Monday 1 July 2019

Muskoka Trip – Part 4 Bala

Here it is, Canada Day. Canada is a mere 152 years old! I put up flags, for fun. JB went into town and bought Fristy a $5 t-shirt. He wears size 4.

We took a brief road trip last week. I am slowly curating photos. There were a few.

Our vacay – a road trip Part 1

Trip to Muskoka Part 2 – the turtles
Trip to Muskoka – Part 3

Part 4 begins now!

Muskoka, here we are! This is the famous signage Tony Clement had installed for the G8 [Muskoka G8 souvenirs], while the bigwigs never travelled these back roads. Sigh.

When these rocks were blasted, back when I was a preteen, they disturbed a lot of rattlesnakes, who dispersed. We had one in our backyard at the cottage. People killed them, when they didn't know better, now they only live around Georgian bay, in Ontario.

Here it comes.... my favourite view in Muskoka!

Port Carling

Our old pharmacy.

This was fun. There was some controversy, as they blasted to clear this wee harbour. A dentist's building, an old home, had some issues at the time.
Port Carling construction – 2008

It's a busy spot, now.

There are 4 or 5 real estate firms on this corner alone. There is a lot of profit to be had in Muskoka. This is Chestnut real estate, where they blasted out a parking lot for themselves. Parking was terrible in high summer around here.

This is the teak store, where I bought my chair. They seem to have moose!

I've been trying to look this up. Over the years, the pillars caught my attention. It looks intriguing. You wonder who is in here!

From Bracebridge to Bala and Torrance.

First, Bala, where we cottage 50 years, from the time I was 5. We moved from there in 2010.

Bala Falls plaque

This is the church where my parents attended until they had a falling out with the minister at the time.
Mom directed the choir in winter.

After mom died, they put a plaque up to commemorate her service to the choir. I tried being choir director, but they were so entrenched in their ways, I couldn't carry on. They eschewed inclusive language, and set us back to the days of gender bias 40 years.

They were having a garage sale and the place was getting organized. I found the plaque, and a women said my mom looked after her mom for a time. Then, she asked who else we might know. Mom's best friend was there, but apparently we're in her bad books so she barely made eye contact. We won't be back.

This was Herb's gas station and nursery for years. I loved him! Here is my little brother, in the 60s, outside the store.

Now, you should not go back. You shouldn't. But I did. This is the cottage, with mom and dad's home behind it (built in 1991). We lived there fulltime between 2006 and 2010.

This shows the flooded frog pond. Spring melt helps the froggies.

The cottage, built in 1962.

I knew the new owners renovated the house to put in a back door. We took far less money for the house than we should have. It was a 1-bedroom two-story home, with a cottage attached. We were afraid it wouldn't sell. They had the money to renovate it, and add rooms. Lord know what they did to my cottage!

The picture rock. I took a walk down the neighbour's driveway.

I shall admit that I walked down to the neighbour's frontage to see my old haunts. Here I am, I took the photo below this next one from the rock on the back left. Mr. and Mrs. Flett cottaged there in the 60s. It's a precious little cottage.

Here I was, peeking.

This was all wetland in the spring. The neighbours filled it in. Here is my old frogpond. The new owners filled it in, too.

They've filled in the frog pond, the rocks have been moved to the shore. The rocks used to be on the Whale's Back rock, where the dinghy is overturned. This is where we were married, and had our Weddings in Muskoka photos taken.

Here is dad raising his flag back in the day. You can see all the frog habitat we destroyed. He put sandbags all across the shoreline, and filled the rest in with sand. Then, they planted grass seed. I think the new owners have laid sod.

Here we were, my mom, Caitlin and I in front of the cottage. Caitlin turns 40 this year!

This was prior to mom and dad building the house beside the cottage (1960). The view from the top of the road.

Dad's garden is gone.

The Flower Rock in the background, mom always put flowers in it.
Jenny, our dog

The water is high. You can barely see the flower rock.

At least they left the picture rocks there!

I smoked dope with my girlfriend on top of these rocks, back when I was a teen! This was prior to the building of this cottage!

The lagoon. as we called it, on Long Lake.

Last view of Long lake.

On we went to the cemetery.

Mom died in 2006, dad in 2007.

Back on the road. The rocks are amazing.

The driving was iffy. This dude just passed us, and two cars, at great speed.


Anvilcloud said...

Sometimes you have to go back even if it is just to see that you can't go back. I have never been to that area, so it was nice to see and to share in some of your memories.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari om
...what Anvil said 😊 YAM xx

Red said...

What a great family history. Yes go back. We go back and peek at our old lake place. we also get accounts from the neighbors. Right now a former student owns it. I accept that people will do something different with my old property. So far very little has been changed.

Lowcarb team member said...

Lots in your post, interesting to see and read.
Thank you.

Happy Canada Day

All the best Jan

RedPat said...

It is hard to go back but fun at the same time! You don't have to do it again though!

Nancy J said...

One last visit,all those memories, and old photos, they are treasures. Our other homes have all had changes too, and I accept that new owners want to have a home that fits them. love the pic of you, Caitlin and your Mum, this is extra special. Hugs.XXX

Azka Kamil said...

awesome article.
thanks for sharing :)

Powell River Books said...

You do travel a lot. Loved all the flags. This is a special Canada Day for us. It's the first for us as Canadian citizens. - Margy

William Kendall said...

Quite a lot of memories for you out there.