Saturday, 18 August 2018

Eating out, turtles, Around the world

I had a tick on me. Daisy shared. She was sitting on my lap, and I'm sure gave it to me. It wasn't on long. A nymph, and I took it off. We aren't doing too badly with ticks this year, compared to other years. They reproduce some in late summer. It itches as badly as a deerfly bite!

We've had little rainfall. It's been sad. I had high hopes. Only 3.3 mm. Toronto had a dump, and Unions Station flooded.

I sat with my client Thursday. She was in mourning for a family member.
It was my daughter's birthday, she was in Tokyo. She was too tired to tell me of her adventures. I understood.
I asked if we could go out for dinner. Sure thing, he said. It was a mistake. Something upset my stomach. Probably the red wine. Ah well. Lesson taken, probably not learned.

We stop for turtles! It took it across the road, in the direction it was headed. They move in May (to breeding grounds) and in September (to wintering sites). It's a bit early, what with our drought.

Around the world

Finally, August 17th, – not on her birthday the 16th, they managed to get out for sushi, which was Caitlin's great desire!

The kids are staying in an AirBnB. This is the stove. Then, the oven. That is it! Caitlin thinks it's never been used. I'm surprised, with the dearth of housing, that they would allow someone not to use the space, but to rent it out.

Next stop: Osaka! They took the bullet train.


eileeninmd said...

Hello, pretty views of the boats. Knock on wood, I have not seen many ticks. I am sure they are there though. Glad you were able to help the turtle cross safely. I am not a fan of sushi, it is great your little ones like it. It is healthy. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend. PS, thanks also for the comment on my blog.

Anvilcloud said...

Just thinking how interesting your title would be without the commas: Eating out turtles around the world.

DUTA said...

Lovely boat rides!
There's a lot of panic here lately, about critters carrying diseases. It started with water in the streams being infected by mice and a lot of people hospitalized.

William Kendall said...

You wonder what the turtle thinks as it's been held.

William Kendall said...

You wonder what the turtle thinks as it's being held.

Nancy J said...

Phew,, 503 km, 300km per hour, and in 2.5 hours you arrive. Those are approximate figures, your research might show different ones. Friends of ours in NZ went to Tokyo for their host daughter's wedding, it was a typhoon, the venue had to be moved, so they went by the Shinkansen.What an experience. The turtle, so fascinating to see the other/under side. So good he was saved.Pity about the wine upset.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I would hate to get a tick too but I'm sure we have tons of them here. The bugs have been awful this summer! How neat to get to help that turtle!

Powell River Books said...

I'm still watching to see a turtle at the turtle crossing on the Sunshine Coast. There is a perfect sunning log right next to it, but no takers yet. - Margy

Red said...

The look on these kids faces tells how much they are enjoying this trip.

Christine said...

Lucky kids on a world trip!!