I begin my day working out, get hooked on a movie, and tape it to watch later. It's a wonderful hobby for me, in my situation. I could watch CBCNN, or CTV news, or CNN, but more often than not they repeat and it is often gruesome. You can only listen to so much bad news all day.

With the actors and writers strikes, we've been exploring Amazon Prime. Some have ubiquitous gore, and we didn't get beyond the first few minutes in some of them. All one can do is try them, I guess. JB has a master list, and he searches while I am otherwise occupied.

AMAZON Prime TV shows & movies 🎥 

  1. Above Suspicion
  2. Agatha Raisin
  3. Alibi (UK) Three episodes. Good thriller.
  4. Annika (UK) featuring Nicola Walker from Unforgotten.
  5. Astrid (French, English subtitles) Excellent. Astrid has Autism, and it is a truly enlightening show.✓
  6. Bäckström
  7. Bang (Wales) Part Welsh, part English. Subtitles. Season 1✓, season 2...
  8. Before we Die (UK)
  9. Blinded
  10. Boschi (UK)
  11. Brokenwood (UK)
  12. Castles in the Sky
  13. Chasing Shadows (UK) Season 1 
  14. City Homicide (AU)
  15. Dalgliesh (UK)
  16. Dark Winds (Navaho) Season 1 ✓, Season 2✓, Joe Leaphorn
  17. Darkness
  18. Deadloch
  19. Despite the Falling Snow (Russia)
  20. D. I. Ray
  21. Gangs of London
  22. Goliath 
  23. Grace (Britbox)
  24. Granite Harbour (Scotland) Limited Series ✓
  25. Halifax ✓
  26. Harry Wild (UK)✓
  27. Hidden
  28. Hinterland
  29. Hope Street (Ireland)
  30. Hunters (Nazis in 1977)
  31. Injustice
  32. Innocent (UK)
  33. Janet King (AU)✓
  34. Karen Pirie (Britbox)
  35. Liar
  36. Line of Duty (UK)
  37. London Kills (UK) Seasons 1 - 4✓
  38. Luna and Sophie; AKA SOKO Potsdam (German) 
  39. Mcdonald & Dodds (Britbox)
  40. MI–5 (UK)
  41. Murder Investigation Team (2003 - 2005) Very dated and sexist.
  42. Murders in the Valley
  43. My Life is Murder (AU) ✓
  44. New Blood (Britbox)
  45. One Lane Bridge (AU) Famous Queenstown bridge.✓
  46. Origins (Origines – FR) 
  47. Professor T. (Belgium)
  48. Professor T (UK) Season 1 ✓, 
  49. Restless (UK) 
  50. Ridley (UK)
  51. Safe House (UK)
  52. Sherwood (Britbox)
  53. Shetland (Britbox) Season 1✓, 2✓, 3✓,4✓, 5✓ ,6✓ ,7 ✓, 8
  54. Shotgun Wedding  🎥  (USA)
  55. Signora Volpe (set in Italy)✓
  56. Silent Witness
  57. Stonehouse (Britbox)✓
  58. Striking Out (Ireland)✓
  59. Suspects
  60. Taken Down
  61. The Bay (Britbox)✓
  62. The Best of Us, 4 episodes✓
  63. The Bill 
  64. The Brokenwood Mysteries (AU)✓
  65. The Bureau
  66. The Chelsea Detective (2022) Season 1 ✓; Season 2
  67. The Commander
  68. The Doctor Blake Mysteries (AU)✓
  69. The Fall
  70. The Guilty 
  71. The Gulf (NZ)
  72. The Long Call (Britbox)
  73. The Night Manager (2016 - TV Series, 6 episodes✓) With Hugh Laurie, based on Le Carré.
  74. The Nordic Murders 
  75. The Tower (UK)
  76. The Truth Will Out (Sweden)
  77. Three Pines (CAN)
  78. The Rings of Power (Lord of the Rings prequel)✓
  79. Thou Shalt Not Kill (Italian - Non uccidere) Season 1 ✓, Season 2 ✓. We stopped watching at Season 3, EP 5, as it was getting into child abuse, torture, etc.
  80. Troubled Waters.
  81. True Colours (AU) ✓
  82. Unforgotten (UK) Season 1✓, 2✓, 3✓, 4
  83. Whitstable Pearl (BBC) ✓
  84. Vienna Blood
  85. Winter

