siblings, as farmers partitioning off land for their kids.
I posted the 1968 list yesterday. I think this is the same map used for the 1980 census of cottage owners.
The next map viewable close up by clicking on it. Highway #169 runs from the lower left corner of the map (up from Gravenhurst) NW to the upper left corner, heading into Bala.

Uncle Doug, as I called Doug Flett, was an organizer. He prepared a map, with numbers assigned to each property.

Some wisely bought a couple of lots, others more than one, knowing the kids were growing and this would be a growing town.

Herb Farlie bought a number of lots and built a successful motel/cottage rental, and a nursery.

You can see many names of people long gone, others have kept their cottages/homes in the family name. Quite a challenge with today's economy, and the need for many to travel to find work.

The map I have photographed, as our scanner is too small to accommodate it. Uncle Doug did a fine job collecting names! My mother, who worked as an office secretary for Rotary Club of Toronto for 30+ years, typed up the list.

This is the list of cottagers who joined the Cottagers Association on Long Lake (1980).

  History of Long Lake, Bala, Ontario
Map # Owners
A Anthony & Marie Lamdin
Map 1/2 Mrs. Marion Sutton
2A Kerry D. Adams
2B George Cmelo
4&5 Mrs. Lillian Sutton
6 Mrs. Eva Pherill
7 David Raye/Joseph Kane
8 Percy Evans
9 Fred & Ada Lange
10 Mrs. Daimi Bruckner
11 Rene & Janet Leenaars
12& 13 Kenneth & Gwen Morton
14 Mrs. Patricia Ward
15 Douglas Adams
16 John & Margaret Dillon
17- 20 Herb & Kaye Farlie (Bala-Hy Motel)
21 & 22 Warren & Elsie McClellan
23 Department of Highways
24 "
25 L.W. & Ethel Rogers
26 Donald E. & Esther McPhee
27 Edith Vonmanteuffel
28 Mrs. Alpha Plunkett
29 Frederick Soilleux
30 Mrs. Vera Johnson
31 William and Viola Miller
32 Ludwig & Rosemary Konjic
33 Donald & Mary Butt (my cousins!)
34 Leslie & Ethel Gibson
35 Adolph & Ida Kunz
36 J. Leonard & Mildred Wilson
37 Fred C. & Adie Butt (my aunt and uncle)
38 Hal Grossman
39 Austin & Lillian Forsythe (another aunt and uncle!)
40 D. Douglas & Alma Flett
41 Raymond & Joan Jilks (my parents)
42-43 Mrs. Mabel Callahan
44 - 45 William & Doris Bodrug
45A James Niosi/Doreen Boyko
46 - 50 Valerie Blake
51 Muskoka Lakes Township
52A Royal Trust Co.
52 Brent Rentals - Huckleberry Isl.
53 Hugh Clark 'Fishermen's Isl.'
54 - 57 Department of Highways
58 Mrs. Janet Gibbs
59 U. Vigneux
61 Frank Pastrak
66 Rev. Carl I. & Helen Zurbrigg (See #128/9- parking area)
67 - 68 Walter McAdam
69 walter Herman
70 Pestrak
71 George Reid
72 Reid (as #52
73 Hugh Clarke
74 W.D. Brent Rentals & 52 parking
75 Norma jean Beggs
76 Fred E. Griffith
77 Newman H. Stork
78 Earl J. Stork
79 Donal & Marueen Loughlin
80 Rueben & Hannah Schafer
81 Miss Julia Gray
81A Harold G. Reid
81B William Davis
83 Edward C. Barwell
84 Department of Natural Resources - road allowance
85 Mervin E. Briese
86 Mrs. Ettie Playle
87 A. H. Johnston
88 Miss Gertrude Allen
89 Miss A. Louise Griffith
90 Albert L. & Hermione Prince
91 Miss Vera Nelson Miss Nelson & Heming were best friends. Miss Heming sold in 2008, moving into LTC.
91A Miss Ruth Heming
92 Nick Muelmeester (Willy)
93 Frank B. & Evelyn Smith
94 Mrs. Maude Shier
95 Miss Veneive Logan
96 Daisy H. Forest
97 J. W. & Peggy Sutton
98 William G. & Jane Hutton
99 J. Maxwell & Kathleen Abbott
100 Mrs. Lillian Powell
101 Miss M. Donnell
102 Wesley L. & Kay Lynd I vividly remember the lovely Lynd arching gate over one of these properties.
103 Wesley & Kaye Lynd
104 Bert & Vivian Lynd
105 Eric & Alma Lynd
106 - 108 Wesley & Lloyd Lynd
109 See #104
110 Keith & Ruth Clarke
110A Edward & Ruth Roberts
111 Mrs. Mary Iddison
112 Arthur & Olive Addison
113 - 114 Mars Hayward
115 Emil & Helen Schrei
116 Gordon & Rita Cude
117 Elizabeth Anderson
118 Stephen Wallace
119 Bill & Anne Payne
120 Robert & Esther Wheaton
121 Ruth Lyon
122 W. & Muriel Santimo
123 Harry Cohen
123A Jim Dunkley
124 Doug & Catherine Cochrane
125 Wm. Jenkins Estate
126 Joan Moore/Michael Hennesy
127 Joan Butcher
128 (A)- 129 Rev. Carl I. & Helen Zurbrigg (Isl.) See #66
130 Arthur H. & Gustavine Parks
131 George & Pearl Coysh
132 Gary & Merilyn Dunkley
133 Grant Butcher (See Map #123A)
160 Mrs. Maaiki O. Russell
162 Done Helen Pletch
170 Freda Weaver (as #73 - parking)
200 William Thompson
201 Bruce & Lisa Wallace 'Rock Isl.'
210 Sutton
211 Pherrill (Long Isl. See Map #6)

