Wednesday 29 February 2012

Ontario Biodiversity Strategy

Variety is the spice of life!
Imagine what life would be like without a blue-eyed, blond or red-headed granddaughters!

How sad it is that I live in Lanark County, the 'back off government', libertarian capital of Ontario.

No sign of Ontario enacting biodiversity strategy: Report
The Kingston Whig-Standard
Budget cuts expected in the spring will only weaken the ability of the government to respond to environmental threats, Ontario's environment commissioner, Gord Miller warned.

Ontario has an obligation to meet the objectives of international treaties Canada has signed.
We risk our international reputation if we do not do so.
Ontario's Biodiversity Strategy, 2005, identified five major threats:
pollution, climate change, habitat change or loss, invasive species and unsustainable use of resources.

Biodiversity of species
The cycle of life depends upon the predator/prey cycle. If one part of the circle dies out, others become too prevalent, harming other species.

Biodiversity of ecosystems
Ontario has a wide variety of systems: tundra, wetland, woodlands, prairie. Our slash and burn development harm many. Coyotes are now a problem in cities.

Biodiversity of genetics
Genetics means variations within species. Imagine if we lost the red fox or grey fox.
The big factor is loss of habitat, but other factors include legal and illegal hunting, humans encroaching in areas where these animals live, eat and breed.

Endangered or at-risk
For example...
Snapping Turtles
Massassagua rattlers in Georgian Bay – I'll never forget the blasting when they put in new highway 11 roads. The rattlers were on the move in our forests. Loss of habitat and clearcutting destroyed Native lifestyles. Silt flooded fish breeding grounds. Criminal.

Milling in Georgian Bay peaked by the decade of 1910, rivalling that of Ottawa, something Sir John A McDonald complained about. . Shaped by the West Wind quotes James Angus,  writing about A.G.P. Dodge, the owner of the Georgian Bay Lumber Company:

Invasive species
Purple Loosestrife

There are several species who are beginning to invade Canada from parts afar.
  • Water soldiers
  • Zebra mussel
  • Sea lamprey
  • Round goby
  • Purple Loosestrife
  • Spiny Water Flea in the Great Lakes Region - competes with fish for food
  • Giant Hogweed
    Bala, Muskoka
  • Giant hogweed.

ImageOntario Biodiversity Strategy

Interim Report on Ontario's Biodivesity

In May 2008, the Ontario Biodiversity Council released the Interim Report on Ontario's Biodiversity. This interim report is an important milestone towards reporting on the state of Ontario's biodiversity in 2010. The interim report is not a comprehensive report, but instead is a gathering of information from existing sources, presented in plain language and illustrated with focus stories. The goal of the interim report is to initiate the process leading to the 2010 report. The interim report contains background information on Ontario's biodiversity, a discussion of threats to biodiversity and a description of some of the efforts underway across Ontario to conserve biodiversity. Download a copy.


Ontario's Biodiversity Poster

To download a copy of a poster developed by the Ontario Biodiversity Council and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, please click here.

Tuesday 28 February 2012

Snow aliens, snowwoman, fun in the snow!

 Felix helped me begin to build a snowman. Well, he was more moral support than anything!

He's more like the stupidvisors that stand around
for moral support!

Up to his armpits in snow!
See? Stupidvisor cheering me on!

Buster is hopeless. He took off to sit on the fence looking for mice friends.

I was disappointed with my attempts yesterday, the snow is very heavy and I made the balls too big! (I know there is a crude joke there - I won't make it!)

Real snowball snow!
Not to give up.

I went out again today, and sliced the snowball on the ground in half with my dad's saw. That meant I could just barely lift it up top in two lifts!

It was -10 C. last night and no longer snowball snow today!

I'm used to hauling the 40kg bags of deer food out of the trunk, so goodness knows how heavy the snow was when warmer and wetter yesterday- if I couldn't lift it!
Frosty and her deer friend, Olive!
And, yes, Olive, the other reindeer,
looked like a sheep with snow on her. I cleaned her off.

I gave her a paint job today, and feel quite creative!
You can see my Giraffalope in the background.

I was missing my grandkids in Bala, Muskoka, where we used to live.

This snow alien I made on the ice. Fittingly she had a life jacket on!

Bird feeder action!

I love our visitors and regularly refill our feeders, AKA cat TV! The blue jay is picky. It will throw out the stuff it doesn't like.

Thanks, Blue!
Lest you think this a waste of sunflower seeds or cracked corn, you only have to watch the red squirrel under the feeder!

The nuthatch places a peanut,
wedges it in the crook of the tree
to crack it open! Clever thing!

Such a pretty sound!

chickadee and nuthatch cooperate!
Buster climbs the walls!
All the better to see you!

Monday 27 February 2012

Today was a day that was a gift!

Outside we went, my twins are such a pair. Cooped up after a 15 cm snowstorm, I figured walkies would be a good idea.
They keep bothering their big sister, and roaring from room to room.

Up to their armpits in some spots, they are brave wee souls.
Felix follows me, Buster follows Felix.
Felix turns around to see if Buster is on his way. Buster veered off to check out the bird feeder first.

 I cleaned off my benches, and they liked that! Then off we went to follow the deer path.
Tree climbing is part of the plan. Nothing like getting up out of that snow!

 They were very happy to climb the hill up from the meadow, to make it home safely.

I wasn't too winded, after a bout with bronchitis.
Glad to get some fresh, damp air.
Glad for my Rx.

The cleared sidewalk was sheer bliss! Both boys rolled around in the sun, happy to be back safely.

Oh, yes. It was a great day to fly, too!

Felix has a moment in thought.