I've noted some of the Canadian-born actors. In red, movies filmed in part or in whole in Canada. It's a hobby for an old retiree!
  1. 12 Hours to Live (2006 )  Filmed in Hilltop Cafe Diner, Langley, Maple Ridge, Vancouver, B.C.
  2. 3 Bed, 2 Bath, 1 Ghost (2023) Great set, costumes, as well. Great music. Filmed in B.C.
  3. A Beautiful Place to Die: A Martha's Vineyard (2020) Victoria, North Saanich, British Columbia.
  4. A Bone To Pick: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery.
  5. A Dark Truth (2012) Debra Kara Unger, Eva Longoria, Kim Coates. Filmed in Sudbury, Toronto, North Bay, and Dominican Republic.
  6. A Daughter's Nightmare (2014) Written by: Shelley Gillin.  
  7. A Family's Secret (2022) AKA Secrets in the Family. Filmed in Hamilton.
  8. A House on Fire (2021) by Anne Rule. Based on a true story about Debora GreenFilmed in Winnipeg, East St. Paul, Selkirk, Manitoba.
  9. A Killer Among Us (TV Movie 2012) 
  10. A Killer in My Home (2020) Auto's Auto Sales Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
  11. A Lifelong Love (2023) Filmed in Winnipeg, Manitoba!
  12. A Little Daytime Drama (2021) Filmed in Vancouver & Burnaby, B.C.
  13. A Lover's Revenge (2005) Filmed in Ottawa, Ontario. Sonya Salomaa (Sudbury, Ontario); Cary Lawrence , Mark Camacho, Rick Bramucci (Montréal, Québec); Sally Ouellette (Ottawa, Ontario);
  14. A Mother on the Edge (2019) Great thriller. B.C.
  15. A Mother's Nightmare (2012) Jessica Lowndes, Vancouver; Jay Brazeau, Winnipeg, Manitoba; Aren Buchholz, Saskatchewan; Courtney Paige Theroux, Erica Carroll; Burkely Duffield; Jasmine Sky Sarin, Cainan Wiebe, Sebastian Spence, Madison Smith, B.C.; Written by: Shelley Gillin.  Filmed in Kelowna, B.C.
  16. A Murder to Remember (2020) A short story based on an Ann Rule short story.
  17. A Nashville Legacy (2023) Alabama: racism in the music industry.
  18. A New Year's Resolution (2021) Filmed in Winnipeg.
  19. A Nurse to Die For (2023) B.C.?
  20. A Paris Proposal (2023) Filmed in Bulgaria and Paris, France.
  21. A Picture of Her (2023) Filmed in Vancouver, B.C.
  22. A Pinch of Portugal (2023) Filmed in Portugal, as well as Vancouver!
  23. A Romance Wedding (2021) Filmed in Kelowna.
  24. A Scottish Love Scheme (2024) Filmed in Scotland. Great scenery.
  25. A Sister's Nightmare (2013) Written by: Shelley Gillin.  
  26. A Splash of Love (2022) Whale watching! Filmed in B.C. 
    @leirenyoung Camp Imadene, 9175 Southshore Rd, Mesachie Lake, BC.
  27. A Summer to Remember (2018) Catherine Bell.
  28. A Surrogate's Nightmare (2017) Filmed in Kelowna, Vancouver, B.C.
  29. A Trick of the Mind (2006) Maple Ridge, B.C.
  30. A Trusted Man, AKA Obsession (TV Movie 2011) Charisma Carpenter, Dylan Neal.
  31. A Very Merry Daughter of the Bride (2008)
  32. A Vineyard Romance (2021) Filmed in Kelowna, B.C.
  33. A Whirlwind Wedding (2021) Filmed in B.C.
  34. A Wife's Nightmare (2014)
  35. A Winning Team (2023) Female Soccer players, filmed in Vancouver.
  36. Abducted Love (2016) AKA My Husband is Missing. Filmed in Maple Ridge.
  37. Abducted on Prom Night (2023) Filmed in Ottawa.
  38. Abducted: The Mary Stauffer Story (2019) Ripped from the headlines true story (1980). Filmed in B.C.
  39. Advice to Love By (2021) B.C., Canada
  40. After All These Years (2013) Filmed in Vancouver, Langley, B.C.
  41. All For Love (2017) Filmed in Vancouver, B.C.
  42. All of My Heart: Inn Love (2017)
  43. All Summer Long (2019) Taped on the Pacific Yellowfin🛥yacht.
  44. Along Came a Spider (2001) Excellent, Morgan Freeman, kidnapping, suspense.
  45. Amber Alert; Renamed: I Have Your Children (2016) Filmed in Montréal, Québec, Canada.
  46. Amish Abduction (2019)
  47. An American ihn Austen (2024) Couldn't finish it.
  48. An Amish Sin (2022) True story, based on Joanna Yoder, who inspired it to escape abuse. Filmed in B.C.
  49. Another Man's Wife (2011) Dylan Neal, Toronto, Ontario; Trie Donovan, Jon McLaren, Ottawa.  Filmed in Limoges, Ottawa, Ontario.
  50. Anything For Love (2016) With Bomb Girls, Ali Liebert. Filmed in Vancouver B.C. 
  51. Arctic Blast (2010)Michael Shanks, Alexandra Davies *
  52. Apple Mortgage Cake (2014) Based on Angela Morgan's memoir. Filmed in Hamilton, ON, with Canadian actors.
  53. As Luck Would Have It (2021) Filmed in Ireland. Amazing Scenery!
  54. At Home in Mitford (2017) Filmed in B.C. Andie McDowell.
  55. Aurora Teagarden: Something New: filmed in Pendray Inn, Victoria, B.C.
  56. Autumn Dreams (2015) Filmed in Vancouver & Maple Ridge, B.C.
  57. Autumn in the City (2022) FIlmed in Vancouver and N.Y.
  58. Away from Her (2006) - a bit diluted re: dementia symptoms. Filmed in Kitchener, Paris, Hamilton, Lake of Bays, and Toronto, Ontario! ***
  59. Baby Mama (2008) J Lo
  60. Baby Monitor Murders (AKA The Babysitter) (2020) Truffles Fine Foods catering; Vancouver, BC,
  61. Babysitter's Nightmare (2019)
  62. Backstabbing for Beginners (2018) True story, about UN politics and conspiracies. Filmed in Morocco, Casablanca, Toronto, Copenhagen, New York City.
  63. Bad Behind Bars: Jodi Arias (2023) Ontario, Canada
  64. Bad Romance: The Vicky White story (2023) Story of guard who helped a felon escape Lauderdale prison. Filmed in Selkirk and Winnipeg, Manitoba.
  65. Baggage Claim (2013)
  66. Be My Valentine (2013) Filmed in Sudbury, ON.
  67. Before You Say I Do (2009) Filmed in: Toronto, Ontario!
  68. Belle (2013)
  69. Best Friends (2005) Filmed in Vancouver, B.C.
  70. Black Panther (2018) Yes, VOD. Fabulous.
  71. Blind Date Book Club (2024) Filmed in Langley and Gibson's, B.C.
  72. Blueprint to the Heart (2020) Cute. Langley, B.C.
  73. Boblo Boats: A Detroit Ferry Tale (2021) Documentary. 
  74. Boy in the Walls (2023) Good thriller.
  75. Boyhood (2014)
  76. Brace For Impact (AKA Final Destiny, 2016) Filmed in Montréal, Québec.
  77. Brave (2012) animation
  78. Breakout (2013)
  79. Bridge of Spies (2015) – The Cold War, Tom Hanks.
  80. Brooklyn (2015) Excellent, also filmed in Ireland. 
  81. Buried Secrets (2105);   Sarah Carter ,  Dan Payne ,  Gabrielle Rose Teach Grant, Lava Restaurant, Edmonton, B.C.
  82. Burned By Love (2023) Thriller - filmed in Ontario.
  83. Bury the Past (2021) 
  84. Butlers in Love (2022) Filmed in Burnaby and Vancouver, B.C.
  85. Campfire Kiss (2017) Mission, Maple Ridge, Abbotsford, B.C.
  86. Campfire Romance (AKA Campfire Christmas) (2022) Filmed Camp Imadene, 9175 Southshore Rd, Mesachie Lake, BC.
  87. Carrot Cake Murder: A Hannah Swenson Mystery (2023) Abbotsford, B.C.
  88. Caught in His Web (2022) Excellent movie about internet cyberbullying and female victims, diverse cast. Filmed in Vancouver, B.C.
  89. Center Stage: On Pointe (2016) Lovely dancing. Filmed in Vancouver B.C., with excellent ballet dancers.   There were many Canadians in this film.
  90. Change in the Air (2018) It was delightful, with a new neighbour who seems magical. 
  91. Chasing Waterfalls (2021) Squamish, B.C.<= amazing scenery.
  92. Chronicle Mysteries: Helped to Death (2021) Filmed in B.C.
  93. Clara's Deadly Secret (2013) Filmed in Almonte.
  94. Client Seduction (2014) (AKA Not With My Daughter) 
  95. Cold Spring (2013) Gruesome creepy thing. Filmed in Ontario.
  96. Collateral Damage (2016) A lovely movie about love, death, and time. Will Smith.
  97. Come Fly With Me (2023) Young female pilot, Thunderbirds. Far-fetched! B.C.
  98. Committed (2011)  Andrea Roth (Woodstock, ON);  Linda Thorson   Damien Atkins,   Sebastian PigottLiisa Repo-Martell , (Toronto); Peter MacNeill, NB.  Paul Fauteux
  99. Cruickston Park, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.
  100. Concrete Evidence: A fixer upper mystery (2017) B.C.
  101. Confined (2010) A good, creepy tale. David James Elliot, Kwesi Ameyaw (Toronto); Melanie Papalia, Mandy Playdon, Travis Turner (Vancouver);   Michael Hogan (born N.Ontario); Erica Carroll was born in an ambulance on Easter Sunday, passing through a small northern B.C. town.  Filmed in Langley and Fort Langley, B.C.
  102. Cooking With Love (2018) Filmed in Vancouver, B.C. Ali Liebert – she's a busy actor.
  103. Corrupt (2015)
  104. Cradle Did Fall (2021) B.C., Canada.
