Tuesday 31 October 2017

October Weather

Here is my monthly summary of weather, in reverse order! I keep a record in the 'pages' section.  November has begun with rain

Oct. 31 – cold, windy, big clouds

However, here was Iqualuit!

final total

Oct. 30 – 83 mm overnight, massive rains!

Videos roll in from Ottawa!

Big winds this afternoon.
October weather from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.
There is rain, heavy rain and snow in Ontario!

Oct. 29 – 79 mm overnight!

Oct. 28 – all night: 25.4mm

Weather is moving in. Could be worse, could be better!

Oct. 24 – 20 mm!

A lovely drive home, with ribbons of clouds.

Oct. 23 – something is coming! Tuesday (24th) there were power outages...

Oct. 16

A horrid wind and thunder storm. Lots are still without power across the south and southeast of the province.

Toronto was hit badly, but they are on the mend.
Meantime Ophelia is approaching the UK.

Oct. 15 – wind warnings across southern Ontario, 9mm last night

Oct. 13 

Oct. 11th – more rain!

Oct. 9th – Here comes former Hurricane Nate: 12.7mm

Oct 8 – We'll see what Hurricane Nate brings us!

Meantime, there was a storm surge after Nate blew through.

Oct. 7: 3.8mm

A new hurricane is forming. It looks like we have rain on the way, too.

Oct. 6

Oct. 4 – warm enough, but spotty rain. 4.8mm

High is 24. I planted daffodil bulbs in the rain!

Oct. 1st – Pretty cold: about 2 C.

Happy Hallowe'en!

Yam set me on to this online puzzle application. We don't really 'do' Hallowe'en, we haven't had a customer since 2005! I decorate for October, but I did my fair share of Hallowe'en learning activities in classrooms, with fun activities.

Lots of games, like list 10 things white like a ghost. Or, draw ten things that have 'oo' in their name, like boo. I'd put it on laminated task cards, you complete 10 and you can do an art activity.

Then we'd recite chants, in trios, write and recite them ourselves.

There'd be songs, too. I loved teaching music in my classroom.

Staff would always dress up, of course. The best costumes were the ones with wigs when the kids couldn't figure out who you were.

Then, there was the excitement of helping the kids prepare at home. The planning, preparation and design of costumes. We did Facetime with the kids last night. They showed me their costumes. That was fun.

Above, was the last time I dressed for Hallowe'en! Caitlin was pregnant with Josee, 2007. Hers was the best costume! I was there for a visit. Both my sons were there, too. It was fun.

Monday 30 October 2017

Trailcam trails

Somedays it's a busy spot.

I thought I'd show the trailcam with the deer and the coyote. I put two cameras up, hoping to get them coming or going!
If you recall the fawn who was hit on the highway, it looks as if he was reunited with momma (0:43 sec.). I'm so happy. Coyote is on the trail, though!

The deer don't mind the cameras, as they associate it with us. You can see at 30 seconds, the deer approaching the camera, and the fawn behind, then the next clip is the view from the camera.
Trailcams from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

I chucked out our former centrepiece chestnuts and gourds on Oliver's Lot, hoping for some to grow come Spring. I've let the lot go natural, after they used to cut it back right to the sumac. The colours have been amazing, but they are gone now.

Then, I tromped out with the paper recycling at 8:00 a.m., hubby had managed the rest of the garbage, and decided I might as well check out the trailcams. These past few days we've had 100+mm (4") of rain. I wasn't optimistic about video footage.

Oliver's Lot in the background
Off I tromped in the rain to rescue the soaking wet cameras. What a bonus!

Firstly, Butch raccoon, then it looks like a Barred Owl (in the rain!), and then the coyote. I repeated the owl and coyote footage, in slow motion, just for posterity. They are so quick. All three in the POURING RAIN! We've had so much rain, and it is still raining.
Trailcam from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

Sunday 29 October 2017

Canada Geese as icons!

Canada Geese are popular icons in Canada. This is an ashtray my parents had, it was to mark the anniversary of a company (1902 – 1962). Dad got lots of swag, back in the day. He worked as an Architectural Hardware Consultant for Canada Hardware Company, which went bankrupt around 1980. He would read blueprints, make hardware lists from that, then the firm he worked for would bid on projects. All this with Gr. 10 education. He was meticulous.

I did some research into this brass company, and found the generations. The business was established in 1892 and is the first and only one in Canada to manufacture brass trimmings for furniture.
Mr. Lewis W. Hahn, president of Hahn Brass Ltd., announced this week that the former Brass Company building on Waterloo St. has been sold to Acton Home builders’ Supplies of Hamilton, Jan. 1960Amalgamated intoTHE STANLEY WORKS LIMITED.  Hahn Brass factory site was taken over in 1969 by Riverside Brass.

UPDATE: I sent an email to the current owners of the Hahn building:
 Riverside Brass & Aluminum Foundry Limited 

Thanks for the info Jennifer.  We build an addition onto the 1892 Hahn Brass building in 1985—a new 6500 square foot foundry.  We currently operate two shifts out of it and likewise the same in our Hamilton Road foundry.

Thanks for the info—the foundry history continues in New Hamburg.


David N. Seyler President 

I love the geese, I miss seeing them on the lake. I would sit on the dock and watch them. The babies have grown, and all are flying. Here are some old lake photos I wanted to see again, followed by a new video from Carleton Place. Gotta love that sound!

This video gives you an idea of how many geese gather in one spot. There were hundreds. I love the sound. They will fly south in huge flocks, as in the last photo, above.
Canada Geese from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.