Monday 30 September 2019

Off to Carleton Place

Off we went to Carleton Place to get some supplement refills from JB's Naturopath.
The trees are beautiful, the wetland is dry.

I love the colours in Perth.

The court house is getting some repairs.
This is my favourite house in Perth. Their garden is always beautiful.

Poor folks at Penny's Place. They had a car run into their restaurant, July 11th, and they still haven't re-opened. "Due to the substantial structural damage we have sustained we will remain closed until further notice."

Did I mention there is a federal election on?!

I love the rivers of cottage country.

Errand done, we thought we'd try the restaurant across the way from another pub we frequent. I saw the osprey fly by when we visited two years ago. The pub has changed hands. It makes for a lovely view. The pub is there behind the trees.
This is it in spring. They've removed the trees, added space, heaters and table.

Here we are at the 'new' restaurant. It used to be Slackoni's but it was sold.  It is now Boulton House.
They have redone the patio. Poor Joey had to go get his coat.

It was the heron that caught my attention. 

This is an archival photo of Mill St. in Carleton Place. This was a mill in the 1820s. At the end of the street, on the left, now condos! 
Mill Street as it appeared in 1889. This land was first purchased by a Mr. Coleman from the Morphy family in 1820. In 1822, Hugh Boulton purchased it and finished construction. The mill was later owned by Horace Brown as a flour mill. On the left-hand side are buildings used for the Boulton-Brown Grist Mill, and on the right-hand side is the residence of Horace Brown, grandfather of A. Roy Brown.–Photo–Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum

Right beside the restaurant are condos in an old mill building. Not too shabby!
49 MILL STREET UNIT, Carleton Place$349,900 CAD.
You can get the penthouse for a mere $749,900 CAD.

The online photos are amazing. The two-story penthouse is quite something. Here is a sink I would love!

Lunch over, off we went on our merry way. It's a lovely town.

Good fences make good neighbours!

I think that highway #7 is getting some work done. 

Vanity plate: FOUR PM! 

A retirement home

Soon, there will be snow, and the snow machine trails will open.

Farewell patio season. This was the last one, I think.

Sunday 29 September 2019

Home from Belleville!

Yes, a meet-up with Nat in Belleville for lunch! Then home.
I love these skies. The house is impressive, with four garage doors!

Isn't this a sweet spot? Soon all these rivers will be frozen!

"Rock n' Roll Farm!"

Huge houses in spots...
I love the orange truck with the orange leaves!

I think this is another turtle fence!