  105. Crimes of the Mind  (2014) A woman spends five years trying to get her brainwashed daughter back from a cult. It is based on a common news story.  "Crimes of Mind" is based on the true story of Carolyn Raeburn and her daughter Laura.  Filmed in Toronto,  Ontario;Vancouver, B.C.;  Aylsford, (N.S.?); DC Stages (L.A.); Ar3j Ranch and Canyon County (Calif.).
  106. Crossfire (2016) 
  107. Crossword Mysteries Series (2019) Proposing Murder filmed in Toronto and North Bay
  108. Cruel Instruction (2022) Based on a true story. Filmed in Vancouver, B.C.
  109. Curious Caterer: Grilling Season (2023) Filmed in Vancouver, B.C.
  110. Custody (2016) Viola Davis. Excellent. Judges, parents, from all sides.
  111. Cut, Color, Murder (2022) Filmed in Burnaby, B.C.
  112. Daddy's Perfect Little Girl (2021) Creepy little kid! Filmed in Ontario and Quebec.
  113. Damaged (2014) Creepy movie. I liked  Gabrielle Rose in it. Filmed in B.C.
  114. Danger Next Door (AKA Next-door Nightmare, 2021) Cantley, Ottawa, Gatineau, Chelsey.
  115. Dangerous Intuition (2013)
  116. Darrow & Darrow (2017 – 2019) Vancouver, B.C.
  117. Dead Over Heels: An Aurora Teagarden mystery. (2017) 
  118. Deadly House Call (2022) Catering Biagio's, Ottawa.
  119. Deadly Match (2019) Filmed in Vancouver, B.C. Not especially sophisticated.
  120. Dear John (2010)
  121. Death She Wrote (2010) Filmed in Hamilton, On.
  122. Deceitful Dating (2021) Filmed in Maple Ridge, B.C.
  123. Demons from Her Past (2007) Filmed in Ottawa, The Swan marina (Manotick).
  124. Designed for Death (2019)
  125. Desolation Sound (2005) Filmed in Sunshine Coast, B.C. Laura Elliott's quiet life in the wilderness of Desolation Sound is shattered when her old friend, Elizabeth, comes to visit.
  126. Destination Love (2021) Filmed in New Zealand, credit given to Quebec, as well.
  127. Dirty Little Secret (2022) Hoarding. Filmed in B.C.
  128. Disappearance in Yellowstone (2022) Lovely scenery. Holes in the plot, but entertaining. Filmed in B.C. 
  129. Divergent (2014) Excellent: for those who don't fit in.
  130. Do No Harm (2012) , Montréal, Québec, Canada.
  131. Doomsday Mom: The Lori Vallow Story (2021) Filmed in B.C.
  132. Doomsday Prophecy (2011) Jewel Staite, White Rock, B.C.; Bruce Ramsay, Montréal, Québec; Rick Ravanello, Cape Breton, N.S.; Gordon Tootoosis (1941 - 2011), Poundmaker Reserve, Saskatchewan;  Roseanne Supernault, Vancouver Metis; Filmed in Vancouver and Fraser Valley, B.C.
  133. Double Jeopardy (1999) Great plot, with Ashley Judd.
  134. Driven to Kill (2021) A bit lame.
  135. Driven Underground (2015) Maple Ridge, B.C.
  136. Dying to be Loved (2016) Squamish, B.C. 
  137. Dying To Be You (2020) AKA Poison Pen Pal (2020) (TV) Vancouver, B.C. Truffles Fine Foods in YVR
  138. Easter Under Wraps (2020) Mission, B.C.
  139. Eat, Play, Love (2017) The plot was a bit thin, the comedy a stretch, but the dogs are fun.
  140. Eight Days to Live (2006) Beautiful B.C.
  141. Elopement (2010) Chris Kramer (Sask./Vancouver actor); Pascale Hutton (Creston, B.C.); Ingrid Torrance (New Westminster, B.C.); Genevieve Buechner (Edmonton, Alberta); Serge Houde (Montréal, Québec); Jessica Heafey (Canadian-born); Filmed in Maple Ridge, Fort Langley, Pitt Meadows, B.C.
  142. Engaged to Be Murdered (2023) Filmed in Vancouver, B.C.
  143. Enough (2002) I like Jennifer Lopez in it. It shows all the things that can go wrong in domestic violence cases. It's an age-old problem. Filmed in Washington.
  144. Escaping the Madhouse: The Nellie Bly Story (2018) Gruesome, but based on history. Winnipeg, Manitoba. 
  145. Ever After: A Cinderella Story
  146. Evidence of Truth (2015) Maple Ridge, B.C.
  147. Fairfield Road (2010) Filmed in Toronto, Ontario.Derek McGrath, Brandon Firla (Calgary); Natalie Brown (Timmons); Matthew Edison (Ottawa); Boyd Banks (born Sask.); Rob deLeeuw (Montreal).
  148. Falling for Look Lodge (2020) Filmed in Ottawa, Strathmere Lodge, North Gower.
  149. Family History Mysteries: Buried Past (2023) Filmed in Ottawa. 
  150. Family Pictures (2019) Langley, B.C., Hilltop Cafe.
  151. Far From Home (2014)
  152. Fashionably Yours (2020) Filmed in Vancouver, B.C.
  153. Fatal Family Reunion (2022) Filmed in Ottawa.
  154. Fatal Memories (2015) Filmed in Vancouver, B.C.
  155. Fatal Performance (2013) David Palffy, Canada; John Cassini, Toronto, ON; Miranda Frigon, Edmonton, Alberta; Aaron Craven, Vancouver, B.C.; Craig March, Canadian; Kim Kondrashoff, Surrey, B.C.. Filmed in B.C., Canada.
  156. Feeling Butterflies (2021) Couldn't finish it. 
  157. Fever Pitch (2005)
  158. Finding a Family (2011)Jared Abrahamson (Vancouver, B.C.); MacKenzie Porter (Medicine Hat, Alberta) was wonderful. Genevieve Buechner, (Edmonton, Alberta)Miles Chalmers(Toronto, Ontario); Patricia Harras, Kurt Evans, Ben Cotton, Daryl Shuttleworth (Winnipeg, Manitoba).  Filmed in Vancouver. 
  159. Finding Your Feet (2017) Sisters, relationships, dancing, retirement! Filmed in Rome and England. Amazing scenery.
  160. Flightplan (2005) 
  161. Flip That Romance (2019) House flippers. 'Open Water' catering from Victoria, B.C.
  162. Flower Shop Mystery Series (2016) A new series of TV Movies. I quite like the first one, Brooke Shields is doing well. There are quite a few Canadian actors! Brennan Elliott (Calgarian); Ron Lea (Montreal); James Thomas (Toronto); Christian Lloyd (Canadian Citizen); Dru Viergever (born in Hamilton); Fulvio Cecere,  James McGowan (Canadian);  Filmed in North Bay, Ontario. *****
  163. Fly Away With Me (2022) Cute! Parrot and Dog! Filmed in Ontario.
  164. Follow Me To Daisy Hills (2020) Filmed in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
  165. For Love and Honor (2016) North Bay, Schollard Hall.
  166. For the Love of Chocolate (2021) Filmed in B.C.
  167. Forever in My Heart (2019) Beautiful scenery, filmed in Dublin, Ireland.
  168. Forget and Forgive (2014) Filmed in Montreal.
  169. Fourth Down and Love (2023) Filmed in B.C.
  170. Framed By My Husband (2021) Filmed in Langley and Mission, B.C.
  171. Framed for Murder (2007) Filmed in Ottawa.
  172. Francesca Quinn, PI (2022) Filmed in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
  173. Galentine's Day Nightmare (2021) Filmed in Ottawa.
  174. Garage Sale Mystery (2013) Filmed at 32989 1st Ave Mission, 24137 125th Ave., British Columbia. (Exterior, consignment shop). These are a fun series! Happy, well-functioning families, good people. They are a treat. Steve Bacic is a Vancouver hunk!
  175. Garage Sale Mystery: The Novel Murders (2016)
  176. Garage Sale Mystery: Guilty Until Proven Innocent 
  177. Garage Sale Mystery: The Wedding Dress (2015)
  178. Garage Sale Mystery: The Deadly Room
  179. Garage Sale Mystery: All That Glitters (2014)
  180. Girl in Room 13 (2022) Filmed in B.C.
  181. Girl in the Shed (2022) Filmed in Abbotsford, B.C.
  182. Giving Hope: The Ni'Cola Mitchell Story (2023) 
  183. Gone Mom: The Disappearance of Jennifer Dulos (2021) This story inspired Jennifer's Law in Connecticut to protect domestic abuse victims. Filmed in B.C.
  184. Gourmet Detective Mystery: Roux the Day (2020) Filmed in Langley, Mission, B.C.
  185. Grease (1978) One of my favourite actors: Stockard Channing as Rizzo. My mom loved Eve Arden! *****
  186. Grey Gardens (2009) About the Edith Bouvier Beales. Filming locations: The Fairmont Royal York Hotel - 100 Front St W, Centre Island, Toronto Film Studios, Union Station - 65 Front St W, Toronto, Uxbridge, Valley Halla Estate, Rouge Park, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 
  187. Hailey Dean Mystery: Murder, With Love (2016) Kellie Martin, Nancy Grace, etc. Filmed in Vancouver.
  188. Happy Face Killer (2014)
  189. Haunted Harmony Mysteries: Murder in G Major (2023) Filmed in Ireland. Amazing scenery,
  190. Harvest Love (2017) Filmed in Vancouver. 
  191. Hearts in the Game (2023) Filmed in Vancouver.
  192. Hearts of Spring (2016) Filmed in Vancouver, B.C.
  193. Heart of the Matter (2022) Diversity, women as doctors, BIPOC people is positions of power. Filmed in B.C.
  194. Hearts of Winter (2020) Filmed in B.C.
  195. Her (2013)
  196. Her Husband's Betrayal (2013) Quite liked it! Filmed in Ottawa.
  197. Hint of Love (2020) Filmed in Burnaby B.C., Palliotti's, Abbostford, B.C.
