Sunday 30 September 2018

Long Sault for lunch

It was quite the trip. Through  to Brockville. A good drive, rain on and off.
It was successful: We have new fishies! My big project, to decide on a warm enough day to bring the fish in. It's not fun playing in water on a cold day. I've made that mistake before.
It's a lot of work. It should be done on a sunny day. After a summer of drought, September has been nothing but rain! The photos are from 2016. The aquarium looks heartwarming in the dark days of winter!

To answer questions:
@Jean  –The bullfrog, and the other 20 frogs, will bury themselves in the mud once the water is cold. They have something like antifreeze in their systems to prevent them from dying. That said, if we have much of a freeze/thaw, it can kill them.
@Olga – It's true that fish grow to the size of their container. I'm not sure whether it limits their size half the year indoors! It's a good question.

There were lots of geese landing on the St. Lawrence River. They gather in the big waterways, until it's time to go further south.
We were 20 minutes from our destination of Cornwall.
Stratocumulus undulatus clouds!

It was packed! The staff were running like mad. We were originally at another table, and ended up moving away. I figured they'd be a loud group, which they were! There were two groups of six, as well as several couples. I poked my head into the kitchen and thanked the testy cooks for lunch. The server said she was staying out of there as much as possible!
The food wasn't as good as last time, or the times before. Ah well.

We have an municipal election coming on Oct. 22nd.

Hydro continues to work on repairs. They were big winds.

From there, to Cornwall

A defunct motel.

I loved the signage. "Swimsuit season is over...we have desserts."

Hallowe'en is coming?

We are happy to be in Canada. We shall not be travelling to the US. I cannot understand how the US Administration thinks that we would think that their dairy farmers livelihood would be more important than our farmers. Just sayin'.

Lots of construction.

We drove into one town, and stopped the car. You don't see this every day!!!

We were happy to be home. The fishies like the new pond. They come running when I feed them.

Saturday 29 September 2018

We have new fishies!

I'm using this day to post for Saturday's Critters #250.  I talked JB into a drive to Cornwall. Shirley 5 died last week. Shirley had a good life. She was a shubutkin.

I was down to 4 fish, and my calico is pretty old. I thought I might add to my population. It's a couple of hours there, and 154 km. What the heck. It's pretty late in the season, and we don't have a large fish store nearby.

To explain, one of the animal rescues we support is Bea Meadow Farm. Natalie has over 100 animals and has had a tough week. She's taken in a number of kittens, who have had some health issues. Her vet bills have been atrocious, despite multiple animal discounts, as we have with 3 cats!
At first, staff didn't want to be in the photo.
I noticed that one of the pet stores support her, and takes donations. Stacy's Pet Store also had some goldfish (koi) on sale. JB has been bugging me to go somewhere, why not there, where we could also make a donation? We bought 15 cans of kitty food for Bee Meadow Farm. It's not a lot, as we make other donations monthly. Natalie has a strong fan club who also send her items from her Amazon wish list!
Then, they gave in!
Off we went Wednesday morning. Another drive: to Brockville, to steam along highway #401. The bonus? We had lunch at one of our favourite places, Nauticus, in Long Sault. (More on that later!)

The funny thing was, on the way back, in Ritchies Feed Store, just outside Brockville, I found four more goldfish I could pop in the pond. It's about an hour closer. I bought them, too.

I like how the new fishies greeted them!

You'll notice when I put the bags in the pond, a frog hopped up on it.

I've noticed a bullfrog has moved into the goldfish pond. This is not good, as the pond freezes, and thaws, in our variable winter climate and weather. You can see how heavy he is, making the cedar sink!

Daisy was keen to see what I was up to. She took a walk around the pond and froggie after froggie, sitting on the edge of the pond, hopped in. It was funny. There must be about 20 in the pond now.

Soon, I shall have to bring the goldfish in for winter. I'm not quite ready, yet. I fill the 60 gallon tank from the well water, which is very cold, and needs several days to warm up. You can see the calico.

Friday 28 September 2018

Another drive: to Brockville

Wed., Sept. 26th

A lovely day to get out of the house and drive. It rained on and off all day! We were headed to Cornwall to buy some goldfish. It's a couple of hours there, and 154 km. What the heck.


The clouds were pretty, changing even as you watched.

My usual post in the drive-by photo!

Hubby loves these porches.

After our tornadoes, so many worked so hard!

It's Autumn!

An artist's studio.

I've never seen barriers with plexiglass in them! This is along the #401, intended to protect the houses from noise.

Don't you love these signs? They draw your attention away from the road, though! I'm just sayin'!

A heron rookery, which has done its duty for the summer.

Southeastern Ontario Farms... with a dairy industry that doesn't have hormones. Nothing personal, USA #45, but no, we don't need your dairy products, and no, we haven't "taken advantage of" you, and your goods and services. Minister Freeland is doing a fantastic job. "Competence and honesty, in our elected leaders, matters." she said to her conference of female foreign ministers.

Stratocumulus undulatus clouds.

I would love a swing set like this! It's beautiful!
From here, CR2, we went to Long Sault for lunch, then, finally, Cornwall.

Long Sault for lunch

A good drive, rain on and off.
It was successful: We have new fishies!