Monday 28 June 2010

My World Tuesday - a dragonfly tail

MWT WhiteI have been fairly preoccupied with putting our house and cottage on the market in my world. It is not an easy task.
In the meantime, not to be dreary and morose, I have had a dilemma. In my world, which consists of many lawn ornaments, I have a dragonfly.

Said dragonfly, bought at one of the many Muskoka Outdoor Markets, is a bright spot on a dark tree. But, with our recent winds, the two trees have separated, and the tail of the dragonfly is wedged
between the tree trunks.

It is an interesting problem. One of many- as we say goodbye to the house.

I don't want to leave the dragonfly. We got it on sale as the vendor was about to close up shop and gave us a deal. It holds many memories of time spent in Muskoka, supporting our artisans.

 Much to do and much to take care of, the greatest of which is the grief that comes with letting a place go like this. The land and cottage has been in our family for nearly 50 years, as many in the area.

The house built in 1991, my parents retired happily here. Visiting from Toronto was a piece of cake. Visiting from Ottawa is more difficult. As a teacher it was easier with the summers off. But our kids are pretty busy.

The gardens bloom. The foxglove and iris are perfectly happy in the
summer weather.

I shall breathe in the fresh air, and I am grateful to have lived in this world for a time. Grateful for
having been a steward of the flowers, woods and wildlife.

We will look forward to when we won't be a Guest in the Big People's House, and have a near-by place where gamma and gampa can babysit.

Long Lake, Bala, Cottagers Association @ 1968

In my late father's papers I found this list. I have another list from 1988. I will post that subsequently. I love delving into the history of this place. All numbers/letters correspond to the map. (Below)

#1046 Windsor Dr. - my estranged cousin's old home,now burned.
Austin & Lillian Forsythe
(another aunt and uncle!)
Our family cottage - built 1962
Land bought for $2000! 

