Thursday 31 January 2013

The 1% is getting a TV show on Zoomer's Vision TV!

I cannot believe it! Obviously, Moses Znaimer, one of the 1%, isn't in touch with the rest of us in the 99%, who become angry with people like Conrad Black, who look down on the rest of us.

Black (68 years old), who returned to Toronto last year after serving time in a U.S. prison for fraud and obstruction of justice, will co-host a weekly talk show with former MuchMusic personality Denise Donlon.
The show, produced by Zoomer Media – a company owned by former CHUM president Moses Znaimer – is being pitched to buyers from around the world attending the National Association of Television Program Executives (NATPE) conference in Miami Beach this week.

Read it on Global News: Global News | Conrad Black to co-host weekly talk show 

Not only did we witness videos of him removing evidence of his crimes, but his crimes were committed in his role as the owner, the 1%, of media company Hollinger International. This company owned daily newspapers like The Daily Telegraph, Chicago Sun Times and Canada’s National Post.


I have written about the conglomeration, this lobby group that includes Znaimer's media groups.
They purport to be speaking for those of us over age 45, but rarely do they feature those who make up the 99%!

Winter_Keaton_TwitterNow, I subscribe to Zoomer magazine. I liked it because they feature real people, my age, with unretouched photos of people who don't hide their signs of age. But they do focus on those with money, power and influence, Znaimer's peers and peerage. Moses Znaimer head this group. He is another of the 1% who doesn't seem to understand the rest of us. A large number of this 1% live in Rosedale, in inner city Toronto, including Conrad Black. We used to drive through this amazing community, with huge mansions, trees, several ravines, and average house prices of $1 million, average income of over $200,000 per year.

Unfortunately, CARP is connected to AARP, American Association of Retired Persons. Both being lobby groups. CARP is featured in Zoomer Magazine. I will be phoning Zoomer Magazine to cancel my subscription. They ride the bandwagon, capturing headlines, claiming to speak for us retirees. They gain headlines by featuring extreme issues, such as Elder Abuse, without making real change, nor including real information and data. Most seniors, especially the ones they feature, live in luxury, and live good lives. They do nothing for those who live and die in ill-health and poverty.

Slim pickin's in the garden

With gardening season on the horizon, at least bulb catalogues are arriving in the mail, I look fondly out at the garden and think of the sleeping plants. My plants should be protected by a lovely blanket of snow, but they are not.

Yucca in summer!
The deer are searching for food. The only thing green in my garden? The yucca plants. They are suitably trimmed. They do not lose their leaves in winter. They seem to be yummy...
The only bright green in a landscape of white and brown.

Wednesday 30 January 2013

Watery Wednesday, indeed!

We've had freezing rain overnight, with a foot of snow on the ground. The sidewalks in the city of Ottawa are treacherous. It's 10 C. above zero here in Lanark County to the south. Most of our ice just melted away, and I'm glad I moved the snow when I did!
I managed a good job on the driveway, and our driveway and sidewalks are now clear.
It's not pretty out there. The cats are happy as it seems like spring.
Well, not 'happy', but more inclined to go outdoors.

 I thought, what with the puddles down under the great pine tree, and in honour of the ice around us, I'd feature some old photos of the ducks!
 I miss our lake, loved watching the ducks over the seasons. Loved see them rest, with a dozen or more ducklings, on the flower rock!

Tuesday 29 January 2013

Snowfall yesterday, rainfall today!

Rain, snow, sleet or hail! Southern Ontario
-15 in Whitehorse, -18 Ottawa, -32 Yellowknife
We've had quite the range in temperatures across Canada. I am always fascinated by them. Last week we dipped to -25 C., and this week they are going to be several degrees above zero (32 F.).

They are calling for 6 hours of freezing rain today.

I love getting outdoors for a purpose, but not in this! Walking the cats in the forest, capturing great shots of flora or fauna, they make winter fun!

My purpose Monday, after a lovely pre-booked massage was to get 10cm (4") of snow off of out 100m driveway. It was light and fluffy.
It took me about 40 minutes wrestling the snowblower, which negated the lovely effects of the massage. <Sigh>

 I am WOMAN hear me roar!
10 cm!
It was one of those storms and the funny thing was that by the time I finished – I needed to start again!
Front step: Dad's trusty ruler.
It is triangular and stand up well!
Angel is moral support! Cats, not so much.

I just wanted to get most of the snow off of the driveway, anticipating freezing rain and a warm-up this week. After I was done I went indoors for a hot cup of lemon tea.
Brave Buster Brown was keen on getting outdoors. Those dratted red squirrels bothering his birds at the feeder!
See the snow on his back?!

Our World Tuesday
 Meanwhile, back indoors, the kittens are nuts. They don't want to go outdoor much. They're in and out, up and down.
Giant Leap for Feline Kind from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.
Quite the leap! Adorable Daisy, the jumper, can balance on the back of a chair, as well.

Monday 28 January 2013

Walk on the frozen bog

  Well, I asked. Should I do housework on a Sunday afternoon, or go for a snowshoe?
Of course, most of my Facebook friends are either amateur photographers, winter campers, or Muskoka amazons. Nancy, outdoors woman as she is on 600 acres of blessed flora and fauna, wolf whisperer, voted for the latter.

The girls thought they might have a nap in the mailbox. It's over the heater, and a warm, cozy spot.

I spend a lot of time on my butt, on the computer, learning some new things, but taking time to Google Hangout with Jess in B.C., I learned a new trick!

Off I went. GPS, water, walkie talkie, hankie, Petersen Flash Guide for Animal Tracks.
But with the varying temperatures, I didn't need to use the snowshoes. The snow was hard and cold on the wetland, and supported my weight.

Both coyote and turkeys had been out for walkies!
It had warmed up, and was to warm up quite a bit this next week, I figured I ought to get out on the frozen bog water before it was too late. It was -10 C. in the morning, but with the walking I removed my gloves, I was that warm in the sunshine.

Last year I took hubby out in March, and we ended up in knee-deep water. It took a week for our boots to dry!

It was beautiful. Not a long walk, 45 minutes, but I gathered some bulrushes for my planters.
The tracks were fascinating. In the photo above, the turkeys are on the right, with the coyote tracks on the left. I saw only one critter, which is fine with me! I saw a rabbit, who scared me as much as I scared it. It took off toute de suite. No photo! I was laughing too hard. The deer were in our backyard hanging out in the sun under the trees, as they are inclined to do.
You can see how large the turkey tracks are! The four-toed track is a weasel, I think. Small track, and no claws, like the coyote and fox.
Lots of fungus on the dead wood. It was a dry, drought summer and we lost a lot of foliage.
 Bog in fall!
Sun has melted snow under trees
I love the wee peeks of green moss,
warmed by the sun

Fallen trees, where rabbits hide!


Returning home, I spot Buster Brown, sitting in Oliver's field hunting for mice! What a tough cat he is!