Friday, 11 December 2009

Snow Emergency declared in Muskoka

skywatch'Tis official. Muskoka is under a ton of snow. Can't see much of the sky.

Lorac, south of us (Georgetown) has blue skies! As Yogi suggested, I should go out and measure it as no one seems to know the depth of the snow base! I shall. I am dripping wet with exertion, just shovelling a path in and out of the house. I fear something happening and not being able to get out of the house. Once I get my breath back!

The official Muskoka snow measurement, despite snow STILL falling, is 60 cm = 23.6"!
This is what the house (right) and our semi-detached cottage looks like today, Friday.

In the meantime, OPP still want people off the roads. Garbage collection is cancelled. Many events are cancelled, including the Cellar Singers concert. (I used to sing with them!)

School busses are cancelled, there are power outages, snow plows are IN THE DITCHES! It is -9 C. (15.8 F.) and pretty cold to be sitting in a car in the ditch! Tow trucks are pretty much behind in their calls!

And the snow is starting to fall, again. The wind is strong, and this makes driving hazardous.

The Moose FM reports: The plea for drivers to stay off the roads is being echoed by the District of Muskoka, the Town of Bracebridge and the Town of Huntsville.  Both Bracebridge and Huntsville have declared snow emergencies."

Their coverage has been terrific. I have been pleased with their information page, especially in the light of this emergency. Hubby figures we can call in the troops any minute now!

Meantime, the cats are pretty desperate. Mitz, fragile as she is, continues to sit under the fire. Oliver has figured out how to get up into the attic, by climbing onto the car and the wood pile. (Yesterday, Brian called him and he came screaming off the attic, onto the car, fell off the roof onto the windshield slippery with snow, then fell off of the windshield onto the cement garage floor! No chumps here!) Sady is not so adventurous. She has been content to sit in front of the fire. 

Our snowplow contractor hasn't arrived yet, and I don't blame him! He is usually quite dependable. Retirement in Muskoka isn't for everyone. You really have to be able to look after yourself, and cannot rely on neighbours.

Now, it was a bit of a task to find my snowshoes. Where do you think I left them? In the shed, whose path had to be shovelled before I made it down there! 
But I made it. Huffing and puffing. I snowshoed down to the lake. Whew!
Compare this photo, above, with my post a couple of days ago! Our benches have disappeared!

The green pine trees look lovely beside the picnic table, lovingly covered in snow!

The lake is cold and wind blown.


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Wow, you guys really do have it bad.

OK, everybody stay tuned for updates on the official snow report on internet radio Jenn Jilks.

You should get a retainer or something for being the official Muskoka Meterologist.

Unknown said...

I enjoy your blog! Yesterday I made the trip to work in early morning and was re-routed around Washago to Highway 12 and Orillia in the dark and blowing snow as Highway 11 Southbound was closed.

Jenn Jilks said...

Isn't it awful, Eleanor? I have added you to my Muskoka blogroll.

Yogi, wouldn't a retainer be nice?! I'll have to submit more photos to the Ontario Tourist Attraction contest, this is going to be great skiing and winter activity base snow, except we might have rain Sunday!!! Driveway still isn't plowed...

Friko said...

I heard on German TV that you are being inundated with snow already,( or maybe not already, it's just normal?) I went out yesterday and took shots of my December garden here in the UK which looks very different from yours.

Keep cosy and warm!

Friko said...

It worked, I got through to you and you got through to me!
I'll be back!

Azure Accessories said... have my sympathy...I'm not a huge fan of winter so even the 15/20cm we received feels like a great deal to me!!! I know it can't compare to what you have your way warm and safe!!!

Thanks for visiting...nice to have you stop by...
Just in case you don't get back to my blog to see my reply...
I know the FTC is US, but Artbeads is a US company and they have requested that I follow the FTC disclosure requirements so I've complied!
I hope the snow lets up soon for everyone...

SandyCarlson said...

A lovely, if not very warm, blanket!

Gaelyn said...

Wow, that's a lot of snow Jenn. Glad to see you've started your own weather channel.

Cloudia said...

I'm both jealous and grateful NOT to experience big snow.

Aloha, Dear Friend!

Comfort Spiral

EG CameraGirl said...

I feel like I live in a differnt province! We have only a tiny bit of snow here. No, I am NOT complaining. LOL