Thursday, 25 July 2019

Off to Brockville!

We left around 12:30. Who do we see at the end of the driveway? Two bucks and a doe! The bucks' velvet is so pretty.

Off we went. The Big Rideau was very busy.

This is an amazing house. I've mentioned it before, but that's a lot of deck. I can imagine it buried under snow!

I like vanity plates... GRAMASEW!

The skies were ominous. Brockville is a nice, old city.

I like pretending!

We made it. The harbour is lovely. We were given a window seat. Second floor, in the middle!

Having left the house later, this means things quiet down for a later lunch. The restaurant has been taken over by a chain, Monkey Joe's.

The pasta was really salty. Bow ties with black olives, bacon pieces, small pieces of diced tomato and marinara sauce. I think I'm a pasta snob. The bow ties weren't al dente, as they should be!

This is the inset function of my videocamera!

JB was envious of this dude's mustache. We'll see what happens with that...

The view was fun.

I love the gull in this photo. Such a fluke! I did it in B & W. The colours were washed out, as it was in the distance. 

There must have been a training session, or a race.

Tomorrow, our walkabout. We walked the boardwalk!


Anvilcloud said...

We'll see where this goes. We are thinking of taking the kids there next month.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Yeech - salty food. They probably added, even though the olives etc were naturally seasoned. One of my pet peeves regarding eating out... A lovely setting though! YAM xx

Karen said...

We would see the youngsters having sailing lessons in the harbor in Collingwood. I think it was Collingwood. Or it might have been Meaford. Leaky brains.....

Nancy J said...

Looking great.And I agree, a lotta deck to sweep when the snow piles up. Maybe they have a blower up there too.

Red said...

You saw a lot of stuff for one day. It's a nice trip for everybody.

William Kendall said...

It looks like that was a hot day.