⛈September 2021 🌩

 🌧September 2021🌦

 For annual❄️WEATHER DATA

September 22 – there were power outages.

September 21 – in for trouble


September 14 – at 6:30 p.m. things were rolling in: 16.5 mm.

September 8 – Major overnight storm: winds, rain, hail in southern Ontario
This professional photographer (Scott Rock) managedan amazing panorama.
Also, a video of  Kingsbridge📹, with a possible tornado.
Lucknow was hard hit.

September 6 – rail, hail in Ottawa

September 2

Charlottetown had a bit of a mess. See this tweet for photos of knee-deep water.

Nova Scotia was hit with 100+ mm rain. 
Updated rainfall totals as of 2pm. Brier Island, NS: 121 mm Grand Manan, NB: 94 mm Saint John, NB: 77 mm Mechanic Settlement, NB: 62 mm Kejimkujik, NS: 60 mm Kentville, NS: 53 mm Nappan, NS: 45 mm Greenwood, NS: 40 mm #nsstorm #nbstorm

September 1

We began with Hurricane Ida, who morphed into a tropical storm, then tropical depression, and brought New York heavy rains, as well as Louisiana and parts in the south of the US. We only had some clouds.

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Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Hi Jenn, caught up on your posts now. I can ditto most things here. The heat was awful, wasn’t it. And now so much cooler again. But everything in the garden is growing and birds and hummers are humming. Still something hanging over our heads as the numbers continue to rise here in On. Do you have many trilliums on your property? Glad you two are walking.