Tuesday 31 December 2019

Annabelle, the vet, and the ice storm,

Yes, Annabelle's annual checkup. It was following 15 mm rainfall overnight. I was prepared to come back if the roads were horrid. They were only awful.

I brought her home and told JB that she'd gained less weight than I'd thought, only about a half pound over the past year, despite stealing the rich kitten food. She's 12.6 lbs. She is more playful, and more active. See how the rain clung to the top and sides of the feeders. The pebbly ice pellets were OK to walk on. This morning it is covered in snow, though.

As I watched the HydroOne website, the power outages increased over the day as people woke up and reported them. They peaked at 30,663, then they slowly got people back up onto the grid. Today, they were down to 5270.

I took a walk on Monday afternoon. The poor white pines are touching the ground with the ice accretion.

Overnight, it was colder and snowed all over the ice. It's melting off some of the warmer trees, as if it was still raining. I'm afraid to look, almost. We've lost so many great branches from these trees with years of ice storms.

Monday 30 December 2019

Trailcam tails and hooligans

Last week, Caitlin, Josee and I went down to the trailcams, Caitlin wanted wetland walkies. We found an owl pellet! And mute, the white stuff. 

I found another pellet the next day and looked at it. Obviously, the owl had been getting the meadow voles that Annabelle keeps finding. She left this one on the sidewalk. I think the raccoons ate it that night. The vole teeth are quite distinct.

They like their selfies!

Down the hill, beyond the meadow, we put out the turkey carcass. I left the box, as the coyotes like to play, and I wasn't sure what else to do with it. It was a juicy turkey!

Off I went, Dec. 27th, to check the trailcams. Hooligans! I love them!

It was our ubiquitous raccoons who scored. It was drama as they dragged pieces of the carcass around.

I hope you've flipped through the raccoons, I know hubby likes their antics. Next up, the red fox, surprised by the trailcam.

Then, to my surprise, the barred owl. Remember the owl pellet and mute (the white stuff). I was amazed. There were a couple more photos, but they were blurred. I'd put both trailcams on the spot to catch the action.

The next day, all 4 of our rescue raccoons, the fox, again, and a coyote.

I moved the 2nd trailcam back to the pumpkins. Everyone quite likes them.

NEXT DAY, a fisher.