July is a month where we need rain. We'll see what happens. We've had between 52 - 186 mm over the years. Our total is now 39 mm.

July 22

July 21st

We could use some rain. Instead, it went around us. Ottawa was hammered, including thunder and lightning. You can see there were over a thousand strikes, according to lightningmaps.org.

This would have been promising, but not a drop of rain.

There were some power outages.

July 19th

There are heat warnings on both sides of the border. The red indicates where. Climate Change is a horrible thing. These extreme temperatures are killing people.

We're just missing the remnants of Tropical Storm Barry

July 13


JULY rain
2013 132
2014 186
2015 68
2016 52
2017 163
2018 56
2019 39

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