Thursday 30 June 2016

June weather conditions

June 30th 2016

I'm hoping for more rain next month.

Issued June 30, 2016: Watershed Conditions Statement — Drought Conditions Continues at Moderate
June 30, 2016 –  The precipitation indicator for Moderate Drought of 60% of normal was reached last Sunday. Rainfall since then has had a minimal impact and conditions remain very dry.

Flows in the Rideau River at Ottawa are at 25% of normal for the time of year. Two of the major tributary streams, Jock River and Kemptville Creek, are both flowing at about 6% of normal. The Tay River is in relatively better shape benefitting from outflow from Bobs Lake, one of the Rideau Canal reservoir lakes. Smaller streams are intermittent or dry and aquatic habitat is compromised for all species.
The Drought Thresholds are:
-        Minor: 80% of Normal Precipitation for 540 day and/or 90 day precipitation totals
-        Moderate: 60% of Normal Precipitation for 540, 90 and/or 30 day precipitation totals
-        Severe: 40% of Normal Precipitation for 540, 90 and/or 30 day precipitation totals

June 29th

Just a bit early this morning, but welcomed!

June 28th

Overnight, a wee drop of rain. Quite welcomed. Still down by 2/3 for the month.

June 27

I was hopeful, but not confident. We did end up with 8mm, which is far better than none. We should have had about 160mm this month.

June 23

(WCS - 15/2016)
June 23, 2016 –  With no rain until Monday in weather forecasts, it is expected that the drought status for the Rideau River watershed will pass the threshold from Minor to Moderate Severity by Sunday. The amount of rain forecast for Monday will do little to reverse the trend of deepening drought.

Flows in the Rideau River at Ottawa are 15% of normal for the time of year. Larger tributary streams are about 6% of normal and many small streams are intermittent or dry. Aquatic habitat is becoming limited for all species.

June 20th

Storms: despite all these warnings, we only had 1mm (0.04") of rain.


10% reduction in water consumption…

June 17th 

RVCA Reports that we are back to Mild Drought Conditions.
Streamflows increased to about 50% of normal after the June 5 rain but have declined again to about 15% of normal for the time of year. The Tay looks as if it is September. At the beginning of the month we had orange: Moderately Severe Drought.

Tips — How to Conserve Water
(click to read lots more about saving water in the house.) 
In the yard
  • Don't water lawns and gardens when a municipal water shortage warning is in effect.
  • If you must water, only water gardens and lawns once a week, no more than one inch in total, including rain.
  • Avoid watering on windy days.
  • Water your lawn and plants in the morning — evaporation occurs at a slower rate than if you watered in the hot sun.
  • Cut grass less frequently.
  • Cut grass higher it reduces evaporation and increases moisture.
  • Compost your food leftovers and leaves — add compost to lawns and gardens
  • Leave grass clippings on the lawn, they help retain moisture.
  • Collect and use rainwater for your lawn and gardens — it's free and better for your plants than municipally supplied water or well water. Consider buying a rain barrel.
  • Fix that leaking hose and dripping nozzle.
  • Plant drought resistant plants — convert your lawns to low-care perennials.
  • Plant more trees around your house to reduce energy needs.

Interested in Ottawa River water levels? Visit

June 16

We have cloud cover, but unlikely we get rain here in SE Ontario!

June 15th

After our big storm last week, hopefully rain tonight.

June 11

June 9th

It's darned cold and cloudy!!!! Not as cold as in 1980...

June 8th

Pretty cool today. We've had a goodly amount of rain, however. 
48.2 F.

This bodes well.

June 7th

Big, puffy storm clouds, sun, and rain!

June 5th

Rain!!!!!!!!!!!!! 16 C. and lots of wonderful clouds bringing more rain. Happy dance!  We had 21.336 mm!

June 4

Still no rain. Maybe tomorrow, Sunday. 
Issued June 3, 2016 — Watershed Conditions Statement: Drought Condition Deepens

June 3, 2016 – With little effective rainfall on the Rideau watershed for the last two months, the drought status is now moderately severe.

June 2nd

So far, not so good. It just missed us. So far, 0.254mm not even 0.01"

I hope June brings some rain...

Life and death is reality in the country

First something got into the wood duck nest box and ate 6 of 8 eggs down by the frogpond. I think they were already dead and abandoned. There were ants in the wood chips, as well. I brought the last two eggs up to the house, and the raccoons ate them, as well as the dead cowbird egg. This was before they ended up in my bedroom, though the cat doors.

Then there is the frogpond. It is a vernal pond, from meltwater, mostly, however, it lasts into early summer. In a normal summer. You can see the trenches from the muskrat family, momma and 6 babes, where they came and went. Also, where they dug into the bank for a home. They have gone to find more water. I imagine they will be back in spring!
There is lots of death here, but the raccoons have been cleaning up the fish, as well.

We were so busy tootling around with Yam, I hadn't checked the frog pond. It is, sadly, done for the season. Just a few Ale Wives flopping in the muck. The frogs have gone. The tadpoles, the bullfrogs overwinter for a season, will likely hunker down in the muck and estivate.

I've had to fill the goldfish pond. The evaporation is awful. Froggie sits in the splash. We've had some rain, not a lot. Just a few mm here and there. It is better than nothing.

They are laying new eggs in the mason bee house. They will hatch next spring.

Bambi is on hosta #6! I don't mind, as she is a skinny little runt.

Wednesday 29 June 2016

3. Yam's Visit to Southeastern Ontario: Thursday

It's taken me some time to organize these! I had some other obligations, as well. My overview, hubby designed us a great tourist trip over three days: a good guide guide!

Yam arrived in Ottawa Tuesday, the 21st, I covered our Wednesday trip. Here is our road warrior Thursday action! I have mass loaded most of the photos -not wanting to bore you I've parsed them into smaller posts, you'll forgive my binge uploading. We had so much fun with my dear friend.

Jenn & Yam in Kingston
a colourful pair!


86 km –Perth to Lombardy, to Inverary (Ontario!), Kingston, lunch at the Holiday Inn at the wharf, then around the Fort and Gananonque.

Yam wanted a photo of Inverary for her Da, as there is one in Scotland. The store, as is the way for many small towns, is closed. Big business, and CheapMart box stores, triumph again. The landscape looks very much like Scotland, Yam tells me. When the settlers arrived in the 1800s, they must have been hopeful. Of course, lots of cows, and Yam identified each and every breed! I don't have a clue!

Traipsing around Kingston. Hubby attended Queens University, so we dipsy-doodled around there. The Isabel Bader Centre (we'd visited it before), affiliated with Queens University, is a lovely building. Yam enjoys architecture, as well! Their sports team bus was there, and a buffet was being prepared.

Lunch at the Holiday Inn, where we have gone for wedding anniversaries!

Wolfe Island Ferry, where we've gone owl hunting!

Of course, there is Tragically Hip Way, the street. 'The Hip' are retiring this year. Their leader, Gord Downie, has terminal cancer. They will be broadcasting their last performance on CBC TV.

In Kingston we drove around Fort Henry. Lots of good-looking young people, and candidate tours. JB and Yam debated the names of the artillery on the grounds. (I kid you not!) I just looked pretty (or tried) and took photos!

56 km –Kingston to Ganonoque, to Rockport Marina. What's not to love about water and boats in summer?

23 km –Rockport back to Ganonoque. Yes, I fail as a navigator, it's not the return route we'd planned!
71 km –Ganonoque to home, Perth.