Sunday, 30 June 2019

Trip to Muskoka – Part 3

Tuesday, June 25 – onward to Bracebridge

Our vacay – a road trip Part 1
Yesterday, I created a post about our turtle sightings: Trip to Muskoka Part 2 – the turtles

Part 3 

This is about the drive. It was a long one. We managed to get everything done (litter box, cat food out), and left at 7:25 a.m.

One of the MANY road construction sites!

Skootamatta Picnic Area

We had a pit stop at highway #37 & #7. We've picnicked at this park! This is the Skootamatta River.

It's only 99 km from Perth.

My favourite photo, the new and the old.

A Mennonite buggy.

I loved her outfit, in Bancroft.


This is a story for the kids. This is Carnarvon. It's an hour's drive from Bala, where my parents lived, where we cottaged for FIFTY years. They had a pay phone at the gas station, which is now closed. This is where I would phone them to let them know we were an hour out. The general store on the opposite corner totally gone.

No moose, but we've done that, getting up at 5 a.m. to see them in the park. ( 2010: Moose information & videos)

Here we are in moose country. nary one to be seen, as the high-risk time is dawn and dusk.

Inn at the Falls for lunch

The pool is gone, instead, a place for a wedding ceremony.

We took a detour, and I took us along the wrong side of the river. We had to retrace our steps then head north around the lake.

A book library!

Back onto the other side of the river...

The older kids are out and about on field trips, I think!

For those who remember Santa's Village. It's nothing like the old days, though. Video games, and such. There is a river tour, though.

We were there as kids.

Back on the road...

It's difficult rescuing turtles, when yahoos like this are on the roads.

We had a safe trip, no thanks to drivers like this.

Next post, Bala, Muskoka.