Tuesday 31 January 2017

January weather - 2017

Jan. 31st 

Jan. 29th – a gentle snowfall

Jan. 28th – another wee skiff

Jan. 27th – a wee drift of snow

Jan. 24th – on it's way?

Poor Ottawa!

We have had ice pellets at 7:00 a.m., then it flipped from that to rain, to snow, pellets, snow!

Jan. 23rd – Tornadoes down south, we're in for snow.

Jan. 20th – looks like a swirling mess

Jan. 18th – A few cm snow, and then rain all night

I was worried about visiting my client. The radar showed something coming, the question: when! It was fine when I left. I was due to leave her place at 4:00, and at 3:45, the snow just dropped like a curtain. Big, fluffy flakes. Eventually, it changed to rain. The sidewalk is all ice.

Jan. 17th 

And here it comes! The question: will it be rain, snow, sleet or hail?! The blue is snow, the pink the ice rain, the green rain. Sigh.

Track My Plow shows a mess!


Jan. 15 

Poor Oklahoma. Freezing rain...

Jan. 14th–a cold one!

Jan. 12th – rain overnight

More Hydro outages.

Jan. 11th – Winds are wild. Temperatures 5+ C., rained!

UPDATE 10:00 a.m.:

Strong winds caused more outages throughout the night. Crews continue to work hard this morning to restore power to 59,000 customers.

Jan. 10th – We'll see what this brings us!

Jan. 9th – "Vorticity"

Yesterday was amazingly cold, but sunny. I hauled some wood. Today, looks like some snow. Sure won't be rain!!!

Jan. 7th - 2.5 cm light snow

Jan. 6th – we cannot complain! 

Look at the Muskoka region... Lake Effect Snow! The winds pick up the moisture from the Great Lakes.

My friend, Jenn's dog in their snow!
We're just cold in southeastern Ontario. This morning it was -17 C. or so.

Jan. 5th

Hydro Ottawa has made progress, this morning only 25 left to get back up and running. It's hard work.

Jan. 4th – rain and snow!

There are 26,275 people currently without power according to Hydro One. 9:00 a.m. Wed.
That was a bit of a mess. Trees are a mess, covered in ice rain and then snow.

Hydro out all over the region. Hydro Ottawa, and HydroOne (Ontario).

Jan. 3rd –Freezing rain, slick driveway only -1 C.!

The patterns are interesting!

Jan. 2nd

Warnings for us

Jan. 1st A fair warning of 10 - 15cm, but only a few cm of snow.

Doe, a deer, tigger, not tigger

I thought Tigger was still about. Both in the front yard and side yard. This one is healthy and strong.  he's too shy for Tigger, though. Plus, I counted his antlers, he's only an 8-point.
The fact that he hasn't shed his antlers demonstrates he isn't stressed by the winter. I won't likely have evidence that he has shed his antlers. I just look to see if he appears on the trailcam, or in the yard, with them still attached. The males hang out way, way back in the back forests.

 Not to neglect the females...Firstly, when we arrived home from our staycation (Fri., Jan. 2th), and Saturday morning, Tigger appeared. Daisy helped.

Something happened. Six deer roared by, then the rest were staring down into the meadow. Nothing on the trailcam!