History of Long Lake, Bala, Ontario 1968
Map # name town
A Anthony & Marie Lamdin Barrie
1 -  2 Donald F. Sutton Don Mills

3 James & Grace Murton Port Credit
4 -  5 Fred Sutton (Estate) Bala

6 -  7 Andrew Pherrill Toronto

8 Percy Evans Cooksville
9 Fred Lange Toronto
10 Frank Bruckner(Estate) Willowdale
11 Johanus Leenaars Port Credit
12 - 13 Kenneth Morton Toronto

14 Mrs. Patricia Ward Orillia
15 Douglas Adams Trenton
16 John Dillon Galt
17- 20 Herb & Kaye Farlie Bala
21 Roy & Elsie McClellan Bala
23 - 24 Department of Highways

25 L.W. Rogers Guelph
26 Donald E. & Esther McPhee Bala
27 T. Fenn
28 Mrs. Alpha Plunkett Weston
29 Frederick Soilleux Mississauga
30 Mrs. Vera Johnson Toronto
31 William and Viola Miller Toronto
32 Ludwig Konjic Toronto
33 Donald & Mary Butt (my cousins!) Mississauga
34 Leslie & Ethel Gibson Toronto
35 Adolph & Ida Kunz Toronto
36 J. Leonard & Mildred Welson Newmarket
37 Fred C. & Adie Butt (my aunt and uncle) Willowdale
38 Hal Grossman Bala
39 Austin & Lillian Forsythe (another aunt and uncle!) Toronto
40 D. Douglas & Alma Flett Toronto
41 Raymond & Joan Jilks (my parents) Toronto
42-43 Mrs. Mabel Callahan Dundas
44 - 45 William & Doris Bodrug Thornhill
46 - 51 Mrs. H. I. Jones (Estate)
52 Herbert Reid Islington
53 Bouchier Port Credit
54 - 57 Department of Highways
58 Mrs. Arthur Gibbs Bala
59 U. Vigneux Toronto
61 Frank Pastrak Hamilton
62 - 66 not purchased until later years
67 - 68 Walter McAdam Toronto
69 Walter Herman Bala
70 Pestrak
71 George Reid
72 Reid (as #52
73 Judge Everett & Freda Weaver (as #170)
74 Miss Adelina Reid See Map #162 Willowdale
75 Wright (Estate)
76 Mrs. Norma Begg Toronto
77 - 78 Earl J. & Kathleen Stork Rexdale
79 Pestrak
80 Miss J. Gray Weston
81 - 82 Harold J. & Vera Reid Toronto
83 Ernest Barwell Toronto
84 Township of Medora Wood - road allowance
85 Campbell & Jane Robertson Toronto
86 Mrs. Effie Playle Port Credit
87 A. H. Johnston
88 Miss Gertrude Allen Toronto
89 Miss Al Louise Friffith Agincourt
90 Kenneth F. & Helen Wright Dundas
91 Miss Vera Nelson Toronto
91A Miss Ruth Heming Toronto
92 Leslie & Emma Campbell Scarborough
93 Frank B. & Evelyn Smith Weston
94 Mrs. Maude Shier Toronto
95 Miss Veneive Logan Toronto
96 A. C. Wood Toronto
97 J. W. Sutton Bala
98 William G. Hutton Streetsville
99 J. Maxwell & Kathleen Abbott Bala
100 Mrs.  W. Baldock Islington
101 Duncan & Elizabeth Ramsay Bala
102 Mrs. R. Cooper Willowdale
103 Wesley & Kaye Lynd Willowdale
104 Bert & Vivian Lynd Willowdale
105 Eric & Alma Lynd Weston
106 - 108 Wesley & Lloyd Lynd
109 Rev. G. Lynd (Estate)
110 Keith & Ruth Clarke Vineland
111 Mrs. Mary Iddison Toronto
112 Arthur & Olive Addison
113 - 114 John & Laura Deacon Scarborough
115 Emil & Helen Schrei Willowdale
116 Gordon & Rita Cude Toronto
117 Norman D. & Eleanor Conway Mississauga
118 Frederick E. & Dorothy Griffith Burlington
119 Raymond G. Bromley Islington
120 Raymond D. & Ella Mackie Scarborough
121 Charles K. C. & Ruth Lyon Agincourt
122 W. & Muriel Santimo Etobicoke
123 Arthur & Anna Campbell
123A Grant Butcher Toronto
124 Mrs. Mary Knipfel Port Credit
125 Mollie Jenkins & Berbert Grimm TO, Aurora
126 Gordon & Marion Preston Islington
127 John L. & Kathleen Butcher Toronto
128 (A)- 129 Rev. Carl I. & Helen Zurbrigg Ottawa
130 Arthur H. Parks Toronto
131 George & Pearl Coysh Toronto
132 Gary and Merilyn Dunkley Toronto
133 Grant Butcher (See Map #123A)
162 Miss Adelina Reid See Map #74)
170 Judge Everett & Freda Weaver (as #73)
200 Robert Thompson Hamilton
201 Bruce and Lisa Wallace Willowdale
210 Fred Sutton (Estate - see Map #4)
211 Pherrill (See Map #6)

