Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Narrows Lock Road: swans!

Our otter trip gave us a bald eagle. We went off to Narrows Lock to see if we could see some more birds. On top of the Rideau Ferry bridge, I could see an ice fishing hut.

Here is the turn.

YES! It was a mild day, but it was REALLY cold in the middle of the lock area. The wind just whipped across that cold ice to the other end of the water.

The water rushes through from Westport, northeast through the Big Rideau.

There they were, 7 mute swans.

Monday, 24 February 2020

Rideau Ferry

At the risk of boring my readers, but letting hubby know where we have been, I split our otter hunting trip into two posts! We didn't see any otters, it is too early. I did spot an eagle working on a deer carcass. I think it might be time to replace my videocamera, but this is my evidence. This was a drive-by shooting, you see. It took off as soon as JB pulled the car to the side of the road.

At first, I thought it was a vulture, but the distinct white in the tail and the head gave it away. This is an archive photo!

The frozen lakes give people lots of pleasure. One has to embrace winter in these climes. Adoring the wetland and forests for the peace and quiet, I loathe the noise of the snow machines, but now we're not living beside a lake anymore, they are fewer and farther between.
This is what they would do on the frozen lake in Bala. They were off the trail, and I was happy to survive the experience.

Off to the pub for lunch.

The cold, cold patio! Soon we shall eat there again!

A beef skewer with cornbread! It was so good to get out of the house and go for a drive.

Blue skies, at last.

It's quite a culture.

After this, we went to the lake to see the ice fishing huts.
That's a big dog! I nearly slipped and fell on the icy conditions.

A father/daughter duo augering a hole.

Sunday, 23 February 2020

Otter Hunting Trip

First, though, we watched the teachers march in Perth. The first time in 20 years that all four groups are out. Short story: blame the amalgamation, and provincial bargaining tactics of Mike Harris back in the day. From collective agreements with individual boards, to agreements with all teachers across the province, parents and trustees lost the ability to make choices for their kids.

Now, our premier Ford, and crew, they are unilaterally cutting services, teachers and support staff. It is awful. Student needs are increasing. Gr. 2 kids throwing things, having meltdowns. There are so many more mental health issues, biopsychosocial issues, as well as physical needs of kids. 

We went river otter hunting. It's always hit and miss. To sight them, you need open river water. JB suggested Flinton/Myers Cave Rd., but it's an hour drive, and no guarantee that they will be there. I suggested we go to Code Road first. If that isn't good, it's likely we won't see any in the open water there.

The river in Port Elmsley is open in some spots, not others. I wasn't sure if we'd see anything.

Lots of traffic...in places.

Down to Code Drive. It was frozen tighter than... well, you can finish that off! That saved us a two-hour round trip drive to Flinton. We did see them here: March 22, 2018 – River Otters. We are early for open rivers, but keen to get out of the house.

JB turned the car around, waiting for me, and I notice we have a headlight out. 

We went to Smiths Falls for lunch. There is a bit of reconstruction going on. The main drag is dusty! The restaurant we headed for was closed, and we headed back to Rideau Ferry.

They are building, too. I checked Google to see what was here before.

This is last year. 
Work is being done this year!