Sunday, 31 October 2021

Friday adventures

Well, 'adventures' is a bit of an exaggeration. Friday I noticed that someone helped themselves to a baby pumpkin! I would suspect a squirrel, as they ate all the seeds.

New header! It's the last of the leaves, though.

The yard is a lot less green!

The wetland is filling nicely. 

Back up at the house, they are back. With itchies!

I had a chat with him. He wasn't too scared.

Now you may laugh. Others have their Hallowe'en lights on. I put on the Christmas ones.

JB went walkies between rain showers. Notice that most of the leaves are down! Snow tires are on the car, so, WINTER bring it on!

Saturday, 30 October 2021

Trailcam Critters: buck, coyote, bear

 Firstly, out the front window... The grounds crew were here. They are munching on weeds, grass, and dead branches, filling their bellies for the long winter ahead. We don't see them as much in the summer, other than on the trailcams, where they are frequent fliers. It was 3 C. in the morning.

I believe this is a pair of twins, the one in the foreground has little antler buds. Can you see the one on the left? It's behind the Christmas tree. 

10/18/21 The buck was munching on plants at trailcam #3.


 Trailcam #2 is supposed to be checking out who is living in this little den. Mostly, I'm finding bigger critters!


Trailcam #2 – I'm glad I put this trailcam here. Bear did a selfie. I haven't seen a bear since Aug. 15th.  

Now, sometimes my brain defeats me at my purpose. I was down at the trailcams, exchanging the SD cards. Normally, I put the new cards in my right pockets, and carefully put the ones harvested into my left pocket. I must have had a brain f@rt. When I went back to them, I realized that the video above wasn't all I had captured of the bears. I put together several clips, from trailcan #3.

 You can hear them snuffling the camera. The last one knocked the camera askew. I should have thought about it at the time! I captured them coming and going.


 We had a Momma bear with triplets in August (see below), but they were smaller, so it has to be a different Momma.

Thanks, Eileen for hosting: Saturday's Critters # 411.

Friday, 29 October 2021

Fall chores

I kept track last year, too [Fall chores, 2020]. Here we go!

  • Shut down fountain
  • Goldfish inside into the fish tank (Oct. 14th)
  • Frogs down to the frog pond (Oct. 14/15)
  • Drain hoses
  • Cover fountain
  • Bird feeder tree up
  • Prepare Christmas lights
  • Clean up the back deck (Oct. 23)
  • Heater in bird bath(Oct. 23)
  • Ditch diving before the snow falls. (Oct. 24)
  • Shut down the pond pump <= this is difficult as I've drained the hoses. sigh. (Oct. 29)
  • Check the eavestrough for leaves (Oct. 31)
  • Straighten the chimney cover (Nov. 2)
  • Empty water barrels (1 of 2 are done; #2 done Nov. 3)
  • Remove vines on deck, wash rails, glass (Nov. 7)
  • Haul wood from the shed
  • Bring battery in from lawn tractor 
  • Put the snow blower in the garage
  • Burlap on rhododendrons
  • Rake/sweep middle deck
  • Clean up gardens, put away fragile decor
  • Mulch leaves, again!

 I redid the driveway with the lawn tractor. The leaves are falling like mad. They are nearly done.

More chores... I spray painted the flowers and drained the water fountain. It is wrapped up in a tarp now. The freeze/thaw could damage it.

Faery lights put away for winter.

First frost Oct. 23  and I put the heater in. By the time I returned from the forest, it was melting.

I usually pop the white outdoor Christmas tree on the top of the overturned barrel. The bottom has rotted out of it. I think I figured out a stand for it. Now, all I need is my helpers to put it together! They are happily back at school, though.

Of course, I'll be mulching leaves awhile longer!

Ditch diving resulted in a half bag of beer cans, face masks, plastic bottles...

The chimney cover is a bit tilted. I'll do that when I do the eavestrough.

The deck is cleared, ready for snow!

A dirty bird pooped on the window. I went outside with a spray bottle of water, but it did nothing. I ended up removing the screen, and opening the window as wide as possible, and slid my arm behind to clean off the spot.

I decided to go put my feet up and watch a movie, but sadly they are starting Christmas movies! NNNnnnnoooooo!

At midnight, Chad Coyote had a treat, prosciutto which JB didn't like. Chad left his mark, as well. 


 Chad begins up at the house, crossing the property at trailcam #1, travelling 250m past trailcams #2 and #3.



Thursday, 28 October 2021

A drive on a sunny day!

After our rains over the beginning of the week, JB suggested a drive in the sunshine, just to get out of the house. Off we went to Old Kingston Rd.

This is my favourite drive-by shooting. Topiary! This is a gift. 

I spontaneously suggested we hang a right on #38, and we ended up at Mill Pond Conservation Area. We've been before: Mill Pond Conservation Area, Oct. 26th, 2020, coincidentally. We were there Wed., Oct. 27th. It's a tough hike, the full one. We just did a short one down to the canoe launch. 

We met a lot of dog walkers. Some were on a leash, some not. One barrelled up to us on at the water's edge, no owner in sight. Its owner had dropped its leash, and was yapping away at us. I yelled at it in frustration, and the owner yelled, reassured me it wouldn't hurt me. Jeez Louise. I must admit, it's been a tough few weeks for several reasons, and I just needed peace and quiet. 

We met four people with dogs, and I understand it is a great place for them. I just didn't need the stress.

We hopped back in the car. Well, we rehydrated first, some smart man had brought water, and huffing and puffing were happy to sit! We hung a right onto another boat launch, Portland Class 1 Viewing Trail.

There were lots of waterfowl! I didn't bring the tripod, and you'll just have to trust me, but there were geese, buffleheads, mergansers, and the sights and sounds were lovely.

There are still patches of colour!

Next place was Narrows Lock. They are busy shutting the locks down for winter. There were only a couple of birds, the water being a bit rough here.

On Wildlife Road I spotted two neighbours both out doing their lawns at the same time. One was on a green John Deere, the other on a red lawn tractor. We giggled.

Then, two cyclists, the first in green, the second in red! What a hoot!

It was a lovely drive. I did a bit of stretching, as the hill at the Mill Pond Area is somewhat steep. It was good to get out in the sunshine. Autumn chores are coming along. I've a long list, like last year! I have to pace myself.