Felix likes my chair.
A gift to myself after my Dad's estate was settled.
They are terrible for going down the driveway and on the road.  I ran up the drive, and they both ran with me!
Can you count them?
I count 4!
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the deer appear.

Sunday 26 February 2012

Sean Penn’s charity: J/P Haitian Relief Organization

Sean Penn, after his divorce, and other family issues, looking for something important to do, and went to Haiti to work. Two years later...

He took over a camp in Haiti, situated on a golf course, and has helped organize housing for 40,000 people who have since gone on to find real housing. There are 20,000 left to house.

"J/P Haitian Relief Organization is dedicated to saving lives and bringing sustainable programs to the Haitian people quickly and effectively. Following the devastating earthquake of 2010 J/P HRO began working immediately on the ground to make an impact in Haiti."


SOON AFTER the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, Sean Penn’s charity, J/P Haitian Relief Organization went to work delivering aid to the country, first on the streets of Port-au-Prince, and subsequently in the area around the town of Delmas 32. Now, two years after the earthquake, the organization remains on the ground, working not just to deliver aid but help the country recover, with a hands-on philosophy that, it says, emphasizes Haitians first. Indeed, 95 percent of the organization’s employees in Haiti are Haitian nationals. J/P’s activities in the Delmas 32 camp include everything from small business training to a rubble removal programme and, most recently, a project to retrofit homes. To learn more about J/P’s recent work in Haiti and what’s on the horizon, Caribbean Journal talked to Benjamin Krause, Haiti Country Director for J/P about the group’s latest projects, its base around the community of Delmas 32, and the future for J/P in Haiti.

CBC: Twitter, Social media networking isn't news. Just sayin'

What is amazing is that we hear CBC journalists spending so much time on tweets, rather than on reporting news. In the time that they tweet, they could be writing or recording a real story.
Now, I'm gainfully unemployed, but surely employers don't want employees sitting all day on their Crackberries, do they?
Our family had a big discussions about this last weekend!
I wanted to save these tweets, as I find it bizarre how CBC seems to be promoting tweeting, as long as you agree with them. Twitter is a for-profit business, why are they using it willy-nilly?

Jennifer Jilks ‏ @jennjilks
@jpappone Social media networking isn't news. Well said. It is irritating.
8 Feb

Jennifer Jilks ‏ @jennjilks
@jpappone 2 much crackberry gazing, reading tweets, rather than reporting real news!  @RobynBresnahan #getalife
8 Feb
Jennifer Jilks ‏ @jennjilks
Exactly! If @johnhancockcbc really doesn't feel comfortable with@twitter why peer pressure him 2 it? @RobynBresnahan@StuMillsCBC #bullying

Jennifer Jilks ‏ @jennjilks
Despite CBC asking for twitter feedback, amazing how one is forbidden from disagreeing! Bugging an on-air host to join Twitter...

8 FebJennifer Jilks ‏ @jennjilks
@jpappone @OttawaMorning Funny how CBC can block when disagree! twitter_discourse #opinion #feedback #beenbullied @work

I'm confused,  &  criticize on  but don't get blocked? Why me ?

Jennifer Salahub ‏ @jennifersalahub
Missed 1st 1/2, but 2nd 1/2 =patriarchal, fear-mongering infomercial masquerading as human interest story. @RobynBresnahan@cbcottawamorning

24 Feb Jennifer Salahub ‏ @jennifersalahub
Cannot BELIEVE you are giving airtime 2 these disposable toilet seat cover people, @cbcottawamorning, @RobynBresnahan is this journalism?Ugh

23hJennifer Jilks ‏ @jennjilks
I've been blocked, too. SM 4 select few @jpappone @jennifersalahub@ottarosson @OttawaMorning but don't get blocked? Why me@CBCOmbudsman?
The Ottawa Ross ‏ @ottaross
@jennjilks too much poor judgement. Self-focus and unwillingness to ask the tough questions often pops up as a prob it seems.
Retweeted by Jennifer Jilks
In reply to Jennifer Jilks

26 FebJennifer Jilks ‏ @jennjilks
@ottaross Yes, @OttawaMorning is turning into bad AM radio, not targeted to middle-aged, despite being large part of aud., trite interviews
In reply to The Ottawa Ross

26 FebJennifer Jilks ‏ @jennjilks
R these producers, trying to be cool? I'm not their demogr@ottaross prob her producers that pick the topic. enthusiasm for brutality is sad
In reply to The Ottawa Ross
26 FebJennifer Jilks ‏ @jennjilks
@ottaross I was offended with talk of tampons, farting during the Valentines-gone-wrong show. Since I missed it, what is MMA?
In reply to The Ottawa Ross
26 FebJennifer Jilks ‏ @jennjilks
I turned her off, esp. after she blocked me for contrib. opinion@ottaross robynbresnahan radio turned off at the constant promotion of MMA.

Saturday 25 February 2012

Digging out after the storm

Everyone made it through the snow and wind!

 the other reindeer looks like a sheep!

Frosty O'Rourke all dressed up

 But look, something in the driveway...
Doesn't it look pretty? 

We KNEW we'd get more snow in February!
500 m of highway and they chuck it on our drive.
How far away are we from Wendy's in Perth? About 1 1/2 hamburgers and 1/2 a box of fries. The rest they chucked out of the truck. My regular readers know that I spend hours picking up garbage from the ditches, two or three times a season after the snow flies.

Two supersized orders with fries,
 and they didn't finish, either.

Wendy's Perth at 10:57 p.m.

Usually around Earth Day in April, we'd do a school project.

Look at the Wendy's containers we found. 
As a teacher, we would collect schoolyard garbage,
sort it and graph it.
Do you know how many containers I have picked up?
At least a recycling bin, or two, and a bag of garbage, each time I go out. Criminal.