Wednesday 31 October 2007

Sady trees a Fisher or Pine Marten

It seems there is a cat, who regularly walks her daddy every morning, who thinks she is a dog. Today she treed a fisher, some think it is a pine marten - perhaps she is part Wolverine. I thought cat owners needed to fear these wicked things, but our little kitty told it where to go!

I heard crittes rushing through the leaves. Sady bounced across the yard while a fisher balanced in the tree. With cute, round teddy bear ears it looked down wondering what went after it. Crawling higher up the tree it stayed there an hour.I called Brian to get Sady. Down below she was fighting him.She'd treed him and it was her critter.He watched as Sady bit Brian's thumb in his attempt to pick her up and take her indoors. Finally, I suggested Brian try to walk her into the basement.
Eventually it came down carefully. Sady won the battle.

Monday 22 October 2007

Shades of Fall

The colours are incredible. Yet, the wind gusts and brings down the leaves. Tomorrow there will be rain and the last of the leaves will likely fall.

This morning I canoed around the lake. I visited with ducks and geese, who rest before their journey south. The wind keeps switching directions, as if unsure whether it is Autumn or summer. The temperatures are balmy. I paddled in the water, raked some leaves. What a glorious day. The sun sparkles on the lake. The wind plays with the sunlight as it refracts and winks at me.

Saturday 13 October 2007

Cranberry Festival in Bala 2007

IMG_3834.JPGI missed the CranAnne contest! No matter. I have photos...
We've had a raccoon visitor, but the humans are scarce. We should have rented the cottage this weekend! They are turning them away at the hotel.
Total zoo in town. Total zoo at home!

Brian wants brownie points for visiting the cranberry bog during peak time. What were we thinking? Other than it was dumping rain, in 5 degree morning temperatures, and we put it off. (August would have been a better time to visit!)