Saturday 29 February 2020

Kittens, kittens, kittens

Back a few days... it was a nice day. I let the cats out. They've been lobbying like mad, running back and forth, wanting to get at that dratted red squirrel (DRS). Since then, we had a bit of a storm!

Our melt had begun. (My poor snowman!) Since then we had another 10 cm of snow, but my snowman is toast.

These have been unusual visitors.

Then, the action.

Apparently, being put in the Muskoka Room, while I was BBQing, really wasn't acceptable!

They loved being out front.

Then there is the tiger...

I had a report about Annabelle cat. She is now an indoor cat. I'm sure she doesn't mind. All she wants is food and a warm, loving home.
I keep meaning to call you! Yes, Annabelle is doing so well here. She is a sweetie and she knows it!! The other Short-haired cats are somewhat in awe of her...

Saturday's Critters #324

Friday 28 February 2020

Stormy day

It was a lovely storm Feb. 26/27th!
 Lots of wind, and it was hovering around zero.

I knew it was getting colder, so I went out to shovel the back deck, and I'm glad I did. It had been warmer, so the snow changed over to slush.

I knew I had to get going on it before the temperatures fell. At that point, the slush freezes in the auger, and it is game over.

The snow blower managed most of it. I cleverly emptied the auger of the slush with a tool.

It's back below zero and it's not going anywhere. 

Our poor, droopy white pines.


My camera fogged up indoors. I thought this a lovely photo, though.

The wind howls across the roof out the kitchen window. Our friends went back into the forest.

Paint Party Friday!

Thursday 27 February 2020

Black squirrels, red squirrels

Off I went to the forest. A red squirrel greeted me. They are such a hoot.

There was a lot of action around this group of trees. I'm wondering if the squirrels have nested in the saw-whet owl nesting box.

I finally counted 7 of them!

So, I'm wondering, when I step into my tracks, and the springtails (AKA snow fleas) are gathered there, do I hurt them when I step on them? There must be billions of them!

The meadow

Trailcam tails...

The fisher was back

Butch raccoon was up and about. Just one.
Butch from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

Wednesday 26 February 2020

Cataract surgery

At my wit's end, I contacted Eye Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (EPSO). Marcia Kim, ED of EPSO, explained that wait times are not controlled by the surgeons., but Ontario Hospitals. She suggested I reach out to my MPP (who has blocked me on Twitter). She suggested I read this article, as well.
Apparently, only 70% of victims in 2016/17 were 'fixed' within the recommended 116 days wait time.
On May 4, 2018 EPSO received a Letter of Commitment from the Ministry of Health committing to an additional investment in base funding for cataract surgeries as well as a further one-time investment to help reduce Ontario’s wait lists.  Moving forward, the Provincial Vision Strategy Task Force will work with EPSO to develop the policies and procedures needed to roll this program out across Ontario.

It's not been fun. Ottawa has a fabulous Eye Institute. I'm not in Ottawa.
'new' March 28th, 2012

July 5, 2019
Went into the optometrist. He diagnosed me with cataracts. I was worried I needed new glasses. That was the first symptom, I couldn't focus my right eye. I was told a two-year wait in Smiths Falls.

July 11, 2019
Went to Prism Eye Institute to ophthalmologist, Dr. Al Karmi, rediagnosed with cataracts with the consult. I was told surgery in September/October.

November, 2019
Phoned in November. Long waiting list, I was told, they are waiting for surgery times in Pembroke Hospital. Trip to Stittsville

January 9, 2020

Symptoms have increased. Now, my left eye bothers me when I read. My right is cloudier. Went into the optometrist. I asked about it. Should I get new glasses? The receptionist offered to phone Prism. She phoned and left a message. If they don't get back to me, I'm to call her back. They called me, and said they were getting surgery times at the end of this week.

January 13
I phoned Prism, and they said they'd get back to me in February. I explained my symptoms are worsening. 27 weeks since July 11, = 189 days.

January 21
28 weeks, 196 days, left eye is now blurry. Right is worse. I'm having trouble reading. Highway signs are looking like double vision in my right eye.

January 28
29 weeks, 203 days

February 5
30 weeks, 212 days

Friday, February 7
Phoned Prism, spoke to Margaret, they estimate March or April for surgery. They assured me I am on the list. I explained my discomfort. She said she'd put me as a priority.

Wed., Feb. 12

219 days, 31 weeks. 

Wed., Feb. 19th
226 days, 32 weeks
I went into the optometrist. I explained that I wasn't confident that I was getting surgery anytime soon. If they cannot predict a time, I'm not confident of the trajectory.
I'm getting a referral to an Ottawa surgeon by Dr. Martris.

Wed., Feb. 26th
233 days, 33 weeks

Tuesday., Mar. 3
240 days, 34 weeks
My right eye is increasingly foggy. I'm getting stress, anxiety and headaches.

Tuesday, March 10th
248 days, 35 weeks, just got an appointment for a consult in July with an Ottawa eye surgeon.

There is a Canadian Ophthalmological Society. I cannot find where to complain about individuals.

Making an Appointment

Please remember that a referral from an optometrist or family physician is required for a consult with a cataract surgeon.
Your surgeon will determine how urgent your case is after consultation. Not every patient waits the same length of time and more urgent cases are given a higher priority so do not wait as long as less urgent cases.

Longer wait times were also reported for cataract surgery. 71% of Canadians received cataract surgery within the recommended wait time of 16 weeks in 2017 — a decrease of 5% since 2015. The proportion of patients having cataract surgery within the benchmark declined in 7 provinces during this period. The number of procedures increased 3% over the 3-year period.

Health Quality Ontario

CIHI Ontario

Within 16 weeks (112 days) The pan-Canadian benchmark specifies surgery within 16 weeks (112 days) for patients who are at high risk. There is not yet consensus on a definition of "high risk," so the benchmark is applied across all priority levels.

Westport harbour

After Narrows Lock, we went on to Westport. JB is good driving, not so good sitting.

After seeing the swans, we pressed on. I'm glad we went when we did. We anticipate snow or rain tonight and tomorrow. Ottawa is getting 20 - 40 cm. Us, they aren't sure. We may be on the cusp of the rain/snow mix. JB has massage therapy and a lunch with his friend tomorrow. We'll see what we get here.

I just finished clearing the sidewalk, as the snow melts, then refreezes at night.

My snowman has kicked the bucket. More on him later.

The rocks aren't as impressive as elsewhere, but they are pretty. At this time of year, the snow melts and freezes.

The creek is likely still moving under the ice and snow.

Someone has made a skating rink!

This is such a sweet view into Westport.

It's still cold, but lovely.

I climbed the bridge. It was quite slippy.

This is a lovely spot, in spring and summer, even fall! The spring was running well.

Westport spring from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

Frozen gazebo!

The rocks from Muskoka (2008)!