Monday, 22 July 2019

Stewart Park Festival 2019

It's tricky finding parking, we parked on the street. They were bridge jumping on the Beckwith bridge. Screams of delight. I did that as a kid, in Bala. Don't tell the kids, though!

They have crossing guards for us tourists. You can see why.

This lively band was playing up a storm at the festival entrance.

Stewart Park Festival from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

The booths are always interesting.

I chatted with Dagmar of Dagmar's Designs. She was almost a puddle in the heat. She is my go to person for complex sewing needs.

JB bought us a 🐥duck for the race.

The Table is a modern community food centre, formerly known as a food bank. They do far more than traditional food banks. We donate monthly to support them. They teach cooking, and all things nutrition.

There was a kids choir doing Beatles songs, The Academy of Musical Theatre. They were a bit pitchy, to my ear. They were having fun, though. For a free concert...

Stewart Park is a lovely spot. Aside from the fact that it was a humid 35 C. with heat warnings, it would have been wonderful. The St. John's ambulance peeps were there, assisting an older gentleman. I was feeling a bit woozy myself.

Then there was this atrocious family out with a cat, who was panting heavily. No dogs are allowed in the park during the festival. I was so shocked seeing the poor thing.

It's a beautiful venue.

They were running model power boats on the Tay River.

We went home, and put our feet up. It's been horrible. I don't know how people can work outdoors.

I'd filled my modest kiddie pool the day before. The water temperature was 7 C.!!!! That well water comes out cold. Saturday morning, it was 12 C., getting warmer. By the time we came home from the festival, it was 18 C. My personal assistant/caregiver brought me a cold drink with ice. I read my library book and cooled off. Who needs a vacation?!
My eyes are really bothering me, so it was a relief to relax. I was seeing double out of my left eye, so it is a bit frustrating.

Sunday, 21 July 2019

Almonte Hydro Dam

This has been an amazing project. You can see the development through my page here. I've watched it for years, they began working on the notion of the project in 2012. There was some controversy, Almonte Hydro Dam Progress. It's all up and running.

There are signs, showing the history of the railway bridge!

The rock is so interesting, as well as the architecture behind the dam.

Above, condos, below a restaurant.

The Mississippi River is a tributary of the Ottawa River. In 1910, they formed the Mississippi River Improvement Company (MRIC). The used to set levy tolls for users of the river: 17 businesses including flour, feed, textile and saw mills, as well as  a few hydro generating stations. By the 1980s, there were only four users. The rivers were major transportation routes in the good ol' days. During the early days of Perth, farmers were responsible for maintaining rough roads bordering their land.

Saturday, 20 July 2019

🎶🎶🎶It's a tropical heat wave!

We have a heat warning in southern Ontario. It's been awful. I've been taking it easy, doing some outdoor chores, and then putting my feet up. I aim for shoveling one wheelbarrow full of dirt a day.

This past week Nunavut, in Northern Canada, was hotter than Victoria, B.C.

There are heat warnings on both sides of the border. The red indicates where. Climate Change is a horrible thing. These extreme temperatures are killing people.

Red is right: he commented that I'd be very surprised to find a human on the trailcam. We live on 16 acres, surrounded by a wetland and bordered on west side by the highway.
I wear a red hoodie, to protect my arms, but it is so hot even in the early morning.

You'd have to be crazy to walk in my forest for no reason, though. The bugs are horrid, which is why we are blessed with so many song birds.  I popped out to check on the goldfish, and a deerfly began circling my head. Then another! A dragonfly flew over and began going after them near my head. It was amazing!

I've been taking the sticky paper, which I put on my cap, wrap it on a stick, and give it to the goldfish. They love it. They'll pick off those nasty deerflies.

She was so cute! I was watching from the window, and she 'mushed' the heron and made it spin. She was so proud of herself. Maybe she had an itch?!
deer from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

Meanwhile, down in the forest, don't blink!
coyote from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

The cedar waxwings have been amazing. There was a group of 5 on this tree. I focused on the one, you can hear them with their delicate peeping! One rises up, and the others follow, skooting through the trees as they dance in the air. So delighted to be air born!
cedar waxwing from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

Friday, 19 July 2019

Out to lunch in Almonte

Toronto had 60 mm of rain, and cars were trapped in water in an on ramp! Tropical Storm Barry brought southern Ontario some rain.

Flooding EB ramp to Islington. Cars are into the water. @Toronto_Fire here @StormhunterTWN @weathernetwork when the rain stops????
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We went off to lunch in Almonte, after JB did an extra shift dispatching Meals on Wheels. It was cloudy at home, but he said it'd be good patio weather in Almonte. The clouds were due to the remnants of Tropical Storm Barry. I noticed these carvings on the way to Almonte.

As we travel by all these fields you can see the huge piles of stones the pioneers gathered to make their fields useable. They used stone boats, back in the day, pulled by horses.

I love the colour!

As ever, there are people who are important and late for something.

It's awfully funny to catch up to them at the next light.
All these banners are such a distraction, don't you think?

There were quite a few seniors about, enjoying the amazing day.

Lunch on the patio. THIS is summer!

We thought we'd done well. However, this couple were cycling from Victoria and were on their way to Ottawa. They live in Fernie, B.C. What a trip.

Everyone was enjoying the patio!

We took a walk along the boardwalk.

On the way home, heavier clouds had moved in.We had about 8 mm rain while we were gone. We have a heat warning in this part of Canada. The rain was welcomed.