Wednesday 30 September 2009

Mistakes were made - but not by me

This is the title of a book*. I quoted it in my book! People tend to deny Frame it the truth, especially if it impacts on them and their perception of reality. We all know that we frame our experiences, not necessarily in their true colours.

I look at my life, and realize how my experiences have shaped me, and my perceptions: being adopted, divorced, and remarrying. And working in both large and small communities, with families in a wide range of socioeconomic situations, students with all sorts of abilities and disabilities. But, finally, dealing with families in crisis, I learned so much about people and humanity.

As a class room teacher I made mistakes. In front of my students I would use the phrase, 'I stand corrected', and we would move on. When I think of the young people who are front line workers in society, I understand how they do the best of their abilities in their jobs. But sometimes, the impact on families is huge.

I think of the B.C. tasering death, the 2007 death of Robert Dziekanski, is a prime example. This situaiton is much more complex, however, since cover ups ensued.

For example: Canada blocking Taser investigation: Poland, and the enquiry demonstrates that the powers-that-be, as well as the officers involved, cannot simply stand up, admit their mistakes, suffer the consequences and pay the price.

In a recent situation. In a small town, Cornwall, Ontario, (South-east of Ottawa), a man dies of natural causes in a boarding house, and none of the family are notified. The Coroner's Act outlines the protocol, family members must be contacted. Does it not make sense?

Doug Thompson, 61, had been buried by the time his family heard

28 Sep 2009 ... Doug Thompson, 61, had been buried by the time his family heard he had died, said Det. Andrew Thompson,

What a shame. Some did not check his wallet, which contained contact information for his son, an Ottawa police officer, or the officer's aunt and uncle who lived in Cornwall, and whose names and numbers were in Mr. Thompson's wallet. His cell phone also had these numbers in its memory. It's not as if any nimrod couldn't figure out that if Mr. Doug Thompson's phone contained the phone number of Mr. Andrew Thomson wasn't a relative. I did this with a phone I found in the school yard once.

The family wants to know,
  • Who is at fault
  • How did no one in the chain catch the error (i.e., the agencies who let the family down: the Coroner's Office, the Cornwall police, the hospital, the funeral home, the social agency that took possession of his body and buried him)
  • How and why these agencies could release a body without paperwork showing they had a right to take it away. (I know, I've been through that with my mother's body, long story; read the book!)
  • How the error will be corrected.
That is all. There isn't a complicated process. Someone has to take responsibility. That is all we ask as human beings. It is healing and heartening for all, as the family can find their peace, and forgiveness as the situation if corrected. I simply hope everyone involved does the right thing.

Mistakes Were Made But Not by Me : Why We Justify Foolish Beliefs ...

Mistakes Were Made But Not by Me : Why We Justify Foolish Beliefs, Bad Decisions
, and Hurtful Acts: Carol Tavris, Elliot Aronson: Books.

Tuesday 29 September 2009

Autumnal glory - flashback

On a dreary day (Sunday) we decided to go for a drive to a fair & horse show.

Remember THESE colours in 2008? Go Greens! (My son-in-law is running in Nepean-Carleton against Poilevre!)

Lots of clouds and scattered showers. This shot, from 2008, shows off the leaves much better with the contrasting clouds and sky.

On cloudy days, the shots are not nearly so brilliant.

The sumac is just about done with its showy dress-up clothing.
Here I am, 2008, on our balcony. This tree is skipping the yellow this year, and going straight to red! More shots to do later!

Remember Hurricane Hanna in September, 2008?

Monday 28 September 2009

Duck, duck, goose!

At home, Brian reads, while the geese feed. Yes, they are still here, munching away on my clover. GLorious September!

Brian sits reading, on a lovely afternoon. Still, the geese visit. I went down to sit with him. Unfortunately, Oliver came down with me. He ran towards the geese and scared them off. They are 3 times his size!

So glad the geese are still here. The water hyacinth, which they decimated in June, have now died. The temperatures are just too cool. They will leave us soon.

We were taking a drive...on our way into town for my book signing.

What could cause a traffic jam on highway #169?

A snapping turtle crossing the road! Nothing like my big snapping turtle from July!

Don't self-publish... it only costs you money! The ad, selling it from your car, tearing around trying to flog it.