  198. His Fatal Fixation (2020) Filmed in Ottawa.
  199. Hoax: The Kidnapping of Sherri Rapini (2023) Filmed in B.C.
  200. Hope Floats (1998) Harry Connick Jr. (a sense of humour and the telephone book!) and Sandra Bullock. Gena Rowlands is amazing. Such fun!
  201. Hope Springs (2012) Meryl Streep, Tommy Lee Jones
  202. How She Caught a Killer (2023)
  203. I Am Somebody's Child: The Regina Louise Story (2019) Filmed in Winnipeg. Very moving, especially as I am an adoptee. 
  204. I Won't Let You Go (2022) Filmed in Hamilton.
  205. Ice Road Killer (2022) Filmed in Ontario, Canada.
  206. I'll See You in My Dreams (2015) Blythe Danner, Sam Elliot. 
  207. In Her Mother's Footsteps (2006). Good murder mystery, ESP, with a twist. Filmed in Victoria, B.C.
  208. In Merry Measure (2022). A cute one, featuring choirs. Filmed in Langley and Vancouver.
  209. In The Key of Love (2019) Filmed in Vancouver and on Bowen Island, B.C.
  210. Infidelity Can Be Fatal (2023) Filmed in Kamloops, B.C.
  211. Inside Man: Most Wanted (2019) Scary... 
  212. Into The Woods (2014) A lovely adventure in fairy tales.
  213. It's a Balancing Act (2010) Daphne Zuniga (also Dir.), Faye Dunaway, Kennedi Clements (She's adorable).
  214. It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Murder (2022) Holiday movie and murder mystery. 
  215. It's Complicated (2009) I loved it!
  216. Is There a Killer in My Family? (2020) Filmed in Meaford and Owen Sound.
  217. Jesse Stone Series (2005+) Tom Selleck, Filmed in Halifax.
  218. Jewel (2001) Farah Fawcett.
  219. Jindabyne (2006) Pretty dark, Australia, racism.
  220. Journey of my Heart (2021) Filmed in Brackendale, Squamish, B.C.
  221. Joy (2015) Interesting premise about a woman standing up for herself.
  222. Julie and Julia (2009) I thought this clever! 
  223. June in January (2014)
  224. Just Add Romance (2019) A fun plot about competing chefs. (Week 35 - wednesday)
  225. Just Like Heaven (2005) It was so cute, and hopeful! On a snowy pre-spring day!
  226. Kate & Leopold (2001) 
  227. Killer Daddy Issues (AKA Secrets That Kill; 2020)  Filmed in Louisville, Kentucky.
  228. Killer in the Guest House Catering Roots to Shoots, B.C.
  229. Killing Your Daughter (2019) Not a bad mystery, filmed in LA, with Pond5 images supplementing it.
  230. Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014)
  231. Kiss at Pine Lake (2012) FIlmed in
  232. Lakeview Terrace (2008)
  233. Last Love
  234. Left for Dead: The Ashley Reeves Story (2021) A US-based news story. A creepy tale, filmed in Ontario, about a young woman's recovery.
  235. Let It Snow (2013) Allan Thicke (RIP) Filmed in Vancouver, B.C.!
  236. Let's Get Physical (2022) Horrid, couldn't finish it. Tits & ass.
  237. Letters to Juliet (2010) Beautiful scenery, filmed outdoors in Italy. Vanessa Redgrave is amazing.
  238. Lies Between Friends (2022) B.C.
  239. Like Mother, Like Daughter (2007) Gianpaolo VenutaRick Bramucci, Montréal, Québec, Canada; John Maclaren, Canadian.James O'Regan, Ottawa.  Filmed in Ottawa.
  240. Long Island Serial Killer: A Mother's Hunt for Justice (2021) Mari and Shannon Gilbert. Based on a true story. Filmed in Ontario and B.C.
  241. Love Amongst the Stars (2022) Filmed in B.C.
  242. Love And Sunshine (2019) Puppy dog! Filmed in Victoria, B.C.
  243. Love at First Dance (2018) Filmed in Victoria, B.C. 
  244. Love at the Parade (2012) 224th Street, Maple Ridge (Jim's Pizza Restaurant), British Columbia, Canada. 
  245. Love Blossoms (2017) Perfume, filmed in Belgium. Beautiful scenery.
  246. Love, Bubbles & Crystal Company (2021) British Columbia.
  247. Love, Fall & Order (2019) Cute fall film. 
  248. Love in Glacier National Park: A National Park ((2023) Filmed in Fernie, B.C.
  249. Love in the Forecast (2020) Cute. filmed in YVR.
  250. Love in Store (2020) Filmed in Victoria, B.C.
  251. Love in Whitbrooke (2021) Filmed in Port Hope. 345 lakeshore Rd.
  252. Love in Winterland (2020) Filmed in Kelowna, Vancouver, B.C.
  253. Love, Of Course (2018) Filmed in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
  254. Love on a Limb (2016) Filmed in Almonte.
  255. Love on Harbor Isl. (2020) Harrison Mills, Maple Ridge, B.C.
  256. Love on Iceland (2020) 
  257. Love on the Menu (2019) Filmed in B.C.
  258. Love on the Right Course (2024) Filmed in Hungary.
  259. Love on the Road (2021) AKA Making Something Great. Filmed at Rocko's Diner, Mission, B.C.
  260. Love on the Sidelines (2016) Cute! 
  261. Love on the Slopes (2018)  Filmed at Whistler and Vancouver, B.C.
  262. Love on the Wings of Eagles; AKA Journey of the Heart. (2021) Dene Cultural Awareness.
  263. Love Stories in Sunflower Valley (2021) Filmed in B.C.
  264. Love Struck Cafe (2017) Filmed in Vancouver, B.C.!
  265. Love Under the Olive Tree (2020) 
  266. Love Under the Rainbow (2019) Filmed in Vancouver, B.C.!
  267. Love Upstream (2021) Filmed in Hamilton, Grand Tappattoo Resort, Ontario.
  268. Love Triangle Nightmare (2022) Filmed in Almonte: Heritage Court Mall.
  269. Love's Second Chance (2020) Kelowna, B.C.
  270. Lust, Lieas, & Polygamy (2023) Filmed in B.C.
  271. Mad Mom (2019) A thriller, filmed in Montreal, Ville de Brossard, Pavillon Montfort, Galleria Della Sposa, Hotel 10. Amazing homes, I liked it.
  272. Made For You With Love (2019) Vancouver, British Columbia, Mossy Creek & Co. - 33186 1st Ave, Mission, British Columbia, Canada.
  273. Madoff (2016) Richard Dreyfuss was amazing! Partly filmed in Vancouver, B.C.!
  274. Making Something Great/ AKA Love on the Road (2021) Filmed in Rocko's Diner, Mission, B.C.
  275. Making Waves (2023) Filmed in Sydney, B.C. Features actor performing.
  276. Marry Go Round (2022) Filmed in Delta, Vancouver, B.C.
  277. Martha's Vineyard: Mysteries: Riddled With Deceit (2020) ; Ships in the Night (2021) Filmed in Victoria, Esquimault, Sidney, B.C.
  278. Matching Hearts (2020) fun! B.C.
  279. Mid-Love Crisis (2022) Filmed in Granite Falls, Vancouver, Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge, B.C.
  280. Miracle of the Heart (2005; AKA Miracle of the Heart) Filmed in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
  281. Midnight Masquerade (2014) Filmed in Toronto.
  282. Million Dollar Baby (2004) Based on stories by F.X. Toole.
  283. Mommie's Prison Secret/AKA Early Release (2017) Ville de Longueuil, Ville de Lachine, Quebec.
  284. Mona Lisa Smile (2003)
  285. Monster-in-law (2005) J Lo, Jane Fonda.
  286. More Bitter Than Death (2019) Filmed in Vancouver and Victoria, B.C.
  287. Moriah's Lighthouse (2022) Filmed in France. Wonderful scenery.
  288. Morning Show Mystery; Death By Design (2019) B.C.
  289. Mortal Mishaps (2018) Langley, B.C.
  290. Morning Show Mystery: A Murder in mind (2019)
  291. Morning Show Mystery: Countdown to Murder  
  292. Mother of All Lies (2015) 
  293. Mothers of the Bride (2014)
  294. Murder at the Lakehouse AKA Deadly Ex Next Door (2020) 
  295. Murder in my House (2006) filmed in Ottawa.
  296. Murder on Maple Drive (2021) Filmed in Cambridge and Toronto, Canada.
  297. Murder, She Baked (2016); Hallmark Series; The Peach Cobbler Recipe: St. John the Divine Anglican Church, Maple Ridge, 38055 Cleveland Ave, Squamish, British Columbia, Canada.
  298. My Father Must Die (AKA Killing Daddy– 2014)
  299. My Gal Sunday (2014) Filmed in B.C.
  300. My Husband's Deadly Past (2020)
  301. My Mother's Secret: filmed in Ottawa, Yannick Bisson.
  302. My Mother's Killer Boyfriend (2019) B.C.
  303. My One and Only (2019) Pascale Hutton, Winnipeg, Manitoba filming.
  304. My Stepdaughter (2015) Pretty awful ending.
  305. My Sweet Audrina (2016) Rather creepy, for a rainy day!
  306. My Wife's Secret Life (2019) Thriller, filmed in B.C.
  307. Navigating Christmas (2023) A lighthouse romance. Filmed in Victoria, and Fisgard Lighthouse, Colwood, B.C.
  308. Nearlyweds (2013) Not great. I couldn't watch!
  309. Next-Door Nightmare, (Danger Next Door) (2021) Municipality of Cantley, Chelsea, Quebec; Ottawa, Gatineau.
  310. Nikki & Nora: Sister Sleuths (2022) Filmed in B.C.
  311. Nightwaves (2003) Montreal.
  312. No Good Deed (2020) Thriller, not bad. Filmed in Quebec.
