Sunday 31 May 2020

More COVID–19 Era shopping

Remember our old BBQ? It's gone to a recycle store. That's the short story. It's pretty complicated. 


JB found us a new one. He visited several stores.  They had one the size we wanted at Home Hardware, but no one to deliver it. He went to Crappy Tire, and found a bigger one, bought it and paid $35 for them to assemble it. They gave us a business card of someone who delivers. Easy peasy!

 It wasn't assembled. The day before, JB spent 20 min. on the phone on hold, as someone was looking to see if said BBQ was assembled. I told him to hang up. He tried again later. They said he'd get the floor model.

We hired a company to pick it up ($65) and take the old one away ($35). The two men went to the store and they couldn't find it. After some discussion, they gave our delivery men the floor model. They took the old one to a BBQ recycle. It's a biggie, with four burners and a side burner. That's for power outages and making coffee.

As the men did their work, one bonked his head on the hummingbird feeder. I should have moved it. It's the one I forgot to put water into the ant moat. 

Later, I thought I'd make some more feed. Picking it up in the sink I dropped it. I admit I swore.

JB assertively said he'd go in an fetch me another. That was a trip and a half. I found the product online, they said they had them in stock. Our mistake was in not writing down the product number. It says 'aisle 67' but it wasn't obvious. He got help from one staff member. They went to the computer. They found the aisle. No joy. The woman in charge of the section was called. She disappeared somewhere, and found them.  

In the meantime, the horse chestnut tree is blossoming. The bumble bees bumble about, weaving in and out of the flowers.

I'm sad about our catalpa tree. The first one is showing leaves. The other doesn't have any leaves. It's dead as a door nail. I planted some wild grape vine at the bottom of it. Maybe that will bear fruit.


And, a happy little gray tree frog spent the day on the railing. He even called!

They are singing for love, as many critters are doing.
I really enjoy the tree frogs. This is an old video from when we first moved into the house.

Saturday 30 May 2020

Happy birthday and anniversary!

My middle offspring, Jesse, and his wife share the same birthday, out west in Vancouver. (Jess turned 37.) Not only that, but they were married on their shared birthday, May 19, 2014!

I wired some money for them for fun. (Not that there is anywhere to spend it!) I also sent a couple of Hope flags on sticks for the girls. They came from The Flag Shop.

Caitlin and JL celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary.  May 28, 2005.

I sent flowers! It worked better than last time, since our stores are open.


Here is mine!

OK, back to the mundane... the wetland is growing up and through the dock. I need some muskrats.

JB went out to fetch me breakfast after his walk. It's enough for two days! An omelette with all the fixin's. What a treat. We're a bit stressed and anxious with the new reality.

It set me up for the day, and I cleaned the shed, and then the garage. Gathered stuff for the dump. Apparently, those trips have increased quite a bit, as people are taking time at home. 
I gave myself a blister, which woke me up at 3 a.m., it's not easy!

Our anticipated rainfall didn't really materialize. It's disappointing. 

Friday 29 May 2020

Hummingbird feeders, bluebird box

I daresay I need to refill the hummingbird feeder! Danged ants. You put soapy water in the cup up top to prevent them getting in. I neglected to do that!

My bluebird box has anything BUT birds! Two fireflies, a caterpillar, a spider...


We had to go for lawn tractor gas. I imagine there have been gas thefts... The signage is a sad signal.
JB cannot lift the gas can, so I have to go. I can't drive, with my eyes... We're a pair!

JB's been doing twice daily walkies. As have I! 


Nutmeg... sigh. I made her drop it. It scurried up a tree. 

Cinnamon snagged a mouse.

Thanks to those posting floral photos, I remembered to check Maggie Magnolia. 

My primrose just wilted in the heat! So did we!

Phlox is fine.

Last look at the daffodils! They are gone. 

I'll end on a happy note. We've had a heat wave. Cinman loved lying in the cool dirt. He actually rang the bell, but not on camera!

Thursday 28 May 2020

Gardening in a time of COVID–19

This is part three of our Monday! I've had nothing on the trailcams. The phoebes ought to hatch in a week, perhaps June 4. The wood duck eggs should be mid-June. The robins are still shuffling nesting materials, and haven't gotten down to it yet! 

I decided it was time to find some flowers. The containers look pretty sad, even with the milkweed plants in front of them.

Bob V covered up the empty planter with his hat.

Town was pretty quiet on a Monday morn. We had a plan.

Signage in front of the hospital, boosting essential workers.

The flowering trees are amazing. I caught a man taking a photo of this one. I took it through the front windshield, and held my breath.  

It was pretty sad. The first store didn't have any petunias. It was only about 1/5 of usual stock. The 2nd outlet had very little stock, as well. It was discouraging. Staff were vigilant, wiping down carts. I saw one guy take one cart, wearing a mask, then changed his mind and took another cart. Hereby potentially infecting both carts. 

 We ended up going to Canadian Tire. They had more stock. Also, long line-ups for COVID–19 protocols. There weren't too many people, quite a few wearing masks. They regulated the number of people allowed in both the store and the outdoor gardening section, keeping the two separate. 

Quite a few were wearing masks, but standing too close. It was bizarre. It's as if it gives them more confidence to get closer. I felt safer in the outdoors.

Sadly, the flower on the upper right has kicked the bucket. I'll move a petunia in that spot, I guess.

There! That feels better! Except for the mosquito and black fly bites. They are horrid. The black flies got me on the back of the ankle. I sprayed my legs before I began, and put baby oil on my arms. That was followed up by a shower.

The lilacs are beautiful everywhere. 

The fish are doing well. I have 6 left. They've not been good at reproducing. I had 2 or 3 dozen babies a couple of years ago, but they didn't last indoors.