Monday 20 August 2007

water, water...nowhere

It is very sad. The water levels on the lake are quite low. It began with low levels in the Spring. The run-off was early, everything melted too soon. The frog pond is drying up. The small bushes in the forest droop from lack of moisture. Still, the tourists build fires.
The poor juvenile snapping turtle's feet touch bottom in the pond

.IMG_2520.JPG The rocks are now quite bare!

Monday 6 August 2007

Animals by the shore

We never fail to be amused by the wildlife around us. Did he not care that we sat there on the shore? Perhaps he is ignorant of us. He obviously did not see my telephoto lens until later, when he did a double take as they took off for parts unknown. Our little lake cannot handle such citiots. The speed boats cross the lake in 5 seconds, the canoes and gentle folks, as much as the wildlife are affected.







IMG_3020.JPG The lake is very busy this weekend.

Friday 3 August 2007

Cottage Friends

What a thrill to have visitors again. We have the energy to entertain. In another act of love I have had a sign created for the cottage: “Long Lake – PARADISIUM”. This is something I saw some evidence of in dad’s basement. The Latin for paradise. I had ordered it in green, mom’s favourite colour. Along with that, I have put several hand towels and other things from my friend’s store into the cottage. In green. It is a blessing to have the children visiting. While we are making the house our home, we are putting some of my parent’s things into the cottage. We still must put their ashes somewhere.

Caitlin and Jean-Luc are our visitors. Things have come full circle. From the time that we could not move a stick of furniture in the cottage - to now upholding the family cottage legacy. I wonder if we can keep this house in the family and if our kids will want it in the future, once we are no longer able to maintain it. Time will tell.

We once saw a terrific play in Ottawa. It was all about having to sell the family cottage. It flew back in time and showed the kids trying to improve some of the cottage facilities: outhouse, plumbing and electrical features. Our shrine to 1960 has become a little more modern with new furniture. We shall see if it becomes a shrine to 2007 as we make an effort to update it.