Sunday 31 May 2015

May Weather

May 30

Look at the overnight temperatures!

The morning temperature was 7 C., not too bad, but cats came in soaked, and cold! It warmed up to 13 C. Sunday afternoon!

WARNING: Smiths Falls - Perth - Eastern Lanark County

Issued at 10:38 Saturday 30 May 2015

"Conditions are favourable for the development of dangerous thunderstorms that may be capable of producing strong wind gusts, large hail and torrential rain."

We had 16mm rain, big winds, but nothing too bad. 

May 26

Terrible weather across Canada: Floods in B.C., Fires in Alberta, and tornadoes in southern US.

May 25

Close to a mm?

What a lovely rainy day!

May 20

Cold whipped in from the Arctic. Snow in the north.

May 18th - tornado warning!

May 11

What a disappointment! Only 5 more mm from this storm. That said, the overflow from the water barrel put much water into the goldfish pond. Perhaps, 8 cm! Sadly, this storm was the end result of tornadoes in the southern US.

May 10

Only 4mm here.

May 9

Perth just missed heavy rain.
There was thunder, Annie growled at it!

May 4

♪♫♩ Who's that Gray tree frog in the window?

Actually, it's back. I know him or her! Last year s/he would sit here on summer nights, and capture the bugs that came to the kitchen window. I love them!

I think s/he fell asleep in the window at dawn. S/he doesn't look too embarrassed about his hat, either.
They call them Gray tree frogs, but they are chameleons and change their colour with their environment. I found it underneath the deck, on a beam - later on in the day. Amazing how their sticky toes allow them to climb.

We have many singing in the trees around the house. Singing for love or lust, I suppose!


We have a ton of tree frogs! These are archival photos.

Ontario Laws are clear
 about keeping wildlife in our homes. It's forbidden, aside from those with permission to do so. They said nothing about the ones on the outside of the house!

The list: Species at risk in Ontario.

Legal Protection
Ontario’s reptiles and amphibians are protected under the federal Species at Risk Act and these Ontario acts: the Endangered Species Act, 2007; the Planning Act, under which the Provincial Policy Statement is issued; and the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act. These laws, as well as how they protect species and their habitats, are described below.

10. (1) No person shall damage or destroy the habitat of,
(a) a species that is listed on the Species at Risk in Ontario List as an endangered or threatened species; or
(b) a species that is listed on the Species at Risk in Ontario List as an extirpated species, if the species is prescribed by the regulations for the purpose of this clause. 2007, c. 6, s. 10 (1).

Frog Watch Workshop in Muskoka

What a great idea! Muskoka does some great work. There are lots of ways to learn about frogs, if you are so inclined. I am watching our frog pond, and recording data for Ontario Reptiles and Amphibians. They send a CD with the frog sounds. I sent a donation, of course. Too many do not respect our critters.

Saturday 30 May 2015

Into Ottawa Hospital for MRI #2

Lots of people write about their journey through a cancer diagnosis. This man died this month. He, like we do, used humour as good medicine. He, too, loathed the battle terminology. It isn't a fight, when it is your own body producing cancer cells. It is a journey and we have learned a lot about ourselves. We have met much sicker and more frail people along the way. We are grateful for what we have now. All staff have been amazing at three different hospitals.

1:45 p.m. Thursday, May 28 – Left the house, took back route, past The Swan, through North Gower. Easy drive, although some traffic. Another of those dreaded Ghost Bikes! This was from Laurie Stano. We've passed a few on our way into healthcare appointments. This being MRI #2, and trip #XXXV.

2:30 –  arrived at the MRI office - between modules M and O, another form to fill in. Yes, each visit a new form.
Then we sat and waited.
Another couple: The man came out, wearing his lovely hospital gown. His wife giggled!
"C'est beau." I tell him, they were francophone. We often laugh about such at these visit.
"On y va." Al says.
 "Sexy." said Al. His wife mentioned his droopy drawers. A tall, thin man, his boxers were hanging off his frame.
Hubby read. I fooled around with the iPad photo apps.
I took our usual selfie. The francophone woman laughed. Hubby said not to worry about me, I'm harmless!
Another couple arrived.

 4:10 –  JB was taken into the other room. Lovely outfit. Another man's name is called. "Already?" he asked.
     "Well, you can sit and wait some more," said Al. He is droll!
Off hubby went, into the mysterious other room, with the noisy machines.
I asked Al where the nearest washroom was. Right in front of me! Sigh, again. How could I not have seen it?!
I knew I was in the city. I couldn't find the tap handles. It was automatic. Good hygiene, you don't have to touch it!
I liked the directions on the door handle for locking and unlocking it!

5:14  – still waiting...  Did some cross stitch. Thumbs hurt.
5:17  –  I can hear the machines. Stopping, starting. Weird noises. Floors were mopped as the evening staff comes in.
5:30  – out he came! He was to sit for 5 minutes, with the tape on his injection site, to ensure he wasn't dizzy or bleeding. He thinks he had a nap. That's good. It's a noisy machine.
Some rush-hour traffic, you can see the photo from Hunt Club. Sigh. Why did I take Hunt Club?
I choose to use River Rd., as the homes are amazing mansions, beside the river with glimpses of same.
6:30  – Dinner at The Swan, the marina looked ready for summer. Not bad food, lovely server, Courtney. I hadn't been there in ages. Too chilly for outdoors, with a cool breeze, but another time!
8:39  – Home just before sunset. Lots of farmers out spraying fields. I wonder what we are eating. They worry about Neonicotinoid pesticides in Ontario, hurting bees and other pollinators.
Once safely home, I ran down to the pond to find the ducklings had jumped from the nest and were gone! Bittersweet, we'd hatched 12 Wood ducks, no infertile eggs in the nest, which I cleaned in case there is another brood going in. I think it's late, though. Duck box #2 has another brood, set to hatch mid-June.