Saturday, 15 September 2018

Dalhousie Lake

Off we went for another drive. I'd had some chest pains in the night, from high blood pressure, insomnia for several hours, a cat fight that woke me up. Thankfully, my client cancelled the next morning.
What a great way to depressurize, as long as I kill all that mind chatter in my head!

Pulling up to the train track, we were all excited. JB likes trains. Then the lights went off, the arms lifted. No train. We approached the track.

Nothing to the right. 

A stopped train to our left. Yikes.

We carried on, up to Kiwi Gardens. They were having a delivery. Whew! This was a masterful job. I thought he was in the ditch.

I look at all that sand in the quarry, and can feel it between my toes.

We made it. We saw the Chinese food on the menu, in both Chinese characters and English, and weren't sure what was up. What we didn't know is that after being for sale for 3 years, it was sold to an Asian man who, until a year ago, only spoke Mandarin. I love this country!
It's a big complex, with motor homes, and cabins.
We had chicken fingers, which were moist and yummy. They have buffets on the weekend. Of the three couples there, two were from Perth. We should have had some Chinese food!

Just to tease me This butterfly landed right beside me, on the ground, then flew away. I only managed to use three of my Monarch stickers.

It's a lovely lake, the river dekes under the bridge. Very shallow. There were some mergansers preening.


Karen said...

We are hosting a birthday dinner today, but I sure hope we can get out on some water tomorrow. Missing the lake something fierce.

William Kendall said...

The track system to regulate gates must get triggered quite far down the track. I've seen it the odd time where a train is stopped further down the line and yet the gates and lights are active.

Nancy J said...

The lake is so peaceful, a beautiful spot to visit. Backing, or reversing, something I have NEVER managed to do, even when a lot younger and helped my Dad, he would leave the tractor and trailer, and I would load it with turnips while he milked the cows, One afternoon, I managed to get the trailer at an impossible 90 degree from the tow ball and however hard I tried, could not get it to straighten up. Maybe I need to get in some practise here while we have a lot of green lawn and a big driveway.
Chest pains Jenn? Do you have a sub-lingual spray? Do you check your BP? If it gets to a really high level, tootle off to the ED please. Anything over 160/90 is considered high, and above that is not good at all. Believe me, I know.

Red said...

You find some very attractive places to visit.

Anvilcloud said...

Truck drivers amaze me. I can barely back into our driveway with our car. In fact, evening driving forward ...

Kay said...

You have so many interesting places to visit. It's funny how you can find Chinese restaurants everywhere. My husband saw Chinese restaurants in Kenya.