  313. No Reservations (2007) Fun flick. Great sound track.
  314. North to Home (2022) Filmed in Vancouver, B.C.
  315. Not With His Wife (2015) AKA Undercover Wife (2016) 
  316. Notes of Autumn (2023) Filmed in Vancouver.
  317. October Gale (2014) Patricia Clarkson, Scott Speedman. Filmed on Lake Joseph, in Parry Sound, Toronto. 
  318. Obsession: Stalked by my Lover, AKA Escaping my Ex, filmed in Ottawa.
  319. Of Murder and Memory (2008) Based on a book, Who Named the Knife, by Canadian, Linda Spalding.
  320. Once Upon a Prince (2018) Filmed in Victoria, at a castle, amongst other spots! 
  321. One Night Stand Murder (2023) Filmed in L.A.
  322. One Summer (2021) Filmed in US.
  323. One Week (2008) Gord Downie is in it. He just died this past week. I wrote a tribute to him today. Lovely scenes across Canada. There are film locations right across our beautiful country.
  324. One Summer (2021)
  325. Out of Reach (2013) Erin Karpluk (Canadian), Benjamin Easterday (Canadian).
  326. Out of Sight (1998) JoLo.
  327. Paper Angels (2014) Trigger warning: spousal violence. Filmed in B.C.
  328. Past Malice (2018) Hatley Castle, Colwood; Victoria, B.C. 
  329. Petals on the Wind
  330. Picture Perfect Mysteries (2019) Filmed in B.C.
  331. Planning on Forever (2022) Filmed in Kelowna, B.C.
  332. Pocket Dial Murder (2023) Filmed in Ottawa, Old Chelsea, Gatineau.
  333. Possessing Piper Rose (2011) Filmed in Langley, B.C.
  334. Practical Magic (1998) Bullock, Kidman. Fun.
  335. Premonition (2007) Sandra Bullock,  Julian McMahon
  336. Premonition(2004)
  337. Premonition (TV Movie 2005)Vancouver, B.C. Actor Lorena Gale (1958 - 2009)
  338. Premonitions (2005)
  339. Pride of Lions (2014) Filmed in Toronto and Sault Ste. Marie. Pretty bad movie. I hope the actors had fun.
  340. Profile for Murder (2013) Filmed in Burnaby, B.C.
  341. Psycho Intern (2021) Filmed in Vancouver, B.C.
  342. Psycho Yoga Instructor (2020) 
  343. Raise a Glass to Love (2021) Filmed in Kelowna, B.C.
  344. Reasonable Doubt (2014) Crime Drama, Prosecutor commits a fatal hit-and-run. Filmed in Manitoba and Chicago. Excellent thriller.
  345. Reluctant Witness (2015)   Filmed in Langley, B.C. (Domaine de Chaberton Estates Winery)
  346. Reverse Angle (2009) Filming Locations: Montréal, Québec, Canada.
  347. Richard Jewell (2019) The FBI investigate the 1996 Olympic bombing.
  348. Romance in Style (2022) Much fun, with Jaicy Elliot, featuring plus sized models, about designing for fuller figures. BLess them. Filmed in Winnipeg.
  349. Romance to the Rescue (2022) Filmed in Langley, B.C.
  350. Romance With A Twist (2024) Aerialists. Actor did T hang. The Alchemy Sisters. Filmed in Brockville and Ottawa.
  351. Romeo Killer: The Chris Porco Story (2013)
  352. Royal New Year's Eve (2017) 
  353. Rumour Has It... 2005) Jennifer Anniston and Shirley Maclaine. Fun for a rainy afternoon.
  354. Run To Me or Running For Her LIfe (2016) Filmed in Montréal, Québec, Canada.
  355. Safe Haven (2013) Book by Nicholas Sparks, Nov. 2019
  356. Sailing Into Love (2019) Filmed in Victoria and Langford, B.C.
  357. Same Kind of Different As Me (2017) True story, with meaning.
  358. Sand Dollar Cove (2021) Loved it.
  359. Sandra Brown's White Hot (2019) Vancouver, B.C.
  360. Second Opinion (AKA Prescription for Danger, 2018) Filmed in Montreal, Quebec. 
  361. Secret Liaison (2013) Rick Ravanello (N.S.); Nicole LaPlaca, Julia Benson, Barbara Kottmeier(Vancouver, B.C.); Lochlyn Munro (Lac La hache, B.C.); Rachel Hayward (Toronto, Ontario). Filmed in Maple Ridge, B.C. ***Anthony Sherwood
  362. Secret Life of a Student (2021) 
  363. Secrets at the Inn (2022) Filmed in St. George and Hamilton, Ontario.
  364. Secrets of a Gold Digger Killer (2021) Based on a true events, about Celeste Beard, serving time in prison. Filmed in British Columbia.
  365. Separated at Birth (2018) 
  366. Serendipity (2001) - Full Cast & Crew - IMDb
  367. Serialized (2016) Vanessa Ray (Blue Bloods) Filmed in Montreal, Quebec.
  368. Shall We Dance (2004) This was a fun movie. Richard Gere and J Lo! 
  369. Shutter Island (2010)Leonardo DiCaprio, Emily Mortimer - amazing movie. *****
  370. Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Lost without you (2016) British Columbia. Love them.
  371. Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Higher Ground (2017) A lovely series. Keb' Mo', one of the actors, is also credited with some of the music. Filmed in British Columbia.
  372. Site Unseen: An Emma Fielding Mystery (2017) archeology
  373. Sleeper (2017) A thriller. Montreal.
  374. Sleeping With Danger: Ann Rule (2020) Victoria, houseboats. About an abusive husband. Good lessons.
  375. Snowcoming (2019) Filmed in Squamish, Whistler, Vancouver, B.C.
  376. Snowkissed (2021) Filmed in Winnipeg, and Banff, Alberta. Gorgeous scenery.
  377. Speaking Your Language (AKA Love in Translation – 2021) Filmed in Hamilton, On.
  378. Stalked By My Doctor ((2018) Awful. low production values. Grim. 
  379. Stalked by a Prince (2022) Filmed in Ontario.
  380. Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991). ****
  381. Star Spangled Banners (2013)Christian Campbell, Michael Barbuto, (Toronto, Ontario); Anthony Sherwood, (Halifax, N.S.); Kristin Booth (Kitchener, Ont.); Chad Connell, Ottawa, Ontario).  Filmed in North Bay, Ontario.
  382. Stolen By Their Father (2021) Greece, Ontario.
  383. Stolen Dreams / Are You My Daughter (2015)
  384. Stolen From The Womb (2014) Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge, B.C.
  385. Stop The Wedding (2016) Filmed in Canada.
  386. Stranded in Paradise (2014) Lovely Puerto Rican scenery! 
  387. Suddenly (2013) Steve Bacic, Erin Karpluk, Ray Liotta, filmed in Squamish. Thriller.
  388. Suitcase Killer: The Melanie McGuire Story (2022) Filmed in Georgia.
  389. Summer Villa (2016) France
  390. Sweet As Maple Syrup (2021) Filmed in Quebec: film credit.
  391. Sweet Pecan Summer (2021)
  392. Sweet Revenge: A Hannah Swenson Mystery (2021) Chilliwack, Maple Ridge, Abbotsford, B.C.
  393. Swept Under (2015)
  394. Taken Back: Finding Haley (2012) Filmed in Vancouver, Langley, Fort Langley, B.C.
  395. Taking a Shot at Love (2021) Filmed in Abbotsford, Mission, Vancouver, B.C.
  396. Taking the Reins (2021) 
  397. Team Bride (2023) Filmed in Alberta, Canada.
  398. Tempted By Danger (2020) Filmed in Hamilton. Canadian cast.
  399. The 27-Hour Day (2022) Filmed in Agassiz and Vancouver, B.C.
  400. The 33 (2015) Miners trapped in Chile.
  401. The Age of Adaline (2015) Harrison Ford. Filmed in various B.C. locations. (Serrano Catering), as well as San Francisco
  402. The Art of Us (2017) Filmed in Vancouver, B.C.
  403. The Back-up Plan (2010)
  404. The Bad Seed (2018) creepy! Rob Lowe, Filmed in B.C.
  405. The Barefoot Contessa (1954) Ava Gardner, Humphrey Bogart.
  406. The Bouquet (2015) ****
  407. The Butler (2013) Fabulous!
  408. The Calling (2014) Susan Sarandon. Filmed in Dundas, Hamilton, Sunderland, Ontario.
  409. The Cases of Mystery Lane (2023) Filmed in Vancouver.
  410. The Christmas Ring (2020) Nazneen Contractor. Filmed in Ladner, B.C.
  411. The Colour of Love: Jacey's Story (2000) Nice story about a black family adopting white kids.
  412. The Convenient Groom (2013) Filmed in B.C.
  413. The Dancing Detective: A Deadly Tango (2023) Set in Malta. Amazing drone footage.
  414. The Dating List (2019)
  415. The Edge of the Garden (2011) Filmed in Vancouver, Langley,  Richmond, B.C.
  416. The Eleventh Victim (2012) Creepy, but a good afternoon movie. Written by Nancy Grace, cameo as office assistant. Filmed in Vancouver. 
  417. The Evil Twin (2021) Filmed in Almonte.
  418. The Five-Year Engagement (2012) Fun!
  419. The Fugitive (1993) Harrison Ford, Tommy Lee Jones.
  420. The Gabby Petito Story. (2023)
  421. The Girl He Met Online
  422. The Good Father: The Martin MacNeill Story (2021) Filmed in Selkirk and Winnipeg, Manitoba.
  423. The Good Witch's Charm (2012) Chris Potter, Hannah Endicott-Douglas, Greg Calderone, Noah Cappe, (Toronto); Janet-Laine Green; Nathan McLeod, Airdrie, Alberta; It is a Hallmark movie, also a series, Good Witch. Filmed in Westerdale Inn, Westerdale, Alberta. One Rebellion Clothing, 60 King St. W., Dundas, Booth Furniture, Dundas, ON. 
