Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Turtle rescue & phoebe

I'd been lazing about in the back, watching the pumpkin plants growing. There is squash and zucchini, as well.

I noticed the phoebes would try to land in the half-barrel of pumpkin plants. I added a stick. They like it. They are feeding four little beaks right now. They hatched July 1st.

He wasn't sure about me, but didn't want to drop the bug, either.

I harvested my first zucchini!

JB bought some fresh flowers from the market.

Down at the frog pond, it's miserable with bugs!

Sunday night, JB was bringing me pizza for dinner. A special treat. He found a wounded turtle on the road. I inhaled some pizza, he had some of his chicken bites, and off we went to take it to the Rideau Valley Wildlife Rehabilitation.

They didn't have much hope for it, but they would put it on pain killers.

You can't get there from here! Nearly an hour, and 55 km each way.

The trick with traveling through the Marlborough forest is watching for wildlife! It's amazing habitat.

Then home.

I keep track of the OPP traffic incident reports. Summer brings the tourists, and an increase of incidents.


William Kendall said...

I'm surprised the phoebe stayed still that long.

Anvilcloud said...

Do zucchinis scare your cats? There are some funny videos around. I haven't tried it.

Nancy J said...

The Pizza aroma would keep you going on the rescue trip!!!