Wednesday 31 August 2016

August Precipitation & Weather

This is my monthly archive of precipitation data. September is here.

Aug. 31 

Rain, thunder and lightning & another 1.2 mm

My kids were canoe camping in Algonquin Park, thankfully they didn't have any storms! 



Windsor had it, but it didn't make it here!

Aug. 28 One whole mm!

Aug. 27 

Aug. 25 

Tornadoes Aug. 24th

Aug. 22

Aug. 21

What a glorious rain! August is looking to be closer to normal.
Wonderful rain!

Aug. 20th Clouds, no rain

Aug. 16th Finally! We had 26 mm!!!

Sadly, there are many without power in the 'Lake Effect Snow' area, west of Georgian Bay this morning, Aug. 17th.

They anticipate getting them back up by midnight Aug. 17th,

Aug. 15th Storm on the way!

They predict 50mm rain for us for Tuesday. We'll see. We are usually the 'stone in the river.' Where the clouds dissipate before they get here. I do hope more rain is on its way. Too many fires about.
storms acomin'

Aug. 13th Severe Storms in Ontario

Aug. 25 Tornadoes yesterday. Seriously.

Not as much as they'd predicted...


Water levels in the Rideau Canal reservoir lakes, Bobs, Wolfe, Upper Rideau and Big Rideau, are about 30 centimetres below what are typical for this time of year. The lake levels now are what is usually seen in late September - early October on three of the lakes.

Levels on non-reservoir lakes have also continued to decline assisted to a large extent by evaporation of as much as 2.5 cm per day due to the recent 30 degree temperatures. Boaters on all lakes will need to be careful to avoid newly exposed shoals and rocks as levels drop.
It's time to cut back:

Typical residential indoor water use breakdown across the United States and Canada is:
Clothes Washer

                     * Source: Water Research Foundation, via Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority

Aug. 12th

We're the "stone in the river." The rain clouds dissipate before they get to us on land, farther away from the Great lakes.

You can check forest fires in Ontario

Ontario Forest Fires
There have been four, to date.

You can check drought conditions in Quebec, and in Ontario.

Aug. 5th 

What a lovely storm! We were away, but my daughter checked the gauge!

Aug. 1st brought a wee bit of rain.

Godfrey Sculptures Park & Radiance of the Ordinary

This we found on our way home from Napanee. Godfrey Sculpture Park - Stefan Duerst
Amazing art. Most begin at about $4500, and several of the larger pieces run 5-digits. There is a lot of work involved in bending metal! It's a lovely spot for a walk.

We also stopped at Radiance of the Ordinary, and bought a new whisk and dustpan, to match our large broom! I've written about this business before, he has amazing pieces. The building is an old cheese factory. The broom is suitable for Harry Potter fans!

Tuesday 30 August 2016

Napanee Day Trip OVerview

The Waterfront Restaurant is a favourite of mine. We hadn't been in a year. Seriously! Hubby was game, and planned out a trip route that I could ignore. (Long-standing joke!)
Here is the first post!

We left at 9:45, and arrived at 11:40, drove 116km, and saw lots of lovely things on our way.

There are many neat little backroads one can take. Gillian GPS tells me if it is a dead end! You can see the little zig zags!

Here is our route, just in case we want to go back!!!

The drive is pretty, along the highways, very low water with the drought.

Wolfe Lake, along Westport Rd.

This is a lovely drive, the road runs right beside the lake.

You'll notice how the trees have given up the ghost. The leaves are turning.

Interesting Buildings

A wrap-around porch, a favourite of hubby's! 

Rock on!

The geology changes as we drive southeast.


A bit of a detour, looking for the cool bridge. I didn't manage to take a photo of the signage: ' Road Not Maintained by the County'
We couldn't find the old bridge. We ended up beside a quarry.

Waterfront Restaurant
Springside Park Napanee
Godfrey Sculptures Park & Radiance of the Ordinary