  424. The Gourmet Detective (2015) Filmed in Vancouver, B.C.
  425. The Grand Seduction (2013) A wonderful tale from Newfoundland, and hiring a doctor. Lots of Canadian big-name actors.
  426. The Holiday Sitter (2022) LGBTQ+ and I liked it. Filmed in Abbotsford and Vancouver.
  427. The Husband She Met Online (2013) Filmed in Ottawa, On.
  428. The Irresistible Blueberry Farm (2016) Filmed in B.C.
  429. The Jane Mysteries: Inheritance Lost (2023) I liked it, using a non-profit detective agency. Filmed in Toronto, Alliston, Barrie and Aurora, Ontario.
  430. The Journey Ahead (2022) Filmed in Harris Lake, Hope, Squamish, B.C. Adoption.
  431. The Juror (1996) Demi Moore
  432. The Killer Downstairs (2019) I liked it. Vancouver, B.C.
  433. The Lake House (2006)  
  434. The Lakehouse Murders (2022) AKA Deadly Ex Next Door. Filmed on location in Ottawa. 
  435. The Lead (2020) Thriller, kidnapping. University of Montreal, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
  436. The Long Island Serial Killer: A mother's hunt for justice (2021) Filmed in B.C. and Ontario.
  437. The Man Who Lost Himself (2005)
  438. The Memory Book (2014) Filmed in Vancouver, B.C.
  439. The Neighbor in the Window (2020) Filmed at Dorothy Peacock Elementary School, Langley, B.C.
  440. The Odd Story of Timothy Green What a lovely story!
  441. The Past Never Dies (2019) Filmed in YVR, Maple Ridge, Stanley Park, B.C.
  442. The Perfect Child (2007) Lochlyn Munro, (Lac La hache, B.C.); Nicole Muñoz,  Chelah Horsdal, Jody Thompson, Alan C. Peterson, Vancouver; Rachel Hayward, Toronto. Filmed in Vancouver, B.C.
  443. The Perfect Marriage (2006) Filmed in Ottawa, Ontario. Canadians: Lawrence Dane (born in Que.); Lisa Langlois (born North Bay, Ontario); Lisa Langlois (born: Que.); James O'Regan (born: Ottawa). I really liked this one! ****
  444. The Perfect Pairing (2022) Filmed in Ontario.
  445. The Podcast Murders (2022) Filmed in Kamloops, B.C.
  446. The Post (2017) About the secret papers, and a magnificent woman, played by Meryl Streep.
  447. The PRegnancy Scheme (2023) Filmed in B.C.
  448. The Rebound (2009) 
  449. The Rendering (2002) Filmed in Montréal.
  450. The Returned (2013)  Emily Hampshire, Kris Holden-Ried,  Shawn Doyle. I haven't watched a zombie movie till now. Maybe I'm just an old fart! Filmed in Sudbury and Toronto.
  451. The Riverbank (2012) Kari Matchett, (Saskatchewan) wonderful job;Rick Roberts, Jim Calarco, Allie MacDonald was terrific. Rosemary Dunsmore, Kenneth Welsh, Chris Violette, Mississauga, ON. Filmed in Sudbury, Ontario. *** A good mystery/drama. I've watched it twice. Loved the script. Based on the novel by Tracing Iris, by Genni Gunn.
  452. The Second Best Exoticc Merigold Hotel
  453. The Secret Ingredient (2020) Filmed in Winnipeg.
  454. The Secrets of Bella Vista (2022) Filmed in B.C.
  455. The Sisterhood (2019) Filmed in Montréal.
  456. The Soloist (2009)Jamie Foxx, Robert Downey Jr.–based on the true story of Nathaniel Ayers *****
  457. The Story of Love (2021) Filmed at The Westwind Inn, Peterborough.
  458. The Story of Us (2019) 
  459. The Sweetheart. (2018) Creepy bad boyfriend! Ottawa, Ontario. 
  460. The Surrogacy Trap (2013)
  461. The Town That Came A'Courtin' (2014) Just delightful! Cameron Bancroft (stud muffin born Winnipeg, Manitoba); Iris Quinn,(N.S.); Toby Hargrave (He was great, Edmonton, Alberta); Daniel Boileau (Sudbury, On); Garrett Black (Mission, B.C.); Valerie Harper (she was much fun!). Filmed in a Fort Langley Store, B.C.
  462. The Wedding Chapel (2013) A fun chick flick. Emmanuelle Vaugier, (born Vancouver). I really liked Shelley Long in this production. Barclay Hope, Cindy Busby (Montreal); Brett Dier, London, Ontario; Brent Stait, (The Pas, Manitoba); Kwesi Ameyaw, K-W, Ontario; Brendan Penny, Ottawa, Ontario. Filmed in Vancouver, Canada.
  463. The Wedding Rule (2023) Filmed in Hamilton and Dundas, Ontario.
  464. The Wedding Veil Expectations (2023) Victoria, B.C.
  465. The Wife He Met Online (2012)  Cameron Mathison, Dancing With The Stars (2005), Canadian. Filmed in Ottawa, Canada.
  466. The Winter Palace (2022)  Ontario.
  467. The Wrong Wedding Planner (2020)
  468. The Wishing Tree (2012) 9179 Glover Rd, Fort Langley, British Columbia, Canada
    (Country Lane Antiques); Vancouver, B.C.
  469. Thicker Than Water (2019)
  470. This is Where I leave You (2014) Timothy Oliphant, Jane Fonda, Tina Fey.
  471. Ties That Bind (2015) Vancouver, B.C.
  472. Til Death Us Do Part 📷(2014) A bit iffy, but a good point. My review. Filmed in Maple Ridge, and Pitt Meadows, Vancouver, B.C
  473. 'Til Lies Us Do Part (2007) Cynthia Preston, Toronto, Ontario; Cary Lawrence, Richard Robitaille, Sabine Karsenti, Russell Yuen, Montréal, Québec;  Filmed in Ottawa, Canada.
  474. Tomorrowland (2015) bought it for the kids! Excellent Scifi. *****
  475. Trapped: The Alex Cooper Story (2019) Conversion therapy biography.
  476. Tulips in Spring (2016) Aliyah O'Brien is a chameleon!  Filmed in Vancouver, B.C.
  477. Twist of Faith (2013) We don't have enough multi-religious films on TV. Filmed in Vancouver, B.C.
  478. Two For The Win (2021) Filmed in Ottawa.  
  479. Undercover Wife (2016) AKA Not With His Wife. Langley, new Westminster Quay, British Columbia.
  480. Under Fire AKA: Who Killed My Husband?(2016) A widow, a cop goes undercover. It wasn't quite realistic. 
  481. Unleashing Mr. Darcy (2016) Filmed: Maple Ridge, Langley, Kwantlen Polytechnic University, New Westminster, B.C.
  482. Unstable (2009) David Alpay, Charlotte Sullivan, Salvatore Antonio, Kate Trotter, Toronto; Ennis Esmer, Tattiawna Jones, based in Toronto; James McGowan, born in Montreal. Filmed in Toronto, Ontario. *****
  483. Valentine in the Vineyard (2019) Filmed in B.C.
  484. Vertical Limit (2000) Lots of snow, New Zealand, snow rescue on a mountain.
  485. Very Valentine (2019) A fun afternoon's entertainment. All about shoes. Filmed in Ontario and Bulgaria.
  486. Virtual Lies (2011) Christina Cox, Jennifer Spence, Michael Daingerfield, Toronto; Marc Menard, Québec City, Québec. Ali Liebert, Surrey, B.C. (Bomb Girls!);  Filmed in Maple Ridge, B.C.
  487. Waking Up To Danger (2021) Beautiful artwork by Vancouver's Nicole Schouela.
  488. We Bought A Zoo (2011) Matt Damon. Lots of fun! Based on Dartmour Zoological Park.
  489. Web of Desire 📷(2009) Claudette Mink (Ontarian); William B. Davis (Toronto, Ontario); Terry Chen (Edmonton, Alberta); James Kirk (Vancouver, B.C.); Tracy Spiridakos (Winnipeg, Manitoba); David Richmond-Peck (Toronto, Ontario); Nicholas Harrison (Vancouver, B.C.). Filmed in Vancouver, and West Pine Quarry, British Columbia, Canada ****
  490. Wedding for One AKA Shadow Island Mysteries (2010) Filmed at Falcon Lake, Manitoba. Jennifer Finnigan (Montréal, Québec); Natalie Brown (Timmons, Ontario); Shaun Benson (Guelph, Ontario); James Thomas (Toronto, Ontario); John B. Lowe; Peter Mooney (Winnipeg, Manitoba).
  491. Welcome Home (2015)
  492. Welcome to Mama's (AKA The Perfect Recipe, 2022) Filmed in Vancouver.
  493. What Comes Around AKA Veiled Truth (2006) Bruce Ramsay (Montréal, Québec); Laura Bertram, Mark Adam Zeifman, Teach Grant (Toronto, Ontario); Nick Mancuso (Born in Italy, raised in Canada); Jovanna Huguet (Edmonton, Alberta); Josh Hayden (B.C.); Fulvio Cecere (Canadian). It just didn't quite fit: the plot, actors and script. Filmed in Maple Ridge, and Pitt Meadows, Vancouver, B.C*
  494. When Sparks Fly (2014) Meghan Markle.
  495. Winter in Vail (2020) Filmed in Vail, CO, USA; Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
  496. Winter Castle (2019) Filmed in Ottawa, Ontario; Ice Castle, Quebec. 
  497. Winter Love Story (2019) Filmed in North Bay. Bungee, the dog, La Forge Belgian Malinois.
  498. Winter's Tale (2014) 
  499. Within These Walls (2020) 
  500. Would You Kill For Me? The Mary Bailey Story (2023) Filmed in Ottawa.
  501. Wrath: A Seven Deadly Sins Story (2022) Filmed in B.C.
  502. Written in the Stars (2024) Filmed in New Zealand.
  503. Yellowstone Romance (2022) Filmed at Virtue Rance, Mission, B.C.
  504. You Again (2010) Kristin Bell & Jamie Lee Curtis.

