Sunday, 14 July 2019

Trip to Stittsville

I had to go for a consult for cataract surgery. We knew a storm was coming. We left the safety of town.

We made it to Stittsville. My 1:20 appointment was 45 minutes late. I had my eyes examined by Sandra. She gave me drops, and told me to wait in the darkened room. The dilation is quite something. She asked if I'd had this done before. I refrained from snorting. I'd had a full exam a week ago. Not only that, but I've been wearing glasses since I was 9 years old. sigh. This was before Sandra was born.

In I went. One family had a translator in with them. It sounded like they were speaking Russian, or something close to this. It came my turn. The Dr. pulled me in, looked in my eye balls. Said I have 20-20 vision with glasses. I explained that I was becoming increasingly agitated by it. The one eye is cloudy, the other is getting worse. It was a pretty fast onset, you see.

I asked if there is any reason not to get it done now. He said, no. The procedure has come a long way in even the last 10 years, he told me.

He said I am young to have this condition, but it's not totally unusual. I decided on doing the procedure, and I'll get both eyes done to correct my astigmatism, and while OHIP covers the procedure, it doesn't cover the replacement lenses.

Appointment done, off we headed back home. By now it was 3 p.m. The clouds were building.

I love this Perth home!

The senior's residence is coming along!

Apparently, we beat the storm and found some blue skies.

We were getting close to home, and I suggested we go eat by the water. The storm was forming to the north. As it did, the geese began to come into the area between the island and the mainland. Perhaps for protection?

Watch, as it just got darker and darker!

A trio left, and we finished up our dinner. We were alone in the growing dark!

Four fellas sat down just as we were leaving, and the lightning had begun. I bet they went indoors!

At home, I went to and saw it all coming. You can have the setting show you how many lightning strikes there were in the upper left corner of the grid.

Thursday night, there were thousands without power. Quebec had nearly 30,000 out. 

Down at the frog pond the next day, you can tell something windy happened! The grasses are flattened!


Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Lovely scenes... important that those eyes continue to see them well!!! YAM xx

Karen said...

After last years storms we are all kind of paranoid aren't we? In 2002 we had a microburst drop a HUGE pine on our house. It was one of the grandmother trees that grace this property!
We had a good blow go through here last night, but no damage here. Thursdays storm saw my neighbour lose many trees on her property and the outdoor furniture tossed around. They were hanging out in the basement and didn't hear or see a thing!

DUTA said...

You've got beautiful eyes!
Good Luck with the upcoming eye procedure!

Red said...

Problems with vision can be very irritating.

Anvilcloud said...

Apparently I have one too, but it isn't bothering me yet.

That was quite a rain. Our flower pots looked a little beaten down yesterday.

Cloudia said...

enjoyed this. be well dear

William Kendall said...

A sensible decision. We got clobbered by that same system.