After my big book signing, we decided to go the the Bala Bay for dinner. Right now they are open W/Th/ and on the w/e.

Soon, they, too will be closed. There were a lot of people all dressed up. It was rather fun!

Lo and behold, it was over run with wedding guests! I had dressed up and wait staff thought we were wedding guests, too. It was a bit noisy, we were quite fatigued, and we pretty much ate and ran leaving the young people to their party!

Sunday 27 September 2009

Coldwater Horse Show Videos

Horse show in Coldwater - videos to prove it!

If you would like to purchase any of these photos, please contact me. Otherwise,

This work is © Jennifer Jilks.

Horse competition: Hunter Under Saddle - Adult

Horses- Command Class #2

Fair Photos - #3

Horse Show Photo Video #4

Coldwater Horse Show

Lots of set up.

Many volunteers.
Many stands.

What a fun day.

A face only a mother could love!

Coldwater Horse Show

What a great event, the Fall fair.
I have written elsewhere, that participating in a sport is a great way to keep fit.

For young and old, you need not be able to run a marathon. But these young people learn to respect their horses, their coaches, and learn discipline. There are many places where they do volunteer work to help the disabled learn to ride. You are so mobile on a horse!

Learning to dress well, grooming the horse, practice, practice, practice!

It is not an inexpensive sport, but then hockey isn't, either.

Fall fairs are a great way to celebrate the end of the season, look at the fruit, flowers and veggies, and so we headed off to the show.

Young and old have a grand time.

We travelled to Coldwater to watch my cousin, Darlene, in this show. It was so much fun.

We met Faye & Mike, who also competed at the horse show, at the Bracebridge Fair.
Darlene earned two 4th places in the show.

Mike, placed a first.

I love the photo below, as both horse and rider looked in one direction at the same time!

But the most priceless, was the sticker on the trailer!

Autumn feasts

This is the time of year for 10-grain hot cereal

and dried fruit for energy.

as well as fall fairs. On this dreary day we are off to another fair.

Saturday 26 September 2009

Liberal ad

I am not hoping for an election.

But sometimes you just have to laugh.
Go, Rick Mercer!

Banned books

Sept. 26 -  Oct. 3, 2009

While the fundamentalist right are quite different in the US, I have been the victim of a parent's group in Ottawa who did not like me teaching kids to meditate. They forbade me teaching a book that was fantasy.
It was 1991, and have things ever changed!

Support the First Amendment, Read a Banned Book

Visit The First Amendment, for more information.

There goes the neighbourhood!

Muskoka will be welcoming more countries than expected this June. Prime Minister Stephen Harper officially announced this morning that Canada and South Korea will be co-hosting a G20 Summit in Muskoka... The federal government has invested some $30 million in infrastructure in Huntsville.

Already, townsfolk and tourists alike are battening down the hatches. What will happen to those who must go in and out of the area? We are going to have more visitors on land, sea, and in the air, while those trying to do their business are going to be left out in the check points, trying to get into town. The Privy Council Office has been merrily planning their way through this.

UPDATE: Bonnie asked a good question: I thought it worth answering here!
Well, Bonnie! Agencies and businesses are meeting with the G8 team to determine an understanding of what they need, and determine the protocols. Medical staff, Family health practitioners, EMS crews, those who work in homes, VON, visiting caregivers, hospice volunteers, -- all will be affected.

Those who live near to Deerhurst (found at the northerly end of Huntsville, pop. 18,5000, see this terrific video that outlines the geography: YouTube - Huntsville G8 2010 Canada Pre-tour! - Map at end...)

Private citizens are busily making vacation plans, while renting out their homes/cottages, others just plan to be out of town, while hiring a security firm to watch their place!Huntsville residents have their own site:
Deerhurst, where the event is coming down (rooms @ $650/night) , is at the north end of town, but these single (at most double) point entry, with winding roads, mean that families are going to have to go through a check point to go to their cottages. There will be an effect on roads, for hospitals, jails, and so on. The OPP is one of the most visible groups.
To give you an idea: here are photos from CranFest, 2008!

