Monday, 30 April 2012

A party, a walk to view the owl's nest, wetland walk

Buster and I began the day with walkies in the meadow.

We were waiting for the kids to arrive!

Isabelle turns 2 next weekend. We had an early party in the country.

First, though, we took a walk to see the owl nest. Yup. The most photographed owls in Lanark County! We met a professional photographer, with a HUGE camera lens. She and hubby were watching the crows attack the owls. Momma draws the crows away from the chicks.

We had a chat with the ponies first.
The foal was born in February.

Owl chicks

I love the buds on the trees. Such a bright green!

Buster was keen to check the flicker out.

I showed Jofee the flicker's body.

Isabelle turns two next weekend. We had an early celebration at our place! Her cake was finger-lickin' good. She wouldn't let us take it away! "No. My cake!"

 After the party, time for a walk to the wetland island. Bridge building is a gr. 4 curriculum unit, last I looked! I did a video of our gr. 4 bridge work, when I taught a gr. 4/5 class!
She's making a bridge, just like Gramma!


Caitlin steadies the girls!

Four girls!
Jofee was lying on the grass

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Festival of the Maples, Perth, Ontario, 2012

Despite it being a bad year for syrup, it was a wonderful festival. Last year was warmer, but still sunny!
Big crowds. Sunny, if cold, day.
Friends of Murphy's Point Park had a great display. Lots of interested children.

The beaver pelt is the most amazing. Turtle shell, mink skull, snake skin, and snapping turtle skull.

Alida, a newer park interpreter, is fabulous with young kids and her artifacts.

Linda, a high school math teacher, excels at working with the young kids!

Face painting, volunteer firefighters, police equipment, Sparky,  sheep shearing, antique cars, young people having fun (not needing rescue), pony rideclowns making balloon animals, dancing to the music of the Nepean Panharmonic Steel Band.

Despite it being a bad year for syrup and sap, the place was packed. Gore street is shut down and we have visitors galore. You may well ask: I hoisted my camera over my head and hoped for the best!


Photos: including the kid's rides, EMS crews, our volunteer firefighters (BBDE).

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Owl chicks have hatched!

On a dark, cold April afternoon (5 C.!), after 6 p.m., I headed out to attempt photos of the chicks.
It is tricky, between the tree buds, and the height, to get them in focus.
Trial and error. A tripod might have helped, but hindsight is 20/20, and I wear progressives!
Alida, at Murphy's Point Park tells me they are called owlets!

At this point, a car approached and instead of scowling at me,
she turned to look at the car!
 I chatted with the car occupants, neighbours I'd never met! He and I have the same camera!
Momma took off to find prey, figuring we were babysitting, or something!
The chicks sat and peeped. The one opened its beak widely from time to time.

 Here was Mama in March!

Birds, buds, bugs, bunnies, blooms

I'm faster than you are!
You takin' my photo?
Got a better peanut
These are all photos from this month, April. I cannot believe how warm we have been. It has turned cold and my feathered friends and flowers seem to be surviving.
Horse chestnut, buds just bursting,
practically drip sap

While there are many places to view live webcams, I enjoy trying to capture these critters with my amateur camera! Thank you for visiting!
female purple finch

one bleeding heart has bloomed
Foreground: trillium

trout lily (yellow)
Dutchman's breeches

phoebe on sap line


Purple finch & junco


Goldfinches turn to olive in winter. Spring is here, and they are like yellow flowers, that gather in our trees nibbling on buds.
Four of them in my cherry tree

two boys - amongst lilac leaves and buds!

a boy and girl!

white crowned sparrow
cotton tail bunny -  AKA -Labbit!

lilac buds!
This bug
sat on the wall!

cabbage moth on violets
wasp on wall!
Camera Critters Meme post #212