Friday, 11 December 2009

Muskoka Snow Report

Dear gentle readers,

I have been faithfully trying to find out our total snowfall. It *is* impressive. I have failed. My weather-hubby (a transportation expert, retired, with a fascination for weather) cannot find the data, either. Considering he is my 2nd-accountant husband, and me, a woman with an M.Ed., both of us appreciate the importance of data. Good, cold, hard facts. But they are few and far between.

The Weather Office-Muskoka page provide some data, but it is incomplete!
All I know is yesterday I walked down to the lake (sans snowshoes - duH) and the snow was knee-deep. I reversed the proposal and returned to the deck. Last night we had an additional 35 cm, today we expect another 30 cm (100 cm = 1 m =  1 yd.!). The snow squalls continue. The cats are PO'd, and we are content to build a fire and look out at the whiteness.

The trees hang heavily burdened with the snowfall. It still gives me the creeps, as I recall Ice Storm '98 when whole trees fell and crashed with the weight of the ice in south eastern Ontario where I lived in Osgoode. We were 10 days without power!

In the meantime, the roads are horrible. The blowing snow dangerous. Everything is shut down. Moose FM has been told by the OPP:
"Highway 11 south of Gravenhurst is completely shut down.  Highway 11 north of Gravenhurst has not been properly plowed and has not been sanded.  A snow emergency has been declared in Huntsville and Mayor Claude Doughty is telling residents of Huntsville to completely stay off the roads."

Much has been cancelled. Which is the only smart thing to do! I venture out to clear the deck, shovel the snow and feed the birds and squirrels, who still seem to expect breakfast! Can they not spell HIBERNATE??? The raccoons have, bless them. My bird seed storage cans are now safe!
In contrast...a fall photo of the same outdoor recreation building and the sumac!

Lake effect snow


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Its time to take matters into your hands. Get a ruler, measure the snow on the ground and report it. Maybe it will shame the authorities into reporting the weather for area themselves.

Gaelyn said...

When you can't find the info, you've found a niche. Seems like you need to set up your own weather station. That should be official enough.

It's hard for me to believe just how much snow you've gotten already. Poor cats. Hope you don't need to go anywhere soon. Could be time to Hibernate, at least for a little while.

BTW, what are You doing on the roof woman?!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Jenn: You are certainly getting more then your share. This all went North of us and we have a dusting.

Jenn Jilks said...

Yogi, I wish I'd done that the first day! We are in a bit of a lee, and don't get all the snow, as the wind has been blowing it off.

Gaelyn, the cottage, built in 1961, 4" thick cedar walls, no insultation is shut down for the winter. With the build up of snow we often have to shovel them up here! Living here isn't for chumps!