Nov. 13  – interesting patterns!

Nov. 9 – Snow is on its way!

A strange radar blip! I collected it and melted it: 9.65mm.

Nov. 6

There is a huge storm system, rolling up the continent. The Maritimes, out est, still have power outages from the last storm. They are warning that this storm will bring winds. 
Can you see Perth??!! RAIN!!!!

Nov. 1  – 14.8 mm

Historical Data

Massive rains in 2017. Snow this month.  There was only 4.5cm snow in 2016. November brings a mix of rain, snow, sleet and hail. I continue to melt the snow, to determine the amount of water in a snowfall.
The 'snow to ice ratio' or Snow Ratio expresses how much volume of snow you get for a given volume of water. Typically a ratio of 10:1 (ten to one) means that every 10 inches of snowfall equals one inch of liquid water.

NOVEMBER     rain(mm)     snow(cm)
2013 68                 20
2014 15 26
2015 54
2016 39 25
2017 84 10
2018 40              10

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