Friday, 22 September 2023

A chair, Perth, and fall colours

It is that time of year. I added painting the teak chair to my To Do list. It took longer than I thought. It was lovely in the heat. I took a photo when I was nearly done. I used Australian Timber Oil, and I'll have to remember the colour choice, as I really liked it. Whatever was on there before has worn off. 

Poor Joseph had to come get me, as we had a 2 p.m. appointment with Rona to work on our new vanity plans. I had to rush in, wash the brush, scrub my hands, and shower. It is peculiar how stressed we get with only one appointment in the day, when our days used to be full of work deadlines. More on this later.

Videos don't work well, but this is what I did:

counter samples from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

Off we went, through Perth, to Carleton Place. Now, I saw a guy riding down the highway on a bicycle, holding a coffee in one hand, and not holding onto the handlebars. When we stopped at the crosswalk, another dude riding and holding a cup of coffee, riding across the crosswalk. 

I love this home, you can see a little spot of colour in their planter on the left. 

Every year I have to check for Ontario's hunting season. Deer season is Nov. 6 - 19. Turkey season is October for bow hunting, 2nd half for shotguns.

The colours continue to inspire.

It is harvest season!

The homes in Perth are looking wonderful.

This is progressing slowly: house with fire damage <= Jan. 2023
They have torn it down. I feel so badly for them. We are working on one bathroom vanity, I cannot imagine replacing a whole house. 

We noticed this place for sale. It is huge. With a granny suite and its own entrance, 4 bedrooms, 4 baths, on 12 acres. 

Thursday, 21 September 2023

Autumn, and a drive to CP

It was a post for both good and bad news yesterday, wasn't it? I found, when my dad was failing, that writing about what was going on helps. And it does. It helps me process it all. . I do have to enjoy the good things in my life. 

The decor is amping up!

Isn't she a hoot, scarecrow girl ↙?! She needs a name. I tied her to the wall ornament. I know the November winds will come.

I painted the birds climbing the wall ↘. They were a gift!

I did my transplanting. Taking two lilacs and one maple, that had begun growing in the front garden, I plunked them on either side of the bench in the front yard.  

One of my Autumn chores is to remove the ivy from the railing, and then wash the railing. I can't start yet! There are too many critters sheltering in it.

Like these, I think these are Yellow Woolly Bear Moth caterpillars. They began in spring being yellow.


caterpillar from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

Then there is the red caterpillar with black spikes: Giant Leopard Moth caterpillar. It is looking for a place to stay over winter.
I put it in a container, to take it to a safer place, then forgot about it. I couldn't find it until I moved the towel. 

Hypercompe scribonia
Great Leopard Moth

Giant leopard moth hypercompe scribonia 3.jpg

Wiki By Jeremy Johnson, - CC BY-SA 4.0Link

We got out of the house today. We are still looking for a new topper, sink, and faucets for the bathroom. It is a process. We took off for Carleton Place, driving through town. Perth is usually known for its colours, with all the maples. 

There seemed to be Algonquin students doing to video work. (Note the colour of the tree.)

Do you think Perth needs a ring road? The trucks are just too big for a town that used to only have horse and buggies in 1816 during its founding.

Our old Hostage Exchange location during COVID. Poignant

What the heck, squeeze left? New hydro poles.

Look at the colours!

This is a little section of a county road that goes through a small town! I guess drivers forget that it is STILL 60 KM/H!

The decisions are the problem! We were really tired after looking at taps, counters, and sinks. Leftovers, and we put our feet up.

We've a new show we are watching: Professor T. It is about a quirky professor with OCD, is on the Autism Spectrum, has a whacko artist mother, and consults for the UK police. It is based on a Belgium crime show of the same name. After the first show we warmed up to it!


Wednesday, 20 September 2023

News, near and far

🔥Firstly, there was sad news on Facebook from our blog friend, Gaelyn. She's been boondocking around the US, in Nevada. There was a fire, and she lost her vehicle. It is tragic. Not only that, but she lost her cat, Sierra, in the fire. She is housed with friends. It just hurts my heart. She is waiting to hear from her insurance company, she had her phone. I know we wish her the best.

📰 Lest my American friends think they've cornered the market on conspiracy theorists:  Trial catch up: Day eight of the criminal trial of  'Freedom Convoy' protest organizers Tamara Lich, Chris Barber.

Then, we've the self-appointed Queen of Canada, Romana Didulo (a Filipino immigrant), who is trying to convince people that she can forgive them their taxes. She has been kicked out of a small Saskatchewan town, where she was lobbying followers to stop paying utilities. The town rose up and sent her off
"You can't come into a town and tell the mayor, the community safety officer and the RCMP — and people of town — that you're in charge," Brunt told CBC News.
⛟ Former Ontario MPP Randy Hillier, who is facing charges in connection with last year's "Freedom Convoy," is seeking for a second time to move his jury trial away from Ottawa. He totally pissed off so many Ottawans, but that includes many Ontarians anyway! 

US Air traffic: There was an incident on Sunday, and they were looking for the plane. I thought it rather interesting. The pilot is fine. CAP3935, FOXX849 looking for F35, Sunday, pilot ejectedFlight Radar on Twitter X.

💻 We had catch up time with the Vancouver kids on the weekend! Isn't technology grand? They were at the cottage and Bryony (in Kindergarten) gave me a cell phone tour. We had a good catch up on news and events. The trick is the 3-hour time difference. 

Cluny is in Gr. 3, and she told us about the Axolotl they have at school.  

🎃 More fun, Butch has been playing with my pumpkins. One was in the middle of the driveway, the other across the driveway. Little scamps.


Butch is trouble! from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.