Saturday, 23 March 2019

turkeys, coyote, wood ducks

Well, that was a shock. Overnight we had a sudden blizzardy storm. Not too much snow, but it is cold.

I spotted my first red wing!

The temperatures have been up and down. Soon the ducks will return, and we can expect some critters on the frog pond. I am giddy with anticipation. Here is some foreshadowing.
June 2, 2017
On my walk the other day, I looked into the three wood duck nesting boxes.  Mice friends set up house in one of them. 

I did not take out the duck down, or the empty shells last fall. They need a clean out, and I have to put clean shavings in.

The trailcams have revealed the usual suspects. Wild turkeys and deer. A few days ago, March 20, we had sunshine. The turkeys are so pretty. This is a video montage of their photo antics.

There were a pair of coyotes in the dark at 1 a.m. A lousy shot in the snowy, moist night.

Soon, I can expect them to mug for the trailcam.

We went to dinner on the lake. Friday night, date night.
The blizzard was just beginning. Our server has a good heart, and wanted to bring the swans in to sit by the fire!

I think a beaver or muskrat.

Home again... the driveway has melted, for the most part.
 The sun warms the white pine, and the pine tree embraced it, giving warm hugs.

Saturday's Critters #275

Friday, 22 March 2019

Yard walkies

We went to Code Dr. to look for critters Monday, March 18. Only some blackbirds and a couple of ducks who flew by. It was really frozen!

After we got back on the road, JB noticed a lone goose up on a beaver or muskrat house. Lousy light conditions, but you get the picture!

canada goose from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

Wednesday, March 20

We saw more critters in our yard than on the road.

Hooper was watched by the deer! The cats sit on the fence and watch for the mice that appear under the fence rails, where the snow has melted in the heat from the sun.
Hooper 3 from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

It was warm Wednesday. We'd gone into the city for  Lunch in Nepean with Aunt B. When we arrived home, we went walkies. The snow is pretty deep in Ottawa. Here, we have much less snow cover.

Deep in the forest, you can see how the snow melts around the base of the trees. This is good for the birds that will migrate back to our neck of the woods.

The brown creeper, for example, can be spotted in early spring. This one is from 4 years ago.
Brown creeper from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

I toddled down to the frozen frog pond.

Soon it will look like this! OK, soonish...

The frog pond!

There is so much water you cannot see the dock! I built it in 2015. [Dock on the frog pond]

The sun warms the the trees and melts the snow around the tree where the bugs nest over winter.

JB went out for a walk, too.

Annabelle came outside on the deck with me. Can you see her outside the Muskoka Room?

Thursday, 21 March 2019

Lunch in Nepean

We went into Nepean to have lunch with JB's Aunt B. On the way I spotted what could be a new toy. It has triangular wheels. I could navigate all around our forest on this. It climbed up this snowbank! Yee haw!

Also, on the way there was an OPP vehicle. It was funny watching people roar up beside us, pass, then watch their speed. Highway #7 is wicked for speed. It's 80 km/hour, but people go much faster. A truck trailer had just passes this truck trailer, and then the OPP vehicle mosied up behind it.

The snow fences are still up, and rightly so.

The lakes and rivers are slowly melting. There are geese on the ice flow. This is a drive-by shooting, so you cannot see them well. They are there, though!

Lots of geese in this snowy field. Just so you get the picture, it was a drive-by shooting.

Farther along, the three white cars passed the OPP vehicle. Then hovered. The truck in front of us, and behind the OPP, stayed put it, as we did.

Then, an ambulance, lights flashing. On 417, with four lanes, it sailed by. A troubled soul, safe in the arms of the paramedics, on their way to be cared for in hospital.

This takes me back, a day care class going walkies.

We were shocked with the snow banks in Ottawa!

This is our old house. We moved here from Toronto in 1980.

Someone needs a new roof! I couldn't do this work, could you?

There is a bit of snow!

Aunt B has some lovely plants. She gave me the plant that the tree frogs like. (I put it outside in the summer.) She has a green thumb, as well as five children. They lived all over the world, as Uncle B was in the military.

Aunt B has a lot of grandkids and several great grands. She's lived in her bungalow since 1966.

We ordered lunch in, it wasn't great, but there you go. As we left the snow was quite awesome.

Construction everywhere. It looks like an extension of Hunt Club Rd., as well as Richmond Rd.

I'm always amazed by how soon we are suddenly into rural territory.

Back in Perth, this home has a wonderful garden. I am looking forward to seeing it bloom. Lots of homes in Perth have been converted to apartments, this one doesn't appear to. They are often at work in the garden.

Home, and safe. Annie was happy to get outdoors in the sun. I wore shoes today, for the first time this year. The sidewalks are clear. Today, we expect rain on top of the snow, and warmer temperatures. We shall see what we get!