☔JUNE 2022

☔JUNE 2022 🌧Precipitation

June 29
June 23

June 21 – 23 mm

June 18

 We had warnings of a wind storm. No rain, but winds and a cold front.

47,271 without power Friday night

down to 24,566 Saturday morn
Revised to 24,812; 10 minutes later!

It was only 10 C. this morning. In mid-June! 


June 7

June 6th – we'll see what we get!

June 3 – pop up cells. I could hear the thunder.

June 1

As I write this, 6:20 a.m. June 1st, there is another storm hitting us. I awoke to a big thunderboom just before 6! The radar shows heavy rain, and the lightning map shows quite a bit of action. I received an alert of a severe thunderstorm watch. 

We had a warning from the weather network. Oh my.

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Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Hi Jenn, caught up on your posts now. I can ditto most things here. The heat was awful, wasn’t it. And now so much cooler again. But everything in the garden is growing and birds and hummers are humming. Still something hanging over our heads as the numbers continue to rise here in On. Do you have many trilliums on your property? Glad you two are walking.