Friday 15 May 2020

More graupel

Well, we made it through Mother's Day weekend. I used Cognitive Behaviour strategies. My mother died the day before Mother's Day in 2006, but I just kept pushing it out of my mind. I didn't want to do a sappy post, while others are bemoaning their lost mothers, and celebrating theirs. I just have to motor on through it.

My Mother's Day gifts from Caitlin. In the middle of a graupel storm! We hurried to bring them in.

The daffodils are just fine, despite zero or subzero temperatures. Notice the hose, below in the photo. I had to drain the fishtank. I had a sick goldfish, one died, and another. Turns out one was dead up top in the back, and there was bacteria in the tank. I decided to just chuck the healthy ones into the goldfish pond. They'll be fine.

This meant Monday morning, I had to clean the fish tank and the hoses out. I emptied the tank with the black hose, and added more water with the garden hose, as I scrubbed the algae off the inside of the tank. I was pretty tired!

Can you believe this?

Things are settling down in Canada. But not Quebec, who found thousands of old cases, previously undiagnosed. Their March Break is a week early than Ontario's, they had a head start, and snowbirds brought a lot of COVID–19 with them, as well.

Both Montreal and Ottawa have quite a few cases. Things are easier here in rural Ontario.

Meanwhile, Isabelle's drone, a birthday gift from us. We have the open space, and it is a small one. It is tricky. It got stuck in the tree!

drone from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

Grampa got a bit silly! At first he pretended to be driving a car, then a plane.

There is a female turkey hanging about. She had a dust bath. We're going to have to find a name for her!


Tom said...

...Grampas are supposed to be silly, I should know!

Karen said...

Renfrew Co. is doing very well too. I'm nervous about things flaring up after the long weekend though. We'll see how it goes.
My FIL had one of those little plane things. They flew it out here at our place and it crashed in the woods, losing the camera.
We had to stop on the highway near Eganville yesterday to let a goose family cross the road. They are so cute.

Christine said...

Glad you survived Mother's Day! You have your own drone! Maybe you can get your cataract surgery soon as things are opening up.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
That's a bumblebee masquerading as a drone! Good entertainment for your yard though. The infection trend here has been generally downwards (if we can at all trust the figures we are given); but that is with having lockdown. Now the UK is in turmoil and confusion. Prepare for more bad news, I suppose... YAM xx

RedPat said...

It is so warm here today that I'm tempted to buy plants but I think I will wait a week more. Your baskets look wonderful.

Nancy J said...

Our cases each day are now very low or zero, but with the level 2 lifted restrictions, some people think they can have HUGE parties, So I am worried that we might go backwards. Love the drone, they are tricky things to learn to fly.

Anvilcloud said...

Speaking of mothers, today would have been her 106th birthday. She had a good run, and made it to 87 and almost 88.