Seasonal and Holiday Movies  

  1. 12 Men for Christmas (2009) Filmed in Alberta, Canada.
  2. A Biltmore Christmas (2023) USA
  3. A Cheerful Christmas (2019) Filmed in Ottawa and Mill St., Mississippi Textile Museum, Cedar Hill Tree Farm, Cashmere and Rose store, Almonte. Dec. 2019
  4. A Christmas Detour (2015) Filmed in Langley, B.C., Sutton Place Hotel, Shangri-La Hotel, Vancouver. Nasser Group North, CA
  5. A Christmas Duet (2019) Dec. 2019
  6. A Christmas Mission (2020) AKA You Make It Feel Like Christmas. Filmed in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
  7. A Christmas Song (2012) Natasha Henstridge, Gabriel Hogan, Ben Mulroney. Filmed in Hamilton.
  8. A Christmas Tail (2014) Langley, B.C. 
  9. A Christmas to Remember (2016) Vancouver, Whistler, (Outdoor scenes, including gazebo scenes, filmed in Whistler Town Plaza).
  10. A Christmas to Savour (2021) AKA Serving Up the Holidays. British Columbia. 
  11. A Christmas Together With You (2021) British Columbia. 
  12. A Christmas Treasure (2021) Inclusive cast. Filmed in Abbotsford, B.C. (Pro One Uniform shop)
  13. A Christmas Tree Grows in Colorado (2020) Filmed in Vancouver and Hope. B.C.
  14. A Christmas Wish (2019) Dec. 2019, meh.
  15. A Fabled Holiday (2022) Filmed in Vancouver.
  16. A Firehouse Christmas (2016) Female firefighter. A bit silly, but fun. Filmed in Langley, B.C.
  17. A Glenbrooke Christmas (2020) Filmed in B.C.: Abbotsford and Chilliwack. 
  18. A Heidelberg Holiday (2023) Filmed in Heidelberg Castle, Germany and Serbia.
  19. A Holiday in Harlem (2021)
  20. A Homecoming for the Holidays (2019) Filmed in Vancouver.
  21. A Joyous Christmas (2017) 
  22. A Merry Christmas Match (2019) Nov. 3
  23. A Merry Scottish Christmas (2023) Filmed in Barberstown Castle, Scotland.
  24. A Perfect Perfect Holiday (2021) Cute!
  25. A Prince For Christmas (2015) 
  26. A Season for Family (2023) Adoption, Filmed in Vancouver.
  27. A Snow Capped Christmas (2016) 
  28. A Snowy Christmas (2021) Filmed in Ontario.
  29. A Song For Christmas (2017) Nov, 2019, Powassan, Callander.
  30. A Taste of Christmas (2020) Hokey
  31. A Tiny Home Christmas (2022) Filmed in North Bay, Nippissing U, Ontario.
  32. A Twist of Christmas (2018) Cute, fun, lovely scenery. Harbour, British Columbia.
  33. A Veteran's Christmas (2018) Filmed in North Bay, Powassan, Huntsville.
  34. A Winter Getaway (2021) Filmed in Banff National Park, Alberta, and Winnipeg, Manitoba.
  35. A Wish For Christmas 2016)
  36. A World Record Christmas (2023) Autistic actor. Filmed in Langley, B.C.
  37. An Ice Wine Christmas (2021) 
  38. Angel Falls: A Novel Holiday 📷(2019) Stock photo of: Sunflower Bakery, Squamish, B.C., Filmed in North Bay, Ontario.
  39. Angel of Christmas (2015)
  40. Angels in the Snow (2015)  Kolton Stewart, Chris Potter, Nick Purcha,  Maple Ridge, B.C.
  41. Angels and Ornaments (2014) Filmed in Ontario. Toronto-born actors.
  42. Blending Christmas (2021) 
  43. Catch a Christmas Star (2013)
  44. Charming Christmas (2015) Nov. 2019, 90 King St W, Dundas, Ontario, Canada.
  45. Chateau Christmas (2020) Piano by Karen Allred.  Filmed in Whistler, B.C.
  46. Christmas Around The Corner (2018) Filmed in Carleton Place and Almonte.
  47. Christmas at Dollywood (2019) Filmed partly in B.C. Dec. 2019.
  48. Christmas at Pemberley Manor (2018) 
  49. Christmas at Graceland (2018) 
  50. Christmas at Grand Valley (2018) Filmed at Killarney, Sudbury, Bracebridge.
  51. Christmas at Maple Creek (2020) Filmed in Glengarry Pioneer Museum, Ottawa, Ontario.
  52. Christmas at the Golden Dragon (2022) This was a lovely, fun, multicultural story. Vancouver, B.C. 
  53. Christmas at the Chalet (2023) Filmed in White Spirit Lodge, Big White Ski Resort, B.C.
  54. Christmas Bells Are Ringing (2018) Loved it, with Canadian actors. Victoria, Oak Bay, Sidney, B.C.
  55. Christmas CEO (2021) Filmed in Ottawa.
  56. Christmas Connection  (2017) Filmed in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
  57. Christmas Encore (2017) Filmed in Sudbury.
  58. Christmas Ever After (2020) Same sex marriage, gorgeous disabled lead actress, Ali Stroker. Filmed in Knowlton and Montreal, Quebec.
  59. Christmas Everlasting (2018)
  60. Christmas Homecoming (2017) Filmed in Vancouver, B.C.
  61. Christmas in Angel Falls (2017) Filmed in North Bay, Ontario! (Dec., 2019)
  62. Christmas in Evergreen: Bells are Ringing (2020) The cutest twins ever: Joyce and Jacqueline Robbins born in 1949. Vancouver; Langley; Clayburn Village, Abbotsford; Deer Lake Park, Burnaby Village Museum, Burnaby;Hopcott Farms, Pitt Meadows, British Columbia, Canada.
  63. Christmas in Harmony (2021)  Filmed in North Carolina. Music by The Trilogy Group.
  64. Christmas in Montana (2019) Dec. 2919
  65. Christmas in My Heart (2021) Violins and music. Filmed in Quebec.
  66. Christmas in the Air (Nov. 2019) Catherine Bell, Vancouver, B.C.
  67. Christmas in my Heart 📷 (2021) Filmed in Quebec.
  68. Christmas in Notting Hill ((2023) Filmed in England and Ireland. Lovely scenery.
  69. Christmas in Rome (2019) Dec. 2019, Hallmark.
  70. Christmas Incorporated (2015)
  71. Christmas Island (2023) Filmed in Goffs, Halifax, Hubbards, Lunenberg, Peggy's Cove, N.S.
  72. Christmas Miracle Filmed Queens Bay and Nelson, B.C. Nasser Group North, CA
  73. Christmas on Cherry Lane (2023) Filmed in Vancouver. 
  74. Christmas on Honeysuckle Lane (2018) Dec. 2019
  75. Christmas Festival of Ice 📷 (2017) Filmed in Almonte: Main St.
  76. Christmas Scavenger Hunt (2019) Nov. 3 Filmed in Mississippi Mills, Carleton Place.
  77. Christmas Sail (2021) Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica) Beautiful scenery: Gibsons, Wharf & Marina, B.C. 
  78. Christmas Tail
  79. Christmas Truce (2015) Nov. 2019, Ali Liebert, she is amazing. Saltspring Isl, UFVAC (Abbotsford), Langley, Maple Ridge, B.C.
  80. Christmas Under the Stars (2019) Nov. 2019
  81. Christmas Under Wraps (2014)
  82. Christmas Waltz (2020) Filmed in Vancouver, Abbotsford, B.C.
  83. Christmas With a Prince (2018) Filmed in Burlington, Barrie, Etobicoke, Midland, Toronto, Ontario.
  84. Coming Home for Christmas 📷 (2013) Filmed in Squamish, & Porteau Cove, B.C. Wonderful scenery.
  85. Coyote Creek Christmas (2021) British Columbia
  86. Crashing Through the Snow (2021) Filmed in Winnipeg and Calgary.
  87. Crown for Christmas (2015)
  88. Dashing in December (2020)
  89. Debbie Macomber's Christmas movies: 'Dashing Through the Snow' (2015) Filmed in Langley, Squamish, B.C. They are lots of fun.
  90. Double Holiday (2019) That was a fun one, incorporating Christmas and Hanukkah. Filmed in Ottawa!
  91. Eight Gifts of Hanukkah (2021) 📷Ocean West Film Catering, out of White Rock, B.C.! Abbotsford, B.C.
  92. Enchanted Christmas (2017)
  93. Engaging Father Christmas (2017) Filmed in B.C.
  94. Every Christmas Has a Story (2016) Lori Loughlin, Colin Ferguson. Filmed in #YVR; Vancouver; The Village Square, Fort Langley, B.C.
  95. Everything Christmas (2023) Filmed in Newfoundland.
  96. Finding Father Christmas 📷(2016) Filmed in B.C.
  97. Finding Christmas (2013) Loved the little toy robot!
  98. Fit For Christmas (2020) Features Amanda Kloots. Filmed in Abbotsford, Vancouver, B.C.
  99. Five More Minutes (2021) I wasn't convince by the trailer, but it wasn't a reincarnation thing! Filmed in B.C.
  100. Five Star Christmas (2020) It was a sweet one, with fun family dynamics. Filmed in Langley and Vancouver, B.C.
  101. For The Love of Grace (2008) Hallmark created an actual 95-page "For the Love of Grace: Gourmet Firehouse Cookbook". Filmed at Scarborough; 
  102. Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (St. Josephs Hospital, Copper Johns Bar, Staircase Cafe), Toronto, Ontario.
  103. Forever Christmas (2018) Nov. 2019, Vancouver, B.C.
  104. Friends & Family Christmas (2023) Filmed in Vancouver, B.C.
  105. Gingerbread Miracle (2021) Vancouver, B.C.
  106. Guess Who's Coming to Christmas (TV Movie 2013)
  107. Haul out the Holly (2022) A bit hokey. Couldn't finish it.
  108. Hearts of Christmas (2016) Emilie Ullerup (Arctic Air), Crystal LoweSpruce CollectiveAbbotsford, B.C.
  109. Heaven Down Here (2023) Filmed in Mission, B.C.
  110. Holiday Date (2019) A mix of Hanukkah and CHristmas. Vancouver, B.C.
  111. Holiday for Heroes (2019) 
  112. Holiday Spin: (2012)  filmed in Vancouver, Langley (B.C.)
  113. Holly & Ivy (2020) Filmed in Utah.
  114. Home For Christmas Day (2017) Catherine Bell, also producer. Filmed in Vancouver, B.C.
  115. Hope at Christmas (2018) Filmed in Richmond, B.C.
  116. I'm Glad Its Christmas (2022) Filmed in Sudbury.
  117. I'm Not Ready For Christmas (2015) Alicia Witt (Mr. Holland's Opus!)
  118. Inn Love By For Christmas (2020) Hamilton, Dundas, Ontario.
  119. Jingle Bell Bride (2020) Jingle Bell Fuschia. Vancouver.  
  120. Joy (2015) Fun story. Dec. 2019)
  121. Joyeux Noel (2023) Featuring Jaicy Elliot, also in Romance in Style. Filmed in France, 
  122. Just in Time For Christmas (2015) Lots of Canadians, also Christopher Lloyd, William Shatner. Filmed in Vancouver, New Westminster, Victoria, B.C.
  123. Karen Kingsbury: The Bridge (2016) Filmed in B. C.  A lovely Christmas story in two parts. Steve Bacic. 
  124. Laughing All the Way (2023) Mary Walsh. Filmed in Ontario.
  125. Love, Lights, Hanukkah (2020) Vancouver, B.C.
  126. Love You Like Christmas (2016) Unionville, Toronto, Ontario
  127. Magic Stocking (2015) Filmed in Pitt Meadows, etc., British Columbia.
  128. Maps and Mistletoe (2021) Filmed in Almonte in March, 2021, aired Dec. 18. 
  129. Merry Mystery Christmas (2023) Ontario.
  130. Merry Swissmas (2022) Supposedly Switzerland, but ville Sainte-Agathe-des-monts. 
  131. Merry Textmas (2022) Filmed in Oaxaca, Mexico.
  132. Miss Christmas (2017) Canadian
  133. Mingle All the Way (2018) Vancouver, B.C. Nov. 2019
  134. Miracle in Bethlehem (2023) Filmed in Winnipeg.
  135. Miracle in Motor City (2021) Smokey Robinson. 
  136. Mistletoe Magic (2019) Filmed in Port Perry, Whitby, Oshawa, Ontario.
  137. My Christmas Guide (2023) Filmed in St. John's, Newfoundland.
  138. My Norwegian Holiday (2023) Filmed in Bergen, Norway.
  139. Nantucket Noel (2021) Molly's Reach 
  140. Next Stop, Christmas (2021) A light, fun one with Christopher Lloyd.
  141. No Time Like Christmas (2019) Filmed in Vancouver.
  142. Noel Next Door (2022) Filmed in Ottawa, caterer: Biagio's.
  143. Nostalgic Christmas (2019) Nov. 2019
  144. Office Christmas Party (2016) Pretty puerile humour. Dec. 2019
  145. Open by Christmas (2012) Cute, filmed in Abbotsford, B.C.
  146. On the Twelfth Date of Christmas (2020) Gay couple,  Winnipeg, Manitoba. 
  147. Once Upon a Christmas (2018) Filmed in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
  148. One December Night (2021) Music, NY.
  149. Once Upon Upon A Christmas Miracle 📷(2018) Filmed in Winnipeg.
  150. One Fine Christmas (2019) Lovely stories about diverse families at Christmas! Dec. 2019
  151. Operation Christmas (2016) Fun!  <= filming location.
  152. Our Christmas Mural (2023) Filmed in Quebec.
  153. Our Italian Christmas (2022) Filmed in Vancouver.
  154. Poinsettias for Christmas (2018) Filmed in Vancouver.
  155. Project Christmas Wish  📷(2020) Filmed in Carman, Manitoba.
  156. Radio Christmas (2019) Keshia Knight Pulliam; Winnipeg & Stonewall, Manitoba.
  157. Reba McEntire's Christmas in Tune (2021)
  158. Record Breaking Christmas (2022) Filmed in Ottawa, Ontario.
  159. Rent-an-Elf 📷(2018) Filmed in Skypark Santa's Village, California, USA. Lovely diverse cast.
  160. Return to Christmas Creek (2018)
  161. Road to Christmas (2018) Filmed in Maple Ridge, B.C.
  162. Santa's Got Style (2022) Filmed in Barrie, Egbert, and Thornton, Ontario.
  163. Saving Christmas Spirit (2022) Scotland. Delightful scenery.
  164. Sealed with a List (2023) Filmed in New Westminster, B.C.
  165. Sense, Sensibility & Snowmen (2019) Filmed in Vancouver.
  166. Snowed in Christmas 📷(2017) Filmed in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
  167. Sugar Plum Twist (2021) 
  168. The Baker's Son (2021) Filmed in Windward, Vancouver Island. Great sights!
  169. The Christmas Aunt (2020) Maple Ridge B.C.
  170. The Christmas Ball (2020) Filmed in Serbia, ballet dancing! Beautiful.
  171. The Christmas Bow (2020) USA
  172. The Christmas Calendar (2017) Victoria, Langford, B.C.
  173. The Christmas Contest (2021) Filmed in Burnaby and Vancouver, B.C.
  174. The Christmas Club (2019) Dec. 2019 Filmed in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
  175. The Christmas Edition (2020) Huntsville, Utah.
  176. The Christmas Heart (2012) About a heart donation/transplant. Filmed in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
  177. The Christmas House (2020) Filmed in Vancouver, Sydney and Victoria, B.C.
  178. The Christmas Note (2015)
  179. The Christmas Promise 📷(2021)  (Nicole's house)
  180. The Christmas Ring (2020) Ladner, B.C. Tastebuds Mobile Catering
  181. The Christmas Secret Filmed: Spruce Collective, Abbotsford, and Vancouver, B.C. 
  182. The Christmas Setup 📷(2020) Filmed at the Smiths Falls Train Museum. (Also, Almonte, Arnprior and Smiths Falls) 
  183. The Christmas Train (2017) Filmed in Vancouver, B.C. (Nov. 2019)
  184. The Christmas Shepherd (2014) Filmed in Abbotsford.
  185. The Flight Before Christmas (2015) Mayim Bialik.
  186. The Holiday Stocking (2022) USA
  187. The Mistletoe Inn (2017) Filmed in Maple Ridge, B.C.
  188. The Most Colourful Time of the Year (2022) Filmed in Ottawa. I wish the science was better in the script.
  189. The Most Wonderful Time of The Year (2008) Fort Langley, Burnaby, Richmond, Vancouver, B.C.
  190. The National Tree (2009) Filmed in Hamilton, On.
  191. The Nine Kittens of Christmas (2021) Montrose Ave, Abbotsford; Langley Firehall, B.C. 
  192. The Nine Lives of Christmas (2014) Fort Langley, Langley Township, B.C. Nov. 11, 2019
  193. The Plan For Christmas (2019) Nov. 2
  194. The Road to Christmas (2006) Filmed in Toronto, Hamilton, Ontario. Westjet sign at airport!
  195. The Rooftop Christmas Tree 📷(2016) Filmed in Almonte, Carleton Place
  196.  The Royal Nanny (2022) Filmed in Belgium: Belgium/Canada production.
  197. The Sweetest Christmas (2017) Vancouver. Nov. 2019
  198. Time for Her to Come Home For Christmas (2023) Directed by Ali Liebert. Vancouver, B.C.
  199. Time for Him to Come Home For Christmas (2022) Vancouver, B.C.
  200. Time for Them to Come Home For Christmas (2021) Filmed in Pitt Meadows,  and Maple Ridge, B.C.
  201. Twinkle All the Way (2019) Filmed in Toronto, Canada.
  202. Two Turtle Doves (2019) Winnipeg, Manitoba.
  203. Undercover Holiday (2022) Filmed in Hamilton and Brantford, Ontario.
  204. Under the Christmas Sky (2023) Filmed in Winnipeg, and Utah Planetarium. Female astronaut.
  205. Unlocking Christmas (2020) Filmed in Ottawa and L.G. & Sons, Almonte.
  206. We Need a Little Christmas (2022) Filmed in Kelowna.
  207. We Wish You a Married Christmas (2022) Very cute. Filmed in Carman, Manitoba.
  208. Where Are You, Christmas (2023) Filmed in USA.
  209. Write Before Christmas (2019) It was a lovely change for a RomCom, with a series of events that lead to others. Filmed in Vancouver, B.C.

