Saturday 31 December 2016

Pizza Hut Pasta Review

Dear Hubby, I've been ill and he's bought some 'to go' meals. This one, from Pizza Hut. The pizzas are terrific. I love my pasta, though. I decided to order one. It didn't go well.

We cannot have delivery, since we are miles out of the town. We keep a menu at the house, and hubby phones in the order, then drives in to pick it up. I usually order a lower-cal pizza, grilled chicken arrabbiata. When one buys from Pizza Hut one ought to choose their specialties. This is my fave. Hubby cannot have pizza, so he brings home chicken wings for himself.

I thought I would change it up, as pasta is my comfort food! Off he went, wearing his happy hat. Everyone giggles.

It arrives, not exactly hot, so you have to sample it and figure out if it needs reheating. It's not a big deal, and when I am sick, it saves me the energy. Faithful readers know how it is, that big decision about a meal, and what to cook.

As featured

I was very disappointed.
 It seemed as if there was about a 1/4 cup of tomato sauce on it. Then, there were some raw red onions and green peppers. The grilled chicken was well-cooked and that part was fine. Problem was, the pasta was hard as a stone around the edges, since there wasn't much sauce, and they dried out. It tasted as if they'd thrown it all on some pasta, and put it under a heater. It was TERRIBLE.
Never again.

Friday 30 December 2016

The Tigger tails

I wrote a photobook! It is all about Tigger, and teaches my grandkids (3 girls) about how they develop. I began with the photos I had kept from when Tigger was small. I sent the book to the girls in Ottawa, as well as baby Cluny, in Vancouver.

Pre-Christmas sales are a great time to order such books.

They are created on-line, then they are printed in Kuala Lumpur. The delivery agency lets me track it online. Somehow or other my book ended up in Cincinnati, Ohio. From there to Ottawa, and back to Perth.
What is hilarious, is that I didn't realize Tigger's twin brother is hanging around, too. I did notice that when I would throw on the spotlight in the front yard Tigger's behaviour was strange. He'd either stare back at me, or bolt.

We arrived home from a trip to Almonte, for bird seed, and there were two of them in the yard. I need a better name for Tigger's brother.
I'm going to have to rewrite the book! I thought Tigger was visiting rather frequently. There isn't that much to eat! I was standing in the garage taking these photos.

When we would pop the spotlight on, to see what was happening at the bird feeder, one would bolt, the other just stare back. It's so funny! Tigger watches JB fill the feeder, the other runs off.

  What a surprise. Apparently, both Tigger and his twin brother have survived for 6 years. I'm so surprised!

This has to be Tigger. He didn't bolt.

I must feature the Doh, a deer, a female deer, as well. I love their camouflage. The stand amongst the saplings, and you cannot see them until they move.

The feeder attracts everything!
Daisy brought in a chickadee. They all bring their birds indoors. Daize trotted in and dropped it on the new carpet for me to see. She already threw up on it, on my birthday. Now she's just showing off. It was picked up, it rested for a moment, and I took it outside, flying up onto Fathead. Then, it was gone.

Then, there is rabbit, spotted this morning. I'm sure this is the same one on my trailcam. It travels a regular path up the hill, from the meadow. I managed a trailcam photo, because I could see many tracks along the same pathway. This is unusual, as our critters usually try to be unpredictable. I knew it had to be a regular travel path.

Food must be scarce, the wild turkeys showed up.

Sitting in the chair, beside the front window, I've spotted the Sharp-shinned hawk and a Shrike in the Catalpa tree. This is an archive photo of my hawk (spotted on a walk, too).

The Sharp-shinned is small, and an agile flyer. It swoops by the house, like a jet plane, searching for prey. I've seen it swoop across the frog pond. It's fast, and sleek and sharp-eyed!

The Shrike is about the size of a jay. I thought it was a Gray Jay (AKA Whiskey Jack) but a local expert suggested it is more likely to be a Shrike.

Thursday 29 December 2016

What a surprise!

I am so blessed with friends far away. Having moved away in 2006, my work friends are now busy with other things. Many won't do the long drive. Then there is the weather! Then, I've had bronchitis all of December...
I made myself cheese dreams for lunch on my birthday. My Facebook friends ell me their mom's used to make that, too!

I finally managed to get into the city to meet with my daughter and her family. We met at a restaurant, as they'd been cooking up a storm with their respective brothers. My youngest chose not to attend the party, citing their flu bug from last weekend. My other son phoned from Vancouver on the day. His mother-in-law's birthday is Dec. 26th, as well! She holds a fabulous open house on her birthday each year.

We had a silly time at the restaurant. Josee (8) is quite good with the camera, and took several shots, Caitlin, as well!

We went back to their home for dessert. The grandies had explained what was next, there was cake at the house! Birthdays are for the kids!

We sat down, and Caitlin brought her iPad over to me. What a complete surprise! She had arranged with Jean (All Points of the Compass: A Birthday Surprise, in New Zealand, to do a Skype call! Arrangements began in May. Jean and I chatted, and Caitlin handed me some gifts. I was shocked, they were from Jean. AND HANDMADE! Not only that, but Jean had sewn a beautiful set of quilted bags for our iPad, for when we go into the city for healthcare appointments! Poor Jean hasn't been well, and we emailed a lot when her hubby was ill.
We stayed on Skype, as I opened these gorgeous, handmade gifts.
A scarf, in colours Jean checked out with Caitlin. Then, the project bag, was embroidered by Jean's friend, Joyce! What a special treat. My heart is filled.
P.S. I never even thought about the time difference. The poor woman, up in the wee hours!

Then it was time for cake. A crazy cake the hubby could eat, as well. (No yeast, dairy or eggs!)
Such bliss. Most of my friends are from away. This was such a gift.

Wednesday 28 December 2016


My Angel

Feb. 2009

He's no angel, but the angel on the floor, I still have.