Sunday, 31 May 2020

More COVID–19 Era shopping

Remember our old BBQ? It's gone to a recycle store. That's the short story. It's pretty complicated. 


JB found us a new one. He visited several stores.  They had one the size we wanted at Home Hardware, but no one to deliver it. He went to Crappy Tire, and found a bigger one, bought it and paid $35 for them to assemble it. They gave us a business card of someone who delivers. Easy peasy!

 It wasn't assembled. The day before, JB spent 20 min. on the phone on hold, as someone was looking to see if said BBQ was assembled. I told him to hang up. He tried again later. They said he'd get the floor model.

We hired a company to pick it up ($65) and take the old one away ($35). The two men went to the store and they couldn't find it. After some discussion, they gave our delivery men the floor model. They took the old one to a BBQ recycle. It's a biggie, with four burners and a side burner. That's for power outages and making coffee.

As the men did their work, one bonked his head on the hummingbird feeder. I should have moved it. It's the one I forgot to put water into the ant moat. 

Later, I thought I'd make some more feed. Picking it up in the sink I dropped it. I admit I swore.

JB assertively said he'd go in an fetch me another. That was a trip and a half. I found the product online, they said they had them in stock. Our mistake was in not writing down the product number. It says 'aisle 67' but it wasn't obvious. He got help from one staff member. They went to the computer. They found the aisle. No joy. The woman in charge of the section was called. She disappeared somewhere, and found them.  

In the meantime, the horse chestnut tree is blossoming. The bumble bees bumble about, weaving in and out of the flowers.

I'm sad about our catalpa tree. The first one is showing leaves. The other doesn't have any leaves. It's dead as a door nail. I planted some wild grape vine at the bottom of it. Maybe that will bear fruit.


And, a happy little gray tree frog spent the day on the railing. He even called!

They are singing for love, as many critters are doing.
I really enjoy the tree frogs. This is an old video from when we first moved into the house.


Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
That's a beautiful song indeed! As for the shopping adventures...yeeechh.. YAM xx

Rain said...

Hi Jenn :)) That frog is so cool, I've never heard one like that, but I'll be keeping my ears peeled now! The bbq is awesome...I love "Crappy Tire" ha ha ha...yeah, getting stuff now is a challenge isn't it? And it seems like people working have basically given up at times. I feel like common sense isn't that common anymore since Covid hit!!

Tom said...

...this pandemic is and will change so much of our daily lives, there will be winners and losers!

Powell River Books said...

Shopping isn't easy at any time, but especially now. Here in Bellingham they sell BBQs out front of the Home Depot preassembled at no extra charge. We've been known to bring our truck down and take one home ready to use. I hate how Crappy Tire (love that name) charges for the extra service. The last three BBQs we had up at the cabin have been repurposed. Two are now planter stands. A regular size kitty litter box with holes drilled in the bottom fits neatly inside, and it is a cheap alternative to a regular pot. The other has become the stand for our gray water filtration device. That's a lot easier than bringing them down the lake to the dump. - Margy

R's Rue said...

Beautiful bird.

Nancy J said...

Shopping from a distance is not fun at any time, far less now when supplies are limited. Hope all the new stuff performs as it should.

Anvilcloud said...

Well that was fun for you. Not.

Lowcarb team member said...

Shopping is not easy at the moment is it.

All the best Jan