There are a lot of them. 

18 Christmas movies filmed in Ontario to curl up to this holiday season


Anonymous said...

Would you happen to know the location of the house in the Lifetime movie "Wish Upon A Christmas"?

Jenn Jilks said...

I do not!

Unknown said...

Bonjour Jenn !

Bravo pour ta liste de film !

Je suis aussi maniaque que toi
pour trouver les lieux de tournage de film.

Pour ma part , je fige l'image et
j'essaie de trouver la rue exacte ,
et la maison exacte dans le film .

Quelque fois , c'est assez long ,
d'autre fois non , mais la joie de trouver est sublime !

Souvent , comme tu sais , le lieu de tournage
( inscrit su IMDb ) n'indique que l'état ( des états Unis )
alors je peux chercher longtemps . Mais j'y arrive !
Juste pour te montrer mon" fun" ;
dernière trouvaille sur internet :
Dans " La talentueuse mademoiselle Cooper " ,
un téléfilm tourné à Westgate Resort, à Parc City en Ohio,
on y voyait un château. J'ai trouvé le château en Suède !
C'était le le Château de Drottningholm,
la résidence de la famille Royale en Suède !
Bien entendu , dans l'IMDb , on ne trouvait pas cela ,
et encore moins dans le générique de la fin du film !
Donc , si tu veux partager avec moi , ta passion ,
je suis là ! À plus et Bonne chance !