Thursday 31 December 2020

The coyote tale!

 Coyote Dec 27 

I put the turkey carcass in the box. My photographer acquaintance did this one year. I wasn't going to make soup, what the heck. The last time I did this, the barred owl went after it! [Trailcam tails and hooligans]

Coyote arrived at 3:52 and didn't leave until 4:16.  I think. I know we have three coyotes, but they won't wear name tags. He came, he pooped (again!), saw a box... He was very cautious. It's hilarious.

Butch Dec 27 
Butch won, however. He grabbed the carcass and took it out of the box, 5:30 in the morning!

Coyote Dec 27 7:50 Coyote came back at 7:50, and ate his fill. I'm sure he didn't thank Butch for dumping the box!

Coyote Dec 27 8 a.m.  

By 8:00 the sun was coming up, and he was back!

Coyote and the box  
The next day, I put the last of the bones out. He snatched the box!

Wednesday 30 December 2020

My birthday!

We live in trying times.  That said, that was the best birthday. 

First, though, our Christmas was in front of a roaring (fake) fire!

We did some outdoor play.

I gifted JB with a sheep skin from Topsy Farms. My theory was that we could lure Nutmeg back to sitting on JB's lap with this. It works for a few minutes. We are pursuing it.
Felix puppet reading over her shoulder!

After dinner, there were gifts and cake! JB found some fancy glittery candles!

Tuesday 29 December 2020

Movie Review: The Christmas Setup

 Yes, I know it's a RomCom. One of those Christmas movies many despise. This one is remarkable. It's the first Lifetime movie featuring a gay couple. It is delightful. Of course it is well beyond time. They have also produced one with a lead character in a wheelchair. In these trying times, it is progress. 

Ben Lewis, Blake Lee and Fran Drescher are the headliners. Ben Lewis and Blake Lee are married in real life. I've seen interviews with Ben (red sweater) and he is a sweetie! It is light-hearted, inclusive, and fun.

Back in the day, Drescher had to fight to make her The Nanny character Jewish. Thankfully, times are changing. Slowly, but they are changing. She can be in a Christmas movie as a loving Momma. It was fun and funny.

The other important character, a supporting role, is played by Canadian Ellen Wong, best friend of Lewis' character, Hugo. Canada has an amazing Asian influence and it's finally being reflected in the fine arts. 

What's really meaningful about this movie is that it was filmed in nearby Smiths Falls. We've taken our grandies to the Train Museum several times.


 They have train cars to visit. Train Museum from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

We love the hand cart!

Train Museum from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

Monday 28 December 2020

How much rain did we get?

 This is highly unusual to have this much rain, and for it to be so warm in December. "Red sky in the morning" was a good clue! 

We had about 42 mm of rain Dec. 24th. The ground is frozen, so it isn't absorbing much water. 

That said, the moss is such a rich green. 

The cats are happy with the mild weather. It turned cold a couple of days later, however.

Ironically, we're in the middle of a snow storm this morning, 4 days later. I thought I'd best post the above for the BEFORE photos!

Sunday 27 December 2020

What else can go wrong? Part the 2nd

What else can go wrong? <= my first installment. I slipped out last week to fetch new reading glasses, and they work really well. I was gifted a beautiful chain for them for my birthday. Now I'm in business! One problem solved.

Lazy boy recliner

Apparently, my diagnosis was all wrong. We've 'fixed' my lazy boy chair, two of us forcing it down, and a piece popped off. I thought we were doomed, and I was prepared to phone the store in Perth, once they are open, to get a repair. We muddled through the day (see more details) and I sat in my chair. We were up and down. I found a foot stool, which served the purpose. 

I don't know what I was doing. I just sat in the chair, automatically used the lever to pop up the foot rest. Now it works. Who knows... we'll see how long this lasts! Another problem solved!

Christmas Day

I bought us a turkey. It was 23.75 lbs. I washed it, dug out the neck and all. (One year I forgot!) The turkey is too big for the lid to fit. I had to tent it with aluminum foil. Popping it in the oven at 11:30, I waited for the delicious smell of a turkey roasting.

We opened up the door to baste, and noticed that the element was sort of on fire. You could see a glow in one spot on the burner. Something happened, it was just really bad timing. It burned through the insulation. It's all bent out of shape. 

Nothing is open on Christmas Day! It would be simple to replace the burner if we weren't in a lockdown. Thank goodness for the internet, and search engines. It's a Kenmore stove, but Frigidaire built them for Sears Kenmore. (We were worried!)

No worries. Let's put it on the BBQ. We accidentally got a huge BBQ in May, the only one assembled during our quest for a BBQ. [Long story: More COVID–19 Era shopping] We were grateful now. 

You'll notice the propane tank is missing. We ran out of propane!

There was a gas station open. More propane, several more hours, and it actually cooked! And, yes, Red, it looks like Dave's turkey, but all was well! 

There was even room for the dressing, which kinda wrecked the bottom of my vintage enamel roasting pan, but what can you do in a crisis? 

We have a ton of leftovers, and that is a good thing!  We are in a lockdown for 28 days beginning Dec. 26th. We've a crock pot, I'll have to work on that. 

We're going to have to keep on trying to actually get the oven part. We found the part, it's at Home Hardware: 30" 2360W Replacement Element for Frigidaire. They are only doing online orders for items over $50. I don't know how much staff they'll have in next week. The store isn't answering its phones. No surprise. People should be home. I'll keep you posted! 
The adventure continues... 
The cats are happy. I bought them this silly floppy pair of fish. I only ordered it Dec. 21st on a whim, it arrived on time. You unzip the belly, plug it into a computer to charge it, turn it on, zip it up, and voila! We were listening to the Queen's message at the time. 

Cinnamon and the goldfish from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

Saturday 26 December 2020

Cat walkies

Today is my birthday. Where did the year go? What makes me happy is walking in the forest with the cats.
Down at the trailcam beside the frog pond, Cinnamon came to help. Cinnamon walkies

I came along the next day, and they were up the tree. They've good camouflage, so they are difficult to spot in the tree. JB was watching them!

The cedars are amazing!

Here is JB on his walk, I moved the new trailcam, and the videos are so good. Watch the cat on the deck! cats 

They love the big cedars! Cats tree climbing 

A good day for all!