Tuesday 30 August 2011

Slacktivism vs. making a difference

Slacktivism (sometimes slactivism or clicktivism) is a portmanteau formed out of the words slacker and activism. The word is usually considered a pejorative term that describes "feel-good" measures, in support of an issue or social cause, that have little or no practical effect other than to make the person doing it feel satisfaction. The acts tend to require minimal personal effort from the slacktivist.

Dancing to the music
'Walk for the cure', as if walking will do anything. Those who participate believe they are 'raising awareness'. As if no one has been aware of cancer before? They suck friends into donating.

"It is always with the best intentions that the worst work is done," observed Oscar Wilde.

Unfortunately, these fundraisers have high overhead costs, and much of the money goes into administration, rather than research.
I know where my time and energy goes: directly to a human being. There is so much to having direct services.
That is my preference, especially with the Pink Ribbon, Inc.
 machine that has hijacked the cancer cause. Even the Cancer Society has highjacked Jack Layton's death to promote their 'fight against cancer'. His loss is their gain. 

Not all my hospice clients see themselves as victims. They see themselves as people who need someone. And we get so much back from helping another person.

If you do not donate, click on the button, sign the petition, 'friends' feel you do not care. I'm tired of my 'friends' who are actually causes. People looking for press for their cause.
Then there are the discussions that range from bizarre to ignorant. Hijacking a cause for marketing purposes, or comments that are off-track, off-topic, or worse, selling something. Purported horror stories that convince us of a horrible wrong. There are three sides to everything: theirs, theirs, and the truth.

Then there are the ubiquitous Facebook groups:

I support Jack Layton in his fight against Cancer 

| Facebook

I support Jack Layton in his fight against Cancer - Showing our support for Jack Layton | Facebook.

Wii bowling
As if joining a group like this something will be done. The caregivers and care recipients are busy working hard.

We know how to change our lives to prevent some cancers: eat well, fresh foods, mostly plants; exercise, keep your weight down; reduce salt intake, but no one is immune. Marathon runners have heart attacks. We don't know why the body breaks down.

But it does.

Facebook mobilizes masses - but what for? - The Globe and Mail

7 Dec 2009 – It's called "slacktivism," and it runs rampant on social media. And for good reason. ... Because what drives slacktivism is mostly ego.


or activism on Facebook? - USATODAY.com

In fact, the title of this post -- "Slacktivism or Activism" -- is the title of a panel I'm sitting on this weekend at American University's Social Learning Summit. 

Slacktivism: Why Snopes got it Wrong About Internet Petitions 


Concert in long-term care
28 Apr 2010 – But aren't online petitions still just "slacktivism"? Let's look at ... Bottom line, the assumptions behind "slacktivism" are just plain wrong. 

CBC.ca | Day 6 | Sophie Kohn: Disliking 


8 Oct 2010 – This ridiculous campaign is only the latest example of "slacktivism," and ... The problem with slacktivism is it makes people feel they've made a difference.

No Slacktivism Here - The Agenda - The Agenda Blogs - Steve Paikin

25 Jan 2010 – After all, "slacktivism" is all the rage these days, with many pundits looking skeptically at the "commitment" it takes to click your disapproval. 

Monday 29 August 2011

August 29, 1583 - deaths and drownings

In 1583, the Delight, one of Sir Humphrey Gilbert's ships, ran aground and was lost at Sable Island, drowning 85 people, in one of Canada's first marine disasters. Gilbert was an early advocate for the search of a Northwest Passage. He was experienced in colonizing Ireland and received letters patent in June, 1578 from Queen Elizabeth authorizing him to colonize the coast of North America.

His first attempt was frustrated by poor organization, desertion and bad weather. He set out again in June, 1583 with five vessels. One ship turned back but the other four, including "Delight," arrived in St. John's, Nfld. in August. Gilbert took possession of Newfoundland after arriving -- the first English possession in the New World. On Sept. 9th, Gilbert went down with the "Squirrel," another of the ships on the expedition.

In the light of hurricane Irene, we have come a long way in surviving hardship.

Prepared hospitals cope well with Irene

In the aftermath of Hurricane Irene, hospitals are assessing how they fared from the hurricane.
Still stinging from the lessons learned after Katrina, public officials took precautions in anticipation of Hurricane Irene, particularly in New York, where Mayor Michael Bloomberg ordered hospitals, senior centers and nursing homes located in low-lying coastal areas to evacuate patients.

After Irene: Little damage seen in many places, flooding still a ...
Statesman Journal
28, 2011. Tropical Storm Irene sent sea water flooding into shoreline communities and .... and was to drift into Canada later Sunday or early Monday.

Tropical storm Irene: Downed wires, fire and blocked road in Eastman Quebec

Route 112 was blocked around 2 pm Sunday afternoon during the severe weather warning due to tropical storm Irene in Eastman Quebec in the eastern ...
by blackraven1515  1 day ago  360 views

And then there are the tea party advocates...

Republican presidential candidate Rep. Michele Bachmann’s press secretary told reporters that she was “saying it in jest” to prove a point.

Sunday 28 August 2011

Rideau Lakes Artists' Association

We visited Westport where there were three (3!) different groups presenting their work. Aug. 26- 28, 2011.

Not only RLAA, but tole painting, and the largest,

Rideau Valley Art Festival

Located in the beautiful village of Westport on Upper Rideau Lake, in the heart of the historic Rideau Valley, the Festival is home to 63 artists this year. Proceeds from the exhibition fund many local and district community organizations.

Do YOU have ADHD?!

Haliburton artist
I do. I get bored doing things in the yard, in the garden, but managed to wash floors today.

That's what I love about photography. I can go out, take photos, come back in, upload photos.

 I could never sit still long enough to do this!

I did grab some photos of the sky the night of hurricane Irene.

A perfect video. I've done this, too. Prioritize your crises, my mom used to say!

Saturday 27 August 2011

Butterflies and bugs...

My hubby accused me of heading towards a new degree:

 (from Greek ἔντομοςentomos, "that which is cut in pieces or engraved/segmented", hence "insect"; and -λογία-logia[1]) is thescientific study of insects, a branch of arthropodology

Not me! I have three degrees in people, and I'm not going back to school! I love reading about the bugs I find (i.e, monarchs). I spot them, take a photo, and try to figure out what they are. Often, my faithful readers point them out to me! For example, the differences/similarities between monarch and viceroy are amazing!
To imitate a poisonous monarch is the smartest ever!

Our 16 acres provides much in the way of ecosystems. We have a diverse flora and fauna: a big clovered, weedy lawn; swamp, bog, wetland; lots of deer meadow (both arid and humid); and forest.
A swamp is a wetland community with little peat development that is dominated by shrubs or trees. A marsh is a wetland without much peat that is dominated by herbaceous plants that are floating, submergent, or emergent. 
This past week's haul:

Looks like a leaf, yes?

Then it opens its wings...

Liberated this one from the kittens

wasps & caterpillar

walking stick, so cool!

praying mantis

walked off my hand...
twerp pinched me!

Praying mantis!
Camera Critters
Visit more critters here!

Friday 26 August 2011

Perth's Garlic Festival

 August 13, 2011

Skywatching in Kingston

On a wedding anniversary trip to Kingston, Ontario. For those who like sailboats, and the wind farm on Wolfe Island.


Visit more skywatchers