Sunday, 22 September 2019

Merrickville, for your dining pleasure

After the auction, we went to Merrickville for dinner.

Baldachin Inn and dining lounge

We went for a walk after dinner.

Down at the canal...
These cruises are a week for $2200 for one, double accommodation, including 3 meals/day & sightseeing. Not in our budget!

We went to the pub for a drink before the concert.

Saturday, 21 September 2019

Back to the auction!

I'm finding some fun with the online auctions. This one had a fair number of interesting objects. The most interesting were the three artillery helmets! They sold for about $180.

Furniture, (all kinds), Royal Doulton figures, Hummel figures, cranberry dishes, jewelry, etc.

A 29" long old wooden fire engine with firefighters and rubber wheels. We met the woman who bought it! Her husband is a volunteer firefighter.

A saphire bracelet ($350), as well as a dolphin pin $200?), encrusted with lovely gemstones.

I had my eye on a couple of things.

Off we went for the drive from home to Newboro (for distraction). My cataracts are giving me grief. I took a pill to relax me.

We went to Augusta, Ontario, to pick up my auction items, and then to Merrickville for dinner and a concert. (More on these later!)

I like coming up over a hill and seeing intersting things.

The fields are varied. This one has a pond of water in the middle, although the crops have been harvested.

To keep busy I was taking drive-by photos. This photo sort of demonstrates what my cataracts are doing to my vision. There is a glare. It's really irritating.

There is an election. It is obvious now.

And, at home, here is my prize!