Thursday, 16 September 2021

Frogs and fountains

 First, let me vent. My MPP bragged that he voted without a mask. How can this happen at the polling station? It's not right. He was sent back to his car at a local store to get a mask. A Perth resident told me he wore a face shield in Ontario Parliament. 

"If Hillier entered the polling station he probably wore a face shield like he did when he had to vote in the legislature. He would never publicize that, none of the anti-maskers would admit to wearing a mask in some situations."

I found out how... and it ticks me off.

He'll retire with a great MPP's pension and continue to schill for the PPCs, a crazy right-wing party in Canada. They are fomenting anti-mask vitriol. No one is free, unless they live off-grid on 100 acres and don't drive, need healthcare, medication, or groceries. 

OK, back to our regular news. We've a sweet bird hanging about, freshening up in the fountain.

There is a time of year when one must wash one's windows. I'm nearing that sweet spot. The sun shines into the window in the afternoon. If it gets too cold, the cleaning fluid freezes on the window. Let's see how long I put this off!

I love the tree frogs. There were three on the corning of the railing.

 🐻SNUGGLE Bears – they are studying world geography! This globe was a Christmas gift for JB awhile back. I loves his maps.

Wednesday, 15 September 2021

Overnight storm

 Last night, a bit of a storm. I hope the critters fared well.  We had a decent 16.5 mm. This is for hubby, who asked how much rain!

As the storm crossed southern Ontario, there were increasing power outages.

It was impressive. I'm just sorry it took place overnight and we couldn't see it!

Sept. 11 – they visited Easter Island!

JB bought these on one of his last outings with his mother in Yorkville. They hold glasses. 

Tuesday, 14 September 2021

Onward Excalibur!

I could hear a plane going over and over. Running outdoors I found it and came back indoors to track it. This is trickier than it looks. I think I am getting better at it! Still not there, yet. Between my shakes (nerves), the sunshine, and my reading glasses!

airplane from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

Look at that track on Flight Radar! My curiosity is killing me.

I went to the other flight tracker, Flight Aware.

I looked it up on the plane register. it belongs to Xcalibur Aviation. Maybe Caitlin knows more about this!


How did your Sunday go?

I managed a photo of a doe with triplets. 

We just lost another fawn on the highway. It's taken me a few days to process the whole thing. Skim if you need to.

We could hear the traffic, and it was heavy all day. They pass one another, revving engines. It is discouraging. We lost one a fawn a month ago (The circle of life). This last time it was 11:14, Sunday morning. We could hear the screech of brakes, and the sound of the hit, from inside the house. They couldn't see a large doe and twin fawns and avoid them. 
"There is more to life than increasing its speed." 
-Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (1869-1948)

What is it with these people who travel well past the posted speed limit? Crikey. I went down to see if I could remove the fawn carcass, but I could not lift it. I rolled it farther down into the ditch. I was worried about my safety, as vehicles travel way too fast. It was Nov. 2020 when a Quebec driver hit a deer and rolled his car: Signage. His passengers ended up in hospital. That's when they put up signage after I'd asked for it several times, beginning in 2011: Roadkill - slow down

I came back to the back deck, a little upset and shell-shocked. I can still hear the whack from a small car hitting a large doe. I was in the forest in March, 2017, when I heard that incident: a buck (Cats, deer friends). His car had to be towed. This curve is where they cross the highway to habitat. Then there was the time Hooper was killed. It was 6 p.m., in the dark.  That sound haunts me still.  

OK, back to my tale. After I gave up on the new carcass, wishing the little spirit well. I went to the back deck to breathe deeply. In the backyard, there was a fawn, with the doe eating. I would assume that this is the mother doe and sibling. They know our yard is safe. Just to the left is the highway, they ambled up the hill to safety.

It lay down for a rest! They were here for about a half hour. 

Here is the momma.

fawn doe from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

JB went into town for groceries, as this point. He counted 6 carcasses of various critters (one was a raccoon kit) in 5 km. He saw a whole lot of motorcycles. They drove past here, at great speed, passing one another, mufflers cranking it up. Turns out they were on a ride to raise money for prostate cancer.  Seeing as he has prostate cancer, he thought it fitting to take photos. He asked to take photos, and they were quite pleased.

From JB's walk...

 🐻SNUGGLE Bears met a new friend.

Monday, 13 September 2021

Cats, forest walkies

The cats napped while we were away Thursday. They lobbied hard to go outdoors prior to departure. 

When we arrived home (1:30), I had to wake them up or they'd be out all night. 

I talked them into walkies, which became 'climbies!' He jumped to the trunk of a second tree, then came back down, just like a firefighter!

cat climbing from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

Nutmeg was ticked off being inside. She went after my new fan! How cat-like, pulling it onto the floor!

The next day...

Nutmeg and I ventured down the hill. I wasn't sure where Cinnamon was...

Cinnamon startled a half dozen grouse. No birds were harmed!

grouse from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

I spotted a plane. It disappeared in September clouds. I hustled back up to the laptop to see if I could figure out the cloud ceiling, but the plane didn't register on Flight Radar. Dang!

On through the rest of the forest...
Frogpond, all grown over.

Cinnamon trying to appear on the trailcam footage!

It looks like September!

 🐻SNUGGLE Bears had a race!