BBQing in the rain

My late father was not a fair-weather BBQ man. They loved their BBQ, Mom & Dad. I remember once going with dad to make wine. We entered a draw. He ended up winning our fancy-schmancy BBQ.

I used it well during the 3-day power outage in August, 2006. We perked coffee on the side burner. (August is the time for tornados!) Dad was fretting in his retirement home, phoning me while the wind whipped the leaves horizontally across our picture windows, and Dad was upset that the TV wasn't working. He had dementia at that point.

Well, the family joke is that Dad BBQs in the rain, lashed to the deck, with bears having to be beaten off with a stick.

Now, we know it is not true. But it is fun.

I recall sending Brian off outside to BBQ one day. He was reluctant.

I said, "My Dad BBQ'd in the rain!"

"Yes," he replied, "but your mother was neat.""

Enough said. I married my 'mother', a neat freak, but with the added benefit of a minimalist sense of style.

Well, sure enough, it looked to be raining yesterday. We've spent days getting the house ready to sell. Decluttering, cleaning, putting excess furniture in a storage locker, vaccuuming and washing everything that didn't move. It would be good to BBQ, diminish the clean-up.

I told Brian he hast to BBQ. As I pointed out, "I'm neat, now!"

The only issue was the mosquitoes who plague Brian. He wore his trusty desert hat. Ready for the trek at any time.

Sunday 27 June 2010

Honouring Muskoka's pioneers

There are many.  A trip through the Torrance cemetery reveals much about our community.

This is the grave marker for the contractor, Hal Grossman, who built our house in 1991!
Thanks to G8 Tony Clement signage!
A ripe old codger, he fled Germany. He was also a taxidermist, and had many critters he'd hunted and killed. I remember seeing them in his house.
Hal, as we all called him, was in the German youth organization. He had no choice.

He settled here in Bala and his fine work can be found in many Muskoka buildings. He bought land here, about the same time of all of us old geezers, in 1960 or so. He built a chalet, then built a larger home having married a Brit, they wanted a larger house. He used to blast German music from loudspeakers down the water front, when the lake began to be more populated. He liked his lake quiet!

Hal Grossman, circa 70s, with Aunt Adie

Hal cleans up a dead tree for us!
We'd arrive for a vacation, and he'd complain about the 'G. D. tourists' arriving, smile on his crusty old face, waving a paddle at us!

My parents had Hal build their cottage and subsequent home!
Me at the cottage
The cottage, 1960 caption
Cottage 1970s

There are some very old stones, reflecting the nature of Muskoka's pioneers.
Little babies, far from health care, who died in infancy.

A recent tombstone, Patty Parsons. This is the woman after whom the latest Habitat Muskoka build is named.

And here is the stone marking my parent's grave. It is a beautiful spot.
Josephine & Isabelle visit great-gramma/grampa's grave

Mom & Dad

G8 the peaceful part of the meeting

While the Black Bloc Anarchists raise their fists, throw things, and generally disrupt Toronto's G20, teambuilding occurs in the inner part of the fence the previous day in Huntsville. 

Huntsville's peaceful protests

I like this videographer. He had some fun in Huntsville, where he is a resident.

Honouring one's loved ones

Mom and Dad sit on the shelf. We've bought the plot. We just have to inter them. I figure that people looking through our house, if we have any showings, might not want to see the urns sitting there. Ya think? Some might not notice!

Mom's urn has a painting on slate, as does Dad's. It was a lovely ceremony at the church.
We brought Mom's urn to Dad's memorial service. We thought she'd be there anyway! Her urn sits on the pedestal, Dad above on the table.

I was so disappointed that only 9 people turned up for Dad's service. Not sure why. I was very emotionally distraught, suffering depression.

