Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Long Sault home through Williamsburg, Winchester, part 3

My saga: Trip to Long Sault, part 1Long Sault, part 2

Note the tree colours!

Train for JB, not bad for a drive-by shooting through the opposite window!



Battle of Hill 70 Memorial

Land Battles - Hill 70 | Canada and the First World War

The Canadians lost more than 9,000 soldiers at Hill 70, but killed or wounded an estimated 25,000 Germans. Currie proved an able and innovative commander. His Canadian Corps would soon move north to help Haig and his faltering Passchendaele campaign.

As we walked around the memorial, an older man drove in, eyed us carefully, and drove out. I think we were being inspected! I guess we looked harmless.

The orchard

We went in, bought some apple butter, honey butter, and a bag of apples. I made applesauce the next day. Susie Homemaker, I be! We had wieners and beans last night. I added some applesauce, plus mustard and BBQ sauce. Some days I do well!

This guy was a bit intimidating, sitting outside the apple store!

Signage, "Hey you pigs stop littering.'

Of course, it was the MD Telethon, and the firefighters were collecting money.

Next, we spotted some smoke...
Saddlemire Rd. & Whitelake Rd., South of Winchester and Chesterville.

Peat Fire from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

Finally, a stop for groceries. Something along the lines of a peaceful scene. A lovely couple holding hands on their way to shop. I loathe grocery shopping. People drive me nuts! JB does most of our groceries. He's very good at it.


Anvilcloud said...

I'm the grocery shopper in our family. Sue accompanies me once or twice a year. I have to go today too.

Karen said...

I'm curious about that peat fire. Was it intentional? Were they processing peat moss for garden use at that place?

Jenn Jilks said...

Good to read, John! I see more and more men.

I'm curious, too, Karen. It seemed intentional, as there were firetrucks on the road, but not in the field. I haven't found anything out about it.

Denise inVA said...

A lovely drive home Jenn, thank you for taking us along.

Cloudia said...

God Bless Canada!

Nancy J said...

Hugh and I share the big grocery shop together once a week or so, then he does small top-ups if needed. By myself, it is daunting. Lovely pics from the windows.

William Kendall said...

Hill 70 has only started getting recognition in the last few years for its significance as a battle.

The mural particularly catches my eye.

Red said...

I wish the Micro Manager would do all the grocery shopping here. I have to accompany her as she doesn't drive. You know how to pick the beautiful places to visit.