Monday, 6 August 2018

Lombardy Fair 2018

Do you like fairs? We visited this one because a friend of ours was displaying and competing in the flowers section. It runs for 4 days on this Canadian long weekend.

Hubby said it opened at 8:30, but the gate opened then, nothing else was open until 9:00! We wandered. There was evidence of action over night. A few empty beer cans and bottles.

We had our grandies last time we visited. They are traveling now, and it was much less exciting without them. It was, in fact, lovely and peaceful as the rides don't open until 11 a.m.

Hubby checked out a new car. No salesperson, a lot less hassle!

Feed the critters, but they bite!

This carver is always here. Hubby eyed his bench. We didn't even ask the price. We had the car in for service Friday, something about ball bearings. 'Nuff said!

The floral displays

 It's a lot of hard work. In our drought, it also means a lot of hand watering! Trust me, I know!
a) Entry Fee is 10% of prize money
b) All entries must be received from 6 – 9 pm the Thursday prior to the Fair opening.
c) All exhibits are open to amateur gardeners only.
d) All plants must have been in the possession of the exhibitor for a minimum of three months to qualify as having been grown by the exhibitor.
e) Do not use containers of value, as the Fair Board cannot be responsible for loss of containers.
f) The use of Loosestrife is prohibited.
g) All rules of the fair shall apply.

We toured the displays, looking for craft ideas for the next Gramma Camp. I don't know when that will be!

Toilet paper rolls as paint brushes! Too bad they all looked the same. When I taught art in school, my art lessons ended up with variety!

"Create a person out of nuts and bolts," and 'Ferris Wheel from popsicle sticks.'

The 'melted crayon art design' category.

 On the way home, I admired this farm. They have llamas. I popped in once. I just wanted to tell her how much I enjoyed her planters every time I passed her home.

 We went to a garage sale and I picked up some things for a future Gramma Camp! The black material is sparkly, and has a sticky backing.

On the way to the sale, I spotted our local hawk. You'll have to trust me! It was a drive-by shooting. he is a frequent flyer, 'scuse the pun! So I have a lot of photos...


Christine said...

I love summer fairs, we used to take the kids. Thanks for taking me to this one!

Peace Thyme said...

Thanks for treating us to a visit at a country fair. And, the hawk is awesome!

Kay said...

Oh wow! I haven’t been to a fair in such a long time. We don’t get many of them in Hawaii.

Nancy J said...

dowels and sticky felt? I wonder what you will do with these. The fair looked wonderful, and of all the flowers, " Fairy Garden" was my choice. The car, go for it, never mind the garage account!!!

RedPat said...

I like those melting crayons! What a difficult summer to grow prize winning flowers!

Red said...

We don't have local fairs anymore. Local fairs are a valuable community activity.

William Kendall said...

I haven't been to a fair like that since I was a teenager.

Angie said...

I love a fair, no matter how small. Now that our kids are grown, we don't usually go into the ride area, we just focus on the exhibits and the animals (and the food!). The Lombardy fair has some unique things I haven't seen before, such as the crayon art. And that's what I like about a fair - always interesting! How did your friend do in the flower competition?