I put up the time and date of the service in the local post office. Those who had called while he was suffering from his brain tumour ceased to call after a time. It was only bad news, getting worse, and his age peers found it hard dealing with his increasing dementia.
I failed to phone all of his friends. I could not face that task. Neighbours told me they could not face his funeral, these the women who enabled my parents to live here long past their ability to do so.

Beautiful cemetery, with many pioneers

Saturday 26 June 2010

What did the G8 mean to Muskoka?

G8 signage was built
What a great article by the - I think it pretty much sums up what folks are saying up here. Little benefit for most of the little folk, e.g., tourism, hourly-waged employees. Much in benefits for Tony Clement, the mayor of HV, Deerhurst and Fowler (who put in the frackin' fences)!
What delights many of us, is the obvious motivation for Mr. Clement. He has to have the backing of PM Harper.

While boasting about the town’s improvements, Mr. Doughty (HV Mayor) says he and other municipal politicians in the region used Mr. Clement to get all they could out of the federal government.

And Tony Clement has great motivation to play the game.

Mr. Clement was dumped into the Parry Sound-Muskoka riding from Toronto by the Conservative Party as a candidate in 2006 (he does have a cottage here)  and squeaked in with only 28 votes, although he was re-elected in 2008. He seems to be benefitting from touting his riding. He's at every big deal, with photo-ops to show.

Clement did ensure that all of Muskoka has great signage.

Wouldn't want those G8 leaders, and their entourage, escorted as they were - front and back by OPP motorcycles, riding in their big black limos. But with the dearth of skilled labour in Muskoka, someone's home or renos were not being built while all this was going on. (Didn't they think the OPP can read maps?

Many managed to make a buck off of our tax dollars: extra chefs brought in for the albeit brief duration, extra big buff boys in black, those building the signs. Some lost money, with businesses closed, or reduced, people scared off by the fooferaw.

Up a new $4.8 million road a building now sits a satellite campus for the University of Waterloo. The Waterloo Summit Centre is a great place for a small conference.
Not going to be used, as was planned, for the G20. Oops. But U of W is my daughter's alma mater. Great programs, her M.Sc. (she works as a hydrogeologist) has stood her well, as well did their co-op program. Whatthehell.

Yes, our tax dollars paying for someone's education in order for them to get good jobs in environmental and ecological sustainability at this institution, which may benefit Muskoka in the long run. But don't you think they should pay for their own education? I did. Worked summers. Long ones.

The “fake lake”was an appalling idea by someone. Gotta love those eager-beaver politicos, brainstorming how to laud big Tony. Lake Ontario, the real, big one, only being feet away from the media.

For regular residents, and tourists one of my commenters wrote:
Sure is intimidating with all the police cruisers and helicopters around, but today I saw up in Sundridge a fighter jet approaching a small float plane making him change his flight plan....I guess he was too close to the restricted air space....Wow the noise from that Jet!!!!! Super Sonic!!!!! My husband said there is an officer with high power weapons every 10 ft. in the don't fool around with those boys.....and they are Big!Men!!!!
The government in the small town of Huntsville, Ontario, is being criticized for spending millions to prepare for an economic summit that was relocated to Toronto.

Friday 25 June 2010

Being a guest in the big people's house

I met my birth mother when I was in my 30's. Long story.

My birth mother was 5' 5", I am 5' 4" and my half-sisters are 5' 8", and 5' 10". Life is not fair! With better nutrition, better education and genes, our children are all taller than we are. That is my hope.

That is the theory...and since our kids are 5' 8", and over,  it seems to fit.

While house hunting near Ottawa, the kids kindly let us stay with them. (Mind you, I did help in the night with newborn Isabelle!)

This is the story of life in a big people's house. Josephine, now two year's old, love to help out in the kitchen. We had a stool made by 3-Cut Kent in Muskoka.

It comes in handy for the old folks, too! It is a step stool as well as a picnic table!

The video documents the old folks attempts to make toast; reaching the big people's kettle, reaching the sweetener for my coffee (in the cupboard above the refrige) and then there is the 'emergency' light.