Tuesday 31 May 2016

May Weather 2016 drought

That is is for May. It's a drought situation, with fire bans in the region. My poor gardens! The frog pond has evaporated quite a bit. Poor tadpoles!
I've been refilling the goldfish pond juts a bit. Two leopard frogs in there.

The horse chestnut tree has more blossoms than last year!

May 29

The mornings have been cloudy, but the clouds break up. We are desperately needing rain. It was around 30 C. May 28th. The back lawn looks as if it was August, dry and brown.

May 25

The garden is planted. I'd love some rain, as would many others on well water. What do you think? Rain in 12 minutes?! It didn't happen! Not very accurate!
Ottawa weatherman, Ian Black, reports that they have only had 32% of their normal amounts for May.

May 21

Sadly, we haven't had much rain. Just a sprinkle here and there. This isn't good. There was 166 mm last May. Some cloud cover, but no significant rains. Only, 0.09 " a few days ago.

May 14

Still many fires, three in Muskoka. We need rain.

May 13

Fire hot spots in Canada May 12, 2016

May 11 A gorgeous day to put out laundry!

The fires in Fort McMurray have begun to get under control. In the meantime, south of the Great Lakes, there are heavy rains, thunderstorms, and tornadoes.
At least two people died on Monday in weather so violent that forecasters declared a “tornado emergency” for communities in the path of one of the twisters. The Storm Prediction Center said 23 tornadoes were reported across five states.

May 10 cold temperatures hovering at zero overnight.

May 7

We haven't had much rain, I don't think. Previous May rainfall has been 166 mm (2014),  117 in 2013. We had 7mm last night, 13mm this first week of May (~0.5"). It is a cold morning, too, at only 5 C.

May 1st Cloudy 

MAY cm/mm "
1-May 6.1 0.24

Drummond/North Elmsley Heritage Day 200th

That was fun! Lots of people in costume!
A big tent, it was a hot one. Scott Dobson, who built our fence (and our gate after tourists started driving in), was showing some of his finds. He is famous for creating period fencing in the region. He does a lot of digging and walking about and has some great stuff!

Parking was behind the drive-in!

Monday 30 May 2016

An Owl and a Bear...

I had another post all prepared, but after dinner we sat on the back deck. No bugs!
We are desperate for rain.

It was a hot, hot day. Momma owl was out today, in the heat, panting. I didn't have time for the videocamera!) Her beak was open, and I felt for her. Poor girl. Again, she looks into the nest, where chick was complaining, and hopped back in. It is more difficult to photograph
1) the mosquitoes are awful in the wetland
2) the leaves are out!


You know, you're enjoying the hamburger you just cooked and devoured.  Momma owl was hooting from on the tree.  Life is good, then Annabelle started to growl...
I'm glad I stopped feeding birds, as there is no seed in the feeder. We were sitting on the deck, as I said, and these photos I shot through the tempered glass. At this point, I stood up and yelled at him (it was clearly a male), and he sauntered off beside the 'bear crossing' sign.

Sunday 29 May 2016

Eastern Ontario Bluegrass Festival 2016

Hubby suggested we go. It was on Lombardy Fairgrounds, on the Victoria Day long weekend. By Sunday afternoon I was so tired, stiff  and creaky from gardening, I thought a break would be good.  It was a grand party, on a hot weekend and it was good to be indoors for a piece. The music is fun. You can go to their web pages and hear it, if you are so inclined. I don't know how that works for copyright laws, but they are on their own!
Do you understand it?!
I giggled.

We wandered about, and found a band member practising his fiddle (above).

 I spotted him later and his t-shirt said:

We grabbed a snack there, and sat at the back. It was good to be able to get up and stand, then sit, as I find it hard to stay in one place. 

Maple Hill Bluegrass

County Road 44

CR5 Bluegrass

Christine and Dan are the organizers. They had 17 bands, on a three-day schedule.

The baby was nine days old! These two are not.

Last band of the weekend, The Dusty Drifters

People camped all weekend.