Thursday, 9 August 2018

Monarchs reign supreme!

Monarch caterpillars

We're still getting lots of Monarchs. The one all curled up had fallen off the leaf, and was crawling on a different plant. I moved it! It sat, curled up, for some moments until it thought the coast was clear. Some people are taking them in to raise them indoors where it is safe from predators, but I'd rather let nature take its course.

So funny. Two on the same leaf. This is in the back yard. Most of the caterpillars were in the front yard, in the shelter of the house.
The one caterpillar left the leaf, and came right back up again. I'm glad our yard is private. This silly old woman standing videotaping caterpillars!
Two caterpillars from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

Sorry if this is too much, but since we have had so few monarchs since the 2012 drought, I'm really happy to see them!
This first one, below, had JUST EMERGED! I was so excited. I had looked for the chrysalis, but hadn't spotted it previously.

This is another one, eating from the echinacea flower. Two in one spot, at the same time!

And still they are laying eggs and hatching. And, yes, I need to have my camera cleaned. There isn't anyone here in town, and city trips are onerous.

Of course, you can't see them, but there are SIX caterpillars on the tall milkweed plant in the middle, under the front deck. There are a couple newly hatched, and some medium-sized. I'll have to continue to hand-water these plants.


Victor S E Moubarak said...

Wonderful photography. Thank you.

God bless you.

Karen said...

It has been a wonderful year for Monarch's. I'm not seeing as many adults this past week but there are still lots of caterpillers on the milkweed.

Nancy J said...

The swan plant or milkweed is their favourite food down here, but I have seen them eat pumpkin flesh, I might try to grow some echinacea as well this summer.Love the way their life evolves, never too many pics.

William Kendall said...

You wonder what they think of the camera.

E. Beth. said...

wow, chick-a-dee has been a while since i did visit ya ...hope u r well. i love the blooms and always a fan of butterflies ... i have a new color around here ... keep trying to get up close but the silly thing will fly off before i get close enough. how is life? i know you said u were not following me on FB any more due to your grandkids being around, which i totally get ...but we have not chatting in a while ... hit me up with your life going-ons and all that. correct me if i am wrong, was your hubby ill the last time we talk, or am i totally thinking of some1 else??! miss ya. take care. ( :

Red said...

Fascinating critters to watch. It's nice that they seem to be on the rebound.

Angie said...

This is SO encouraging. Well done for having milkweed in your garden - if everyone did, the monarchs would have a real chance at a comeback!

Anvilcloud said...

No. Not too much of these amazing creatures. Not at all.