Friday, 25 May 2018

1. We went to visit the in-laws!

This was an adventure. We aimed for Chesterville, then drove to Long Sault, then back through Crysler.

We arrived at the cemetery, and a blue heron floated over my head!

This I spotted in Chesterville. I haven't figured out what it is. Next time...

A lovely, sunny day. A man was cutting the grass. The stones haven't moved, this was good. JB always goes to check them.

The cemetery dates one stone that represents a child in 1819.

The fruit trees are in blossom.

There is a robin's nest in here somewhere.

Thursday, 24 May 2018

backyard tails, lawns, and health risks

We love our backyard visitors. We know we have grubs. Our lawn isn't that important to us. There are many who spend hours pruning their lawns for dandelions.
CBC has done a good piece on this. Our Federal government regulates toxic chemicals used in these products. Ontario further regulates products, as do 5 other provinces.  David Suzuki has done a report. Read the full Suzuki Foundation report  (PDF)  

For more information on what's banned...
Class 9 pesticides are banned for cosmetic purposes because they may pose an unnecessary risk to human health, particularly children’s health.
Grubex is banned in Ontario, yet people are smuggling it across the border.
In a Lowes store in the US, There is a $5000 fine in Ogdensburg for decanting pesticides. (This is the closest border crossing to Ottawa.) People are doing it. They find empty pesticide containers in the ditches.
Sure enough, out in the parking lot of the very same Lowes, William Mallette of Brockville, Ont., was just finishing a bi-weekly shopping trip to the U.S. Mallette admitted to buying banned chemicals for his yard. He uses herbicides to kill weeds around the border of his lawn, applying them at night when no one can see him.
CBC Ottawa radio did a report this morning. One guy tried to bring a truck full of Grubex across the border only to be turned back. He wasn't fined, but returned it to the store. It is simply shocking. These products cause cancer. 

Ottawans are heading to NY State to buy pesticides that are banned here, but legal there. An organic farmer with a part-time job at a garden centre in Ogdensburg blows the whistle on @ottawamorning
— Hallie Cotnam (@HallieCBC) May 24, 2018

 Hubby was in the store looking for something for our apple trees. Another gentleman was told a product he was trying to buy was banned. He asked, "Well, where else can I buy it?" The clerk suggested a nursery. Professionals can still use these products, as they know how to properly handle them.

How To Care For a Lawn

It is important to understand how to take care of lawns in 2018. People have to leave them longer to let the roots grow strong. This helps them fight the grubs. If you have grubs, you can use a biologic nematodes, which kills them in the fall.

How to get rid of grubs in lawn naturally
  1. Let your lawn grow longer than 10cm/ 4"...
  2. Check for grubs. ...
  3. Use beneficial nematodes to get rid of any type of grub. ...
  4. Seed and fertilize your lawn in the fall. ...
  5. Don't overwater.
These are the critters we see on our lawn. The bees love the dandelions. I cannot imagine putting chemicals on it.

We see many beautiful wildflowers on the lawn over the spring.

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Sunday Blues

The Waterfront Gastropub has Blues music every Sunday afternoon. Off we went to Carleton Place, just for fun.  Hubby suggested we go for dinner! Such a glorious day.
The music Sunday afternoons by Barry Buse and the Redneck Limousine.
I guess I should have said, it's pretty good food, and more than just pub food.  Generous portions and a nice variety.

Some folks were dancing! It was so much fun!

Back at home, as dusk settles in, there were bunnies on the trailcam!