Sunday 29 July 2007

Eency weency spider

July 29, 2007
For the third day in a row a wicked spider has made a web. The web runs from the deck, about two metres off the ground, diagonally across the path to the plant beside the deck, about ¾ of a metre off of the ground. The web must be a meter wide. It is quite strong and the spider must be quite serious. I mentally thought it stupid to build it in the same place overnight three times in three days only to have a human break it each time. Then, in telling my story to my husband, he tells me he has come across the web and broken it, too. I realized that this spider must have made and remade the web many times with a tenacity and determination that assures me it must be catching prey.
As I reflected further, I thought that the spider is not the stupid one. I am the one diligently pursing ignorance as I repeatedly walk through a spider web three days in a row.

"Stupidity is the active pursuit of ignorance."

"I pledge allegiance to the World, to cherish every Living Thing, to care for Earth and Sea and Air, with Peace and Freedom everywhere."
--Lillian Genser, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom

Friday 20 July 2007


The birds hatch, the flowers bloom.IMG_1756.JPGIMG_1841.JPG

cats - Mitzi

It is quite delightful – our big cat, Mitzi, is beginning to come around to approach ‘normal’. She and her siblings were born behind a dumpster in a mall. She was adopted by a family with a dog who harassed her and scared the feline out of her.
Mitzi and Sadie

In the 5 years we have had her she is afraid of me. My husband can pet her on the floor. She flops onto the floor, like a dead whale (she’s overweight!) and allow him to pet her tummy. We cannot pick her up. Lately, she is becoming more comfortable with me. At first she would walk towards me as I had the can of cat food in my hand. She would almost brush up against me, then go and brush up against the refridge. Then, maybe a few days later she would make contact with the tips of her fur, and then go bonk into the refridge. This past week she physically made contact with my legs as she brushed up against me. I saw her this morning and she flopped on the floor. Usually she would run away in fear as I approached. This time she let me pet her. I have confidence, with each approximation of the behaviour approaching normal – we will make it to where she is normal. Maybe in another 5 years – but I have hopes.

ducks galore

It was a lovely start to the morning. peaceful
I went down to the lake to putter: check the solar powered pump.
As I was pondering life in general, I spotted the mamma duck and 6 ducklings(I am glad there are still 6).

She is a model of parenting ability. When she spotted me she gave a bit of a quark. And they came closer to her. As I quietly stood there, not moving a muscle, they went past. She kept up her murmurings, she hissed in my general direction, just letting me know that she was in charge.

They went past and then, when I didn't attack them, relaxed some. The ducklings would pop, butt upwards, looking for greens, then they would take a little leap upwards to grab a bug that was sunning on a plant.
As mom relaxed a more adventurous one came back towards me. She let the little one lead. As they all came a little closer, they went back the way they had come. After a moment momma didn't think this was a good idea. She gave a little quack and then another and IMMEDIATELY they all lined up behind her. No questions. She was confident that they were all there, and they motored down the way, resuming their trek.

If only human parents could ensure the safety of their kids this way. That ebb and flow as they swim along the river of life. Knowing when to let them go, when to release them and let them take a risk.

Of course, there used to be 9 or 10 ducklings. Cycle of life...


We woke to clouds, we need the rain, and the blue heron standing conveniently on our dock looking for sunfish that hide beneath it. The sunfish are hiding from the clouds, methinks. IMG_1801.JPG

a beautiful day in the neighbourhood

It was a beautiful day today. The sun shone, the robins were busy building a nest, the wind was slight but kept the bugs away.

The hummingbirds are still at the feeder, frantic to get some more food. They are so busy. They have fights over the feeder: buzz around and try to chase the other ones away. They chirp.

Speaking of chirping - our cat, SADY, (fearless hunter that she is) has pissed off most of the chipmunk population. The robins watch her but since their nest is in the eavestroph there is no way she can reach them. She brought home a mouse and worried it to death. There were two moles, too. The chipmunk she caught was quite happy that I chased her away and, when she dropped it, it ran for the tree and scolded her for an hour. The cat, Sady, is getting better at hunting but the chipmunks are getting better at running away. They have destroyed parts of my garden and I am hoping they will move a little farther away.
It is my fault since I taught her to fetch her 'bird' - actually a fake bird, but a feather duster.

We are desperate for rain water. It hasn't rained in a week. It has threatened to, but the clouds passed over with very little rainfall. I lug buckets of water from the lake. It is good therapy - getting close to nature, caring for the plants and flowers, and having some physical activity.

'One day at a time' is my motto. I started a new job. I sell some beautiful bags and cottage decor products for a young designer. I am happy to take this job - to supplement my income! We will cut back and live small. I know I have to change my life and I have done so. Early retirement is good.

I can swim - canoe?

I went for a canoe ride. It was overcast, but quiet as all the tourists have gone home for the work week. Sometimes we just have to do something for ourselves!

There were seagulls, frogs, minnows and dragonflies and it was so very peaceful.IMG_1971.JPG

I should have gone for a workout - get those endorphines moving and get the heart rate up - but felt like puttering in the lake. I paddled heartily around the lagoon side of our peninsula. One of the tourists had not gone home - the wee plane they use to commute to the big city was still there. Ah- such luxury. (Not that I'd feel safe in that small thing!)

When I made it around the other side I found a family of ducks. They are mallards. There was a momma and 9 or 10 ducklings. Wee, downy things. They all seemed to have ADHD, except wise old mom. One word from her and they all moved away from me to the other side of the mom.

I could see that they were headed around toward our frontage and sped home to wait for them. I thought I might take a photo, but changed my mind. I would just enjoy the moment.

Once they made it around the corner, I could see them all bumbling around mom. She paddled by a rock and 4 or 5 bounced up onto the rock, slipping and bopping around. Three lagged behind, screeching to a halt at another rock, bopping into one another. They are so fast - bouncy, yellow, fluffy little things - I could hardly keep up with them visually. Two more got onto another rock and fell of into the water. She spotted me and froze. One quack and they all lined up on the other side of her. She weighed the danger and decided that I was a risky proposition. With another quack they all followed after her. My 3 kids sure didn't do this. I used to have to step over one of them, who would have a temper tantrum regularly in the mall. Eventually he'd follow me! I hope my grandchild, expected Dec. 23rd, behaves as well as they do!

She took them across the lake and I didn't get to see them up close. I always count the ducklings. Every year we have 3 or 4 families. Each has their own number of ducklings. The fisher (weasel-like critter, alien species introduced to this area) follows them around the shore and slips into the water. Each week it seems to get one or two of these babies. The poor momma.

It is the cycle of nature. I decided to go inside and do some work on the treadmill. I miss my mother, too. We have to sell mom and dad's furniture this week. We have to clean out the storage locker. She has jewellery that I must go through.We have to sell the things we will not use.

Just like the old trees that die and fall to the forest floor - they make way for the new trees to grow and have their chance to bask in the sunshine. Another day dawns. The sun is shining. All will be revealed!