🌧September Precipitation🌦

Sept. 23

We are officially into fall. Poor Nova Scotia is feeling the remnants of hurricane Teddy. The waves are at 8 m (1m = ~1 yd), and people have been hunkering down, locking down boats, bringing in and tying down everything they can. 

Sept. 15

Hurricane Sally - Sept. 14

There is lots of rain about, just not here. We had only 1 mm out of this!
 I'm happy the storm went to the south. It looked like a biggie earlier in the day, but petered out over the land.

September 4

Sept. 2

SEPTEMBER             rain

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Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Hi Jenn, caught up on your posts now. I can ditto most things here. The heat was awful, wasn’t it. And now so much cooler again. But everything in the garden is growing and birds and hummers are humming. Still something hanging over our heads as the numbers continue to rise here in On. Do you have many trilliums on your property? Glad you two are walking.