Monday 31 August 2020

The storm on Saturday

 I noticed our doe and fawn were back. 

I took a video of them. They were cleaning up the weeds nicely!

Fawn and doe 1 from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

I divided the video in two. I'm fascinated watching them. As I taped this, the storm rolled in. The poor fawn wasn't sure what was up. Momma just kept eating. This ain't her first rodeo!

Fawn and thunder from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

Off it went, to join momma on the front lawn again.

The goldfish pond was quite full, from the runoff from the rain barrel.

On the back deck, I moved a pillow so it wouldn't get wet. The tree frog was hiding there!

It was a heavy storm.

Even the downspouts were back up. With this kind of rain, we cannot use those leaf guards wouldn't work. 

I thought this artistic, the rain was so heavy on the coffee table, the drops were bouncing.

There are many who can capture lightning bolts. I am not one of them. I videotaped the storm and hoped for a bolt. As is my luck, there was one bolt I saw, but it was just off-camera.

The storm rolled in and over us.

storm from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

It was a lot of rain in one day. Very unusual for us. Nearly 49mm, or 2".

And goodbye, August! The girls come for the week, again. We'll see what we can get up to.

Sunday 30 August 2020

Into town on Friday

This was our trip in to the hostage exchange Friday afternoon. 

The trees are beginning to change colour!

The plantings are at their peak!

These silly people stood their at the beginning of the crosswalk, discussing whether they should cross, wil another family were crossing. 

The town was packed.

I'm not sure what she was thinking! Cars scream around the corner!

I don't know what they are, but what a great garden.

It was somebody's birthday.

Saturday 29 August 2020

Gramma Camp – Friday

 We had a grand time Friday. Isabelle was determined to finish the wood. Part of one row had tumbled, and I went out to fix it. The girls joined me. Grampa began his walking circuit.

Ta Da! Last ones.

Jos driving from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

Jos drove the tractor into the shed and the girls closed the door. I had my shower, and we were done.
This is the wood left from last year, which is why I ordered just one cord.

Our next order of business was to pack to go home. It was too cold for swimming. The hostage exchange was for 1 p.m. Izzy threw her sock downstairs and it stuck. She was quite proud of herself and took photos.

We drove home, and I sat out back with my feet up, watching air traffic. I was curious about this beast.
I put it out on Social Media, and found the answer: "Contracted air support to the RCAF for training."

There were two more. There was a 4th, and I tried a video, but it was too far away.

National Research Council plane!

I sure am glad we got it all done. It was damp with dew, and today, Saturday, it's dumping rain!

The girls come back on Monday, and that'll be it for the summer. School for them, in OCDSB, was to begin Sept. 3rd, but the board wisely delayed it. The teachers hadn't been given class lists, and principals are still massaging them, now they no who will attend f2f and those, like our girls, who will be doing online schooling.

Friday 28 August 2020

Gramma Camp and the fawn

I am getting forgetful. I had all these photos on the camera. After dinner on Wednesday, we noticed a doe in the front yard. We all went to the window, and spotted the spotted fawn, as well. I went out for photos!

She began calmly eating the lilac tree.
I ventured outdoors for a closer look.

The wood is half done! It rained all day on Thursday. We didn't get any more done. 

The flowers look wonderful!

 Thursday was a cool, wet one. A big front from the northwest.

The day was a wet one. We stayed indoors. Jos and I played Uno. She creamed me! We all did some reading. 

In the afternoon, we watched Maze Runner: the Scorch TrialsWhoa! Don't watch it before bedtime. Josee is reading book 3, but this one is based on Book 2. Fortunately, it's not true to the book, and she couldn't tell us what was happening next. We keep saying she wouldn't make a good spy, she could never keep secrets. 

Grampa went out and fetched us pizza for dinner. He had leftovers. Poor man!

In the afternoon, we were watching our movie, when I saw a fox run across the view out the window. I grabbed the videocam, and we all ran to the back door. Jos opened it slowly, and there was the fox, right under the back deck. It bolted into the forest. Nutmeg was sleeping on the chair, so Jos snatched her up and brought her into the house. 

Fox on the run from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.