Sunday, 12 August 2018

Hooper, Ronnie Hawkins, Paris!

It started off a normal day. Hangry, then sleepy cats... This boy can sleep!

I'm still wrestling with some health stuff, thank you for your kind words. I cooked up some fajitas with our leftover steak. They were messy but good. Hubby, ever the shopper, brought home some roses and rented me a movie, as he's been addicted to tennis! 

I did Facetime with my son in Vancouver (-3 hour time difference), just home from two-weeks capling with his family. And Facetime with my daughter when they were in Singapore (6+ hours time difference). It's tricky!!! It's wonderful to talk to them. 

The day started out quietly, which is just the way I like it. I've been checking the goldfish pond, as I've spotted a garter snake. I watched it all day, and it doesn't seem inclined to go IN the water. The 23 froggies seem OK for now. More on snakey tomorrow!

Out in the backyard I heard the goldfinches raising a ruckus. Here is why! Bob'll-know, of Gilligalou, tells me it's a juvenile Cooper's Hawk. That's what JB calls him. Bob always knows his birds!

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 it would appear to be a classic example of a juvenile Coopers Hawk. Mostly because of the chest streaks which fade away towards the belly, the tail feather appear to be fan like or gradual in length?, hard to see? Also if you look at the side of the head/neck , it has the tawny wash look, the sharpe shin would be brownish flowing into the shoulder as the same colour. , thanks for sharing

The photos were tricky, with the dark background. The videocamera seemed to do a better job with the colour. Anyway, it is evidence!

It sat there for a long time. I have a full minute of video, but it took too long to load and I don't want to bore you! It moved to a second tree, then leapt into the air, flew overhead twice, and took off for the day.
Ronnie is back from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

And the kids...

They are taking a 5-week trip, on reward points. I'm having a blast curating photos for the book I'm making for them. Old dog, newish tricks. You know, in the old days we'd create photo albums, but that is time consuming for a busy family. They are all taking turns on their blog, posting thoughts and commentaries and videos. It's fun seeing them in action. I've organized the photos electronically, then upload them into a photobook. It's creative and fun and I enjoy it.

I will go back in time. This is such an iconic sight, or site! 


Kay said...

That sounds wonderful. What company do you use for your photo book? I’m used Costco and Sam’s Club which is OK, but not perfect.

Peace Thyme said...

That Coopers Hawk is amazing! So beautiful and so useful in nature.
Your kids look like they are really enjoying a trip of a lifetime!

Karen said...

We have a juvenile Coopers hawk around the back yard too. It has been entertaining us. It is very vocal.

Nancy J said...

I am so thankful we do not have snakes down here. The trip, I hope they have the stamina to keep up with all those time zone changes.What a holiday, and the book will be a wonderful memory for them. Hooper, you look so comfy there.

Christine said...

Sorry to learn you have not been well Jenn, keep us posted. That is some trip your family is on.

Red said...

I would like to see those nagging health problems solved. Things can drag you down and quality of life is less.

Red said...

Since I like the Rockin Ronnie Hawkins , I was disappointed not to find him in this post.!!!

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

What a wonderful trip your family is taking, and you are there virtually.

Lowcarb team member said...

Sorry to read you have not been well, thinking of you and sending my good wishes.

All the best Jan

RedPat said...

Coopers Hawks took up residence in our local (small) park a few years ago and there were suddenly no squirrels and very few small birds around. The whole neighborhood watched the babies as they learned to fly!

William Kendall said...

Hooper looks way too relaxed.