Wednesday 31 October 2018

Bells Corners – there we were

Last week, we trucked into Ottawa to visit JB's aunt. There are many signs of fall: pumpkins in the fields, geese in the skies.

I like these posted speed signs.

This is where we had lunch, Bells Corners. It was a busy Friday around 1 p.m., we had a bit of a wait. Our poor aunt, they kept insisting she sit down, she uses a cane for balance, losing her sight and hearing, but she was perfectly capable of standing!

After lunch, we drove around. This (on the left) is where our family lived in 1981.

Lots of Hallowe'en decor.

We took her back home, and waved goodbye.

Our old church, where I we attended. I lef the Jr. choir, was the church treasurer, the Sunday School Superintendent, and sang in the choir, a lifetime ago.

Back on the road, the rec. centre.

Ah, city life: lineups for gas, and weird drivers.

We drove into Arlington Woods, where the hurricane wreaked havoc.

Back in Perth, the Senior's Complex is coming along. I've been taking photos, and our grandie thinks we should live there.

Then, the Darou farmhouse is well on the way for deconstruction.

Ah, the catalpa leaves!

Tuesday 30 October 2018

Hooper, mushrooms, buck, coyote

Well, the snow is slowly melting. Hooper had a blast.

Hooper has been trying for birds. They are quick, and have wings.

I went for a walk to grab the SD cards from the trailcam. Mushrooms!

I guess I can't leave my new wheat-free buns in the garage 'frige' anymore. We often put drinks out there, in the cold.

The buck, in the backyard, was grabbing the last leaves! Good for him.

The coyote was having a blast in the forest. These are my trailcam images, put in a video. I thought there were two, but at 0:46 seconds, you can see two pairs of eye in the dark behind the one coyote.

Monday 29 October 2018

We had SNOW!!!!!!

I had a feeling. I knew a storm was on the way. Who knew what we'd end up with? The yellow, heavy rain, was moving straight north, headed right for us, but see the blue snow in the region! Today, Monday, it is raining...

We had a temperature of -3 overnight Thursday. The catalpa tree took umbrage. In the morning, the Catalpa tree said, nah uh, and began dropping leaves. I raked them all onto the garden, to keep everyone and everything cozy. I figured, if we had snow, they'd be slippery.

 Sunday morning, snowfall! About 7cm. The good news is, as my friend Val wrote, there won't be any ticks today. She had 200 in October, 79 the rest of the year. We have had our fewest in a number of years (70), but October was awful (31).

Outside, I went. My goal was to shake it off the lowest branches. It was hard work! I was soaking wet. It was a good work out.

The poor little lilacs!

The majestic white pines...branches reaching for the earth.

We only lost a couple of branches.

Once I was done, it all looked so much better. The lilacs are standing up, again.

Our white pines recovered, the snow melted during the day.

JB kindly did the back deck, as I was baffed.

The maple tree leaves are golden, falling softly to the ground.

The goldfish pond is slushy on top. The evergreen branches have lightened up, and all is melting.

 Then, there is Hooper... he was a year old in August, we think. He didn't go outside last year. He likes the snow. The snow was falling off the phlox, he thought there could be mice friends in there. 

From here, he went into the backyard and did his business. What a boy!