File Format:
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"Central Region, Huntsville OPP Detachment and various OPP provincial support programs are actively involved in major event planning for the upcoming 2010 G8"

You can see them in various locales in Muskoka, and you never know when you will be affected by their actions. In March, 2009, we were stopped on the highway for no apparent purpose, with a plane overhead, and several OPP crews zipping by, stopping traffic for about 5 minutes.

A Globe Article suggests:
  • fighter planes
  • heads of state arriving by boat
  • boat rentals (normally $300/day) will be limited
  • renting luxurious $2 million homes for $25,000
  • protesters, and possible violence
  • infrastructure must handle the 5,000 journalists
  • several thousand protesters
  • tens of thousands of political and security aides are standard G8 baggage




...Photo: The 2010 G8 Summit will be held June 25 to 27, bringing together leaders from Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Friday 25 September 2009

Skywatch Friday 4.11

Update: These are photos from 10/10/2008. Two weeks later than in the year than this post. Time for a confession! But do hurry and visit, as the colours are progressing nicely!

It was a long canoe ride.
It is difficult to watch the sky, while the trees wear their Autumn finery!

Around every bend in the road is another painting.

Rain to come next week, and cooler temperatures. Enjoy every day.

Clear blue skies, reflected on a calm, clear lake, with the odd cotton puff ball clouds. Even a drive to town is a glorious trip, punctuated by clouds. I imagine the angels floating by, revelling in their cream cheese, as they keep watch on us below.

This photo will appear in the Fall Cavalcade of Colour brochure. Stay tuned.

For more skywatch posts.skywatch

Underwear as outer wear

Is it just me?

Underwear as outer wear. Nipples and butt cheeks as evident as smiles. Some hunched over in that style of 'I don't care' about you. Nobby knees, with with models you're afraid might break an ankle just walking down the aisle. In 2007, a number of size zero models died of starvation, prompting the creation of the Model Health Inquiry.

Most of us are not anorexic. It would be so nice to see these fashions of real-sized women. Otherwise, how do I know what might look good on me? My life changes have had a profound effect on me, as many women. Hormones, 3 kids, aging, wrinkles, and gray hair. What can I say?

With the wonderful dove commercial,
1 min 14 sec - 15 Oct 2006 -

Rated 4.8 out of 5.0

Reginald Pike's Yael Staav takes us from model to billboard in under 60 seconds

and shows (and hosts like Gok Wan), 'How to Look Good Naked', and the positive messages of Stacy & Clinton on 'What Not to Wear', we have to realize we much dress for now, not the ideal size we want to be. I am going to my closet to clean out the things I hope to grow back into! Time to declutter!

I am much impressed with the new Mark Fast Spring/Summer show. He has a totally outraged the establishment by including models who have my kinds of curves (About 1:10 min. in: video embedded below)! Not all of them, of course. Now, he still has the nobby knees, but and one, about 2 min. in who looks like she might fall of off her shoes, but he has put some real women on the runway.

Mark Fast's plus-size controversy | My Fashion Life

23 Sep 2009 ... Mark Fast has sparked huge controversy after using plus-size models in his S/S10 collection at London Fashion Week

Scuttlebut has it that some of his staffers quit over his choice.

Staffers resign over designer Mark Fast's decision to use plus ...‎ -

2 days ago
BY Amy Eisinger Mark Fast used heavier models to walk the runway in his designs during London Fashion Week. The decision to use plus-sized models during

Unfortunately, there is nothing there I could wear, say, shopping, or to a book signing event, and do not have anywhere to wear my inner wear as outer wear, but it is a move in the right direction.

I much prefer clothes that smooth my curves, and leave a little to the imagination. I have some wonderful friends who are still in the single-digit sizing category, but I am not. I do not advocate for obesity. I do advocate for those

Some of these are amusing. What can I say?

Model falls in hole on runway at Shadang Fashion Show

48 sec - 17 Oct 2007 -

Rated 4.4 out of 5.0

Shaolin monk does a front flip and breaks a hole in the runway at Shadang fashion show by designer Rafi Anteby.

YouTube - Catwalk Model fall (twice)

14 sec - 4 Oct 2006 -

Rated 4.8 out of 5.0

News reader cannot stop laughing at model falli... 7203606 views. SallyDaSizzle · Model falls in hole on runway at Shadang Fashion Show