Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Our trails...

I should do cat claws, they both need a trim. Me? I had a pedicure.

We were watching tennis finals. The hats are a hoot!

Hooper and I went walkies to fetch the trailcam cards. He roared up behind me, went ahead, and collapsed!

The fountain in the goldfish pond is doing well.

Wild oregano


The birds have been amazing.

They have a new brood! Papa is proudly announcing it. He has a beautiful song!

Trailcam videos

I loved this video! The bugs must be driving them mad.

We have a handsome pair of coyotes who turn up on an irregular regular basis.
coyotes from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.


DUTA said...

Nice pedicure!
Speaking of tennis, the serbian player Djukovic was great at Wimbledon!
Kudos to him for a victory obtained despite an hostile audience!

Yamini MacLean said...

hari om
How lush it all looks. YAM xx

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

The house wrens had a family in one of the birdhouses, now flown the coop, the male is still singing away in hopes of s second next in another birdhouse. Don't know how they sing away all day from very early morning till evening. Haven't watched tennis for years, used to follow it all the time.

Nancy J said...

The tennis, what a marathon men's single final.Yes, hats, fancy tennis balls round the neck, some men with suit and vest, others almost topless. Love the videos, bird song announcement is perfect.

Olga said...

Lovely video . . . and toenails, too.

William Kendall said...

You do wonder what the animals think of the trail cam.

Anvilcloud said...

Cool to see the coyotes.

Red said...

Aren't you going to be surprised someday when some stranger shows up on your trail cam!!!

Angie said...

Jenn - love your videos. That coyote may not like your camera, but he took the time to mark the area! Enjoy the rest of your week!