Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Creepy crawlies – gotta love them, and RAIN!

I was fascinated with this orchid spider and its prey.

It didn't like me watching!

See also: Goldenrod crab spider from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

Wooly Bear caterpillar

This cute little wooly bear caterpillar will become an Isabella moth! It's taken over the milkweed from the monarch!

Of course, with all the bugs about... a northern flicker. I took this out the front window.

Tufted Milkweed Caterpillars

"Are you my big brother?"

Lady beetles

These are mostly lady bug larvae. They have an interesting life cycle. They look really strange!

In the house... it's just too hot for a little Hooper.

There are 122 active fires across northern Ontario, 25 are not under control.  There are fires out in B.C., as well. New Zealand just sent some firefighters to help out. For that, Canadians are grateful.
Good news, we had rain. I saw the storm coming our way, just off to the south, however.

Right between the two trees, while I was watching a hummingbird, a double smack of lightning. You'll have to trust me! From this storm we had 0.8 mm rain. Not much. When I awoke this morning, another 10.7 mm. It is a relief.


Olga Hebert said...

I never even thought about the life cycle of ladybugs. Interesting.

Anvilcloud said...

It's good to see this because I never would otherwise. I hope the heat wave breaks soon. Except I don't see huge breaks in the forecast, but anything helps.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
A wonderful array of bugs today! Wish I could send you some the rain which has been battering the Hutch... sigh... YAM xx

Christine said...

So glad you got some rain. I enjoyed your orchid spider video.

Kay said...

You have the most incredible creatures in your backyard.

RedPat said...

We got a lot of rain through the night last night too!

Nancy J said...

Fire fighters, we saw ours on NZ television as they were ready to fly over and help, thanks for the thanks. Bugs, 'tis the season for all sorts, and you have a wealth of knowledge of so many. Hooper, too hot for you.

Red said...

All the little critters are very busy chewing away on their favorite food.

William Kendall said...

Excellent macro shots!

Hooper looks quite comfortable where he is.

Angie said...

That's a lot of different creepy crawlies! With all the heat we're having, I would be hanging with Hooper … glad you got some rain - we sure could use some, but there is none in the foreseeable forecast!