Thursday 31 August 2023

🍄 It's mushroom and fungus season!

I like the changing seasons. One of the signs I like to see are the mushrooms, fungus and toadstools. I asked Cinnamon if he wanted Walkies. He did! He knows the word, you see, and gets ready to go.

He did stop to 'powder his nose!'
Next, up a tree. Everything is still green and leafy. For now!

I can see where the pileated woodpecker has been busy.

He wasn't much help finding any, but that is OK. I love the variety. I don't understand why some are brightly coloured, others white, yet others a beige. 
The blue ones were a surprise. I think. Or maybe I should check out last year's crop. I am getting old and forgetful! 😏 (UPDATE: YAM tells me it is: Blue Roundhead, one of the Agaricus group.)

Many colours, shapes, and sizes.

🧚 It's as if fairies sprinkled them along the ground.

mushrooms in the forest from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

Wednesday 30 August 2023

Garbage day, and flowers

 Things are quiet at home. Quiet is good! Sunny skies are heartwarming. Lots of people are out enjoying the weather, those who aren't facing wildfires, drought, or hurricanes. It is horrific for many folks. 

Monday morning is garbage day on our road. I got dressed, and headed out with our container. I always take my camera. This is what I found. The garbage was quietly scattered, as if flung from a vehicle. Usually the critters get into it.

I went back inside to have my morning coffee ,and back out armed with gloves and a bag, and cleaned it up. This has happened before. Tourists staying at a cottage, or camping, don't want to take their garbage home, they dump it on someone's driveway, or chuck it out their window. Any garbage is susceptible to the critters: skunks, raccoons, coyotes, crows. They all go after it. 

I think, based on what I found, it was a trucker. There were several fast food containers and receipts. A cash receipt from a hardware store, as well. There was a blue and white medical pad you place under incontinent persons – right under our mailbox. Also, lots of unused paper napkins. Some people are pigs.

OK, back to nature. Seeing as it is the end of the growing season, for the most part, here were the Angel's Trumpet July 17th compared to Aug. 25th.

This is so pretty!

The potato ivy was a lovely deep purple last week. This week, it is more green.

The dinner plate hibiscus I had to tie up. They were waving back and forth in the wind,  and it seemed prudent. They are as tall as me, well, that is average, but you know what I mean! I was so proud of gathering the energy to do some work. 

We had 16 mm rain in the early hours today. There was a thunder storm around 1:30 a.m., and Cinnamon didn't like it. He came into bed with me, watching the lightning flashes out the window. It has been a rainy month, for the most part. Not a lot, but a little over many days. I even watered the day before!

No good deed goes unpunished. It was a foggy morning and the hibiscus were leaning drunkenly.

It was a pretty touch.