Monday, 25 March 2019

More walkies!

This wasn't a walk, it was a drive. I wanted to go visit my canoe on the way home from my hair appointment!

You can see the frozen lake, and my green canoe waiting for me.

The blue barn, happy in the sun.

It is becoming a little easier to walk. The garden rocks are now visible.

The snow reveals our visitors.

Hooper and I fetched the trailcam SD cards.

Hooper managed to get up on the roof of the shed.

He used the trellis as a ladder.

I'll miss the snow, in a way. It tells a story. Butch raccoon is up and about, and hungry! You can compare them with Hooper's tracks.

I managed to use the crowbar to free these logs from the melted snow. Good thing. There has been a curling tournament on. I'm trying to keep JB cozy in the basement.

More snow overnight, just a couple of cm. A frigid night, too.

Sunday, 24 March 2019

Hooper went to the vet!

Hooper had his annual visit Friday morning. He cried in the car all the way there, more softly on the way home.
Hubby took his little camera.

He's gone from 7 lbs. to 8. He's in good shape. He was out all night in - 5 C. the other day. The vet was pleased with his condition. Our harlequin tabby.

The camera isn't quick enough to capture his leaps from here to there, but you get the idea.

"No, don't take my photo!"

We brought him home. He camped out in the caterpillar all day. We sat to watch a video at 7 p.m., and he hauled himself upstairs to sit on my lap. From there, I popped him on the bed, and he didn't budge all night. He's pretty whacked out by the annual drugs; rabies, FVR, Panleukopenia, Chlamydia, Milbemax (deworming). Plus, we bought Bravecto for both cats, as flea and tick season starts shortly. All told, $350. It's only money.

Saturday morning, hubby got him up, and he's eating some dry food. It all hit him really hard! He went back to bed until 4 p.m. I've never seen him so quiet!

For those so inclined, an update on the Bala Falls Hydro Project, The rhetoric and lobbying is ridiculous. It's well on its way to completion, after 10 years, and there are those spreading lies (Save The Bala Falls clan), still. The shop, a rental in a horribly aging building, moss on the roof, is angry.

I get that, but rather than protest he'll could make other plans. Even Doug Ford didn't fulfill his campaign promise to stop it!

Then, my local weather reports❄️MARCH 🍀.

Saturday, 23 March 2019

turkeys, coyote, wood ducks

Well, that was a shock. Overnight we had a sudden blizzardy storm. Not too much snow, but it is cold.

I spotted my first red wing!

The temperatures have been up and down. Soon the ducks will return, and we can expect some critters on the frog pond. I am giddy with anticipation. Here is some foreshadowing.
June 2, 2017
On my walk the other day, I looked into the three wood duck nesting boxes.  Mice friends set up house in one of them. 

I did not take out the duck down, or the empty shells last fall. They need a clean out, and I have to put clean shavings in.

The trailcams have revealed the usual suspects. Wild turkeys and deer. A few days ago, March 20, we had sunshine. The turkeys are so pretty. This is a video montage of their photo antics.

There were a pair of coyotes in the dark at 1 a.m. A lousy shot in the snowy, moist night.

Soon, I can expect them to mug for the trailcam.

We went to dinner on the lake. Friday night, date night.
The blizzard was just beginning. Our server has a good heart, and wanted to bring the swans in to sit by the fire!

I think a beaver or muskrat.

Home again... the driveway has melted, for the most part.
 The sun warms the white pine, and the pine tree embraced it, giving warm hugs.

Saturday's Critters #275