Tuesday 31 July 2018

Winery in Westport: daycation Part 4

This is a daycation saga!

On the way home from Napanee, we popped into Scheuermann Winery, located in Westport. It was just a whim. Hubby had oysters, he was happy as a clam! I did a wine tasting. It isn't cheap: $58.00 for; a bottle of wine (pinot noir $35), 4 oysters (4 x 3 = $12), 3 wine tastings ($5), a root beer. But we are worth it, hubby tells me! The oysters were fabulous. It was very busy, they also offer pizza, as well as other food: wood fire grilled meals.
Westport has a number of cottagers from the US, there were several US licence plates.

Monday 30 July 2018

Lunch in Napanee: Waterfront Restaurant, Part 2

First was our Trip to Napanee, Part 1 In Napanee, the heron and turtles (Napanee – the river, Part 3). Next, this post, lunch! This is one of our favourite spots.

The parking lot was FULL. Poor JB. I sat beside the water and waited for a table. He had to park across the street!

The servers are fast, efficient, polite, and they remember every detail.

I could have sat under the tent behind me, waiting in comfort for a table, but there were women gossiping and/or sharing health reports of family members! I chose to sit in the sun, beside these fountains.

My friend, Susan Oling, does amazing photos of waterfalls. I just played around with the settings for these fountains. Problem is, you need to write down the details, or practice them several times. I just had fun. There was a 9 oz. glass of wine beside me, too!

We regrouped, once our table was ready.

You've heard of 'manspreading?' That's where a man sits on the subway of bus, spreading out his knees, giving little space to those around him. I got up to go to the loo, and accidentally knocked this guy's arm as he was turned in his chair, spreading out and arm draped on the back of his chair, to take up space. sigh.

By the time we left, there was more parking. This guy, in the manly 4 x 4 with a vanity plate, had to park his delicate truck in the shade in the lane that leads to the boat ramp, while the rest of us tough chumps parked our cars in the sunshine!

On our way home, we popped into a winery. That's coming up!

Sunday 29 July 2018

Trip to Napanee, Part 1

No, the first photo isn't Napanee!

The kids are having quite the time in Rhotia Valley Tented Lodge, in Tanzania. They are there a week. They have access to regular wifi now. That is a relief for me!

It was down to 10 C. overnight over there, and the pool is quite chilly. Other than that, they seem to be having fun, according to their commentaries and photos!
Rhotia Valley Tented Lodge, in Tanzania

We decided to take off for the day, Friday. Sunny, not too hot. Another adventure. We've haven't been on the road for a month. I've conquered my bronchitis, thankfully.

Off to Napanee for lunch. One of our favourites, on the water, The Waterfront Pub. Yesterday, I showed the birds and turtles we saw after lunch. [Napanee – the river, Part 3]

The roads were busy for a Friday morning! People out golfing. It was a lovely morning, not too hot.

This is a lovely arrangement of wood, with an amazing red door. I'm not quite sure what its purpose is.

More scenery.

And signage.

Everyone is taking off hay!

Sunflowers galore!

It's been so hot and dry. Burn bans prevail.

I love murals!

Ta da!

By the time we drove home, there were clouds in the distance. We were hoping for rain at home. Sadly, there was none there.

Into Westport on the way back.

Next, lunch, then, the winery on the way home. Stay tuned!