September 13

We have chilly mornings, but a week of lovely temperatures.

There is a storm looking to be a hurricane in the south.

September is always up and down!

Sept. 8

This morning there are 500,000 people without power in Atlantic Canada, thanks to hurricane Dorian.  They had over 135 mm of rain. There is a massive clean-up. What havok, all along its path.

September 7th

hurrican track Canada
Visit the Canadian Hurricane Centre 
to learn more about hurricanes.

September 5

September 4th

That was a storm! While Dorian is down to a Cat. 2, we had big storms in the wee hours. Lots of thunderboomers and 8 mm of rain!

September 3

Hurricane Dorian!

Lots of lightning around hurricane Dorian

SEPTEMBER              rain
2013 130
2014 122
2015 84
2016 53
2017 34
2018 96
2019 38

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