Wednesday 31 July 2019

So, they ask, What's up?

As I mentioned, my computer is in the shop. A battery recall. We drove an hour to Kingston...

I was really shocked. The Apple store had the A/C going full tilt boogie, and the doors wide open.

I gave up, knowing I won't get my computer until they shipped a new battery to Kingston. It was crazy driving, but not as bad as Ottawa!

You notice it is green.... Take your time, hun!

We managed a seat on our patio, here at the hotel.

This arse had been biking. He hogged the only empty table with an umbrella overhead and a view. He spread his smelly socks and headband on the chair.

Even a duck was enjoying the fountain.

JB got himself some chocolate non-dairy stuff!!

Lots enjoying the view! 😹

Busy, ambulances, too.

Rocks for rock girl.

Momma has doen well!

We made it to our turn, and found there was an incident.
Up to 7 people injured in collision south of Smiths Falls: OPP
One man is charged with careless driving in an incident with SIX cars. It is scary out there.

Tuesday 30 July 2019

On the road to: Kingston

I am making progress. I've reset all my passwords, opened apps on the old iPad, and then took over JB's computer to process photos. argh.
After the recall on my computer, we had to drive to Kingston to get the fix. I like Kingston for the rocks!

Of course, there was repaving and reconstruction being done...

It was painfully slow, max 60 km/hr. No construction was being done, though. Go figger.

Through Westport.

I did a screen grab, as this house had a fire, and now it is gone!

Of course, the screen gab from Google has a repair crew in the middle of it! This is a house belonging to The Cove Inn, the fire was in January.

It is tricky driving in cottage towns! Wide load!

Check out he vanity plate...

I love the lakes...

Summertime and the livin's easy!

Rocks, and lilies, for Rock Girl!

This is where the volunteer firefighters fill up their trucks, that white well pump.

Check out the miniature Muskoka chairs and swing!


This is crazy. On the phone crossing when there are so many vulnerable road user incidents.

Anyway, our next stop, the Apple Store!