Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Crown and Pumpkin Art Tour 4

Crown and Pumpkin Art Tour 1
Crown and Pumpkin Art Tour 2
Crown and Pumpkin Art Tour 3

Crown and Pumpkin Art Tour  was on Thanksgiving Monday, Oct. 8. This is the finale! We began just outside Clayton, then headed downtown. I love the maps they publish for the tour, 'Not to scale!'  AKA created by artists...You can compare them.

The colours last such a short time. The sumac is amazing, and one of my favourites.

The Closs Fence is typical of the region, where shallow soil precludes deep footings. The Scottish settlers designed, and patented fences.

All this is in the pouring rain, by the way. We had a mild summer drought, so the rain is welcome.

With fall migration, the birdies are gathering in flocks. Most don't sit on the highway, though. That was funny. I'm not sure what they were.

With recent power outages, good to see Hydro working. We've had so many windstorms cutting power.

We weren't sure what was going on here.

We were toured out. Off we went to Almonte, for lunch at the pub. You'll notice the fun family behind JB. The kidlets were adorable. A dad was holding a 2-year-old, wearing the cutest shoes.

As I left the washroom, a white woman left, just before I did. Dad was showing kiddie the river out the window. She was chatting with the family. Then, I heard her say, "Enjoy your visit to Almonte!"
 Dad replied, "We live here!"
I snorted!

I have been watching and taking photos of the Enerdu dam rebuild over the years. There was much fearmongering, just like the dam rebuild in Bala (SIGH).

Almonte is a delightful town. It has lots of character, and many characters, lots of festivals, too.

On a slippery, wet day... someone, um, slipped.

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Growing old isn't for chumps!

Then, there is eye sight!
Both distance and reading glasses!
Old age isn't for chumps.

Seriously, I'm finding some of my blog buddies have had some health issues, so I know I'm not alone. A fall, caused by polypharmacy; a broken shoulder (poor Kay) and wrist (I love you, Yam!), complications from surgery (Furry Gnome). I am grateful for our universal healthcare, and how well the system has worked for us along our journey. JB has had 60 appointments for his cancer. He's doing well.

I loved giving computer workshops!

Yet, it's been a whirlwind. I've been working with a naturopathic physician to help improve some of my health issues. I have stress-triggered depression, anxiety and mild panic attacks. I had an issue in the summer that set me back. It's been chronic. Each time an event triggers it, I sink a bit deeper. Health issues in your 60s are different. Just sayin'!

Thank you, faithful readers, for your support. I think I'm on the right path.

I saw this on a Marilyn Denis talk show. It's simple in middle age, isn't it? pppfffttt There is nothing new here, but it is different for middle age. Life simply changes, and we have to change with it.

Diet, AKA Food and Nutrition

Firstly, 'diet' doesn't mean to diet, it means to watch what you are eating, quantity and quality. I found with menopause, my metabolism changed. The same foods, with the same calories, weren't the same as the good, old days.

I had some chronic digestive issues following some stress.  With my naturopath's support, I am strategically reducing my alcohol intake. The blood test she sent me for showed my intolerances to dairy (sheep, cow, goat), wheat, barley, egg whites, peas. Oh, the meals I've loved (archived below)!

Progress is spotty. I've cut out dairy, I took a couple of bricks of cheese , a stick of butter, and a carton of milk to my client! Dairy wasn't too difficult, as I never cook with it, since JB cannot have dairy, yeast or eggs. That was the first step. Wheat is the 2nd. The problem with cookbooks is many use wheat.

This one is on its way,
we shall see.

What do you do? April, 2017
JB has gone shopping and found me some oatmeal cereal, rice crackers, and some rice bread. The gluten-free movement has increased the availability of these products. The rice bread tastes like sawdust, though.

He found me some oat bagels, but my favourite topping on those was smoked salmon and cream cheese! (Deep sigh!)


tenosynovitus in my right foot

Retiring early, due to depression, didn't help. You're just not on your feet as much.

When I get on my feet, I strain muscles... usually in my legs or feet! Tenosynovitus and tendonitus. I have been using an elliptical machine, and that has been great. Walking any distance hurts my back. Being overweight hurts my knees. You really have to work hard at this.

Rest and Sleep

Chronic insomnia, and nightmares. What can I say?! At least I can sleep in. I listen to podcasts.

Reducing Stressors

JB's been managing his cancer, there are still times when I worry about my kids. The cats have proven to be highly needy!
Meditation doesn't work for me. Walks in the forest, AKA forest bathing, helps. I really enjoy that.


My naturopath gave me a B12 shot. I'm taking glucosamine and chondroitin for arthritis. Pills for high blood pressure. Antidepressants. Also, a women's over 50 vitamin, which is important, I think. So says Dr. Jenn, our naturopath. (JB sees her, as well.)

I'm not complaining, I'm just explaining. I can change my habits. It's a whole new ball game! Wish me luck.

Meals I have enjoyed!

Monday, 15 October 2018

Crown and Pumpkin Art Tour 3

Crown and Pumpkin Art Tour 1
Crown and Pumpkin Art Tour 2
Crown and Pumpkin Art Tour  was on Thanksgiving Monday, Oct. 8.

Here is the next part of the tour. Such an interesting house, built on a rock. These are right in the town.

This is an amazing location, about 7 km west of town. Auni Milne creates amazing art, as well as graphic design.
Welcome to Sumack Loft, the graphic design studio of Auni Milne, located on the outskirts of Ottawa, Ontario
I bought a set of three prints, individually mounted on wood, to hang not-sure-where, yet! Auni printed them on remnants from their old house.

They have a story. Auni and her wife were renovating, they weren't satisfied with the workmanship, and fired them. The pair brought in another company to renovate and, prior to documenting the shoddy work, their house burned down. They suspect arson, but had no proof. They rebuilt. It's an amazing house.

This is their chandelier!

As with many of the tour locations, there were several artists showing in the house. This artist is Liam Kelly. JB bought this for himself for his birthday, which is in November. He is notoriously difficult to buy for. Now we're good!
Liam is a student of philosophy and esoterics at Carleton.
Liam asked for a photo of it on the wall!

Down on to Floating Bridge Rd! This is a coffee company. They grind it